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Accretion – Tympanik Audio 5-Year Anniversary Compilation released

Tympanik Audio celebrates its 5-year anniversary with this massive digital compilation featuring 42 new and unreleased songs from its beloved artist roster.

New songs by: Stendeck, Fractional, Autoclav1.1, Displacer, Haujobb, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, r.roo, Dirk Geiger, Lucidstatic, Erode,, Aphorism, SE, Flint Glass, Endif, Flaque, Worms of the Earth, Tapage, Known Rebel, Normotone, Comaduster, Undermathic, Tineidae, Disharmony, ESA, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Unterm Rad, Integral, Totakeke, Meander, [Haven], C.H. District, Ex_Tension, Geomatic, Access To Arasaka, Famine, Black Lung, Opposite Exhale, Zeller, Ad·ver·sary, and Subheim.

Available now in digital formats. Info here. Order here.

New album from Worms of the Earth

Tympanik Audio welcomes Worms Of The Earth for the release of his new album ‘Anagami‘. Discordant, pounding rhythmic noise with tribal undertones, atmosphere-rich dark ambient pieces, and complex and contorted IDM, ‘Anagami‘ effectively demonstrates a fresh approach to the genres and the impressive range of this dynamic artist.

Worms of the EarthAnagami‘ is available now in digital formats from Bandcamp and all fine digital retailers.

New remix collection by

Tympanik Audio presents the companion remix collection to‘s 2011 debut album ‘… At The End Of It All‘ featuring renditions by Tineidae, Architect, Larvae, Sean Byrd, Worms Of The Earth, Displacer, Access To Arasaka, Consolectrl, Anklebiter, and Erode. More info here.

New releases from Tineidae and r.roo

Tympanik Audio is proud to present new albums from two fresh young talents from the Ukraine. Tineidae‘s debut album ‘Lights‘ utilizes a clean, airy approach to dark bedroom IDM by combining futuristic beats with brooding synthlines, lush melodies, and entrancing atmospheres. r.roo‘s new album ‘mgnovenie‘ is shadowed in soulful piano movements, twitches of violin, random static and strange radio voices, accented perfectly by crushing beats and a meticulous stitching of glitchy misfires. Both albums are available digitally via Bandcamp and major digital outlets.

New signings for 2012: Comaduster, Tineidae, Worms of the Earth, r.roo

Tympanik Audio welcomes 4 new talents to our family of artists: Comaduster, Tineidae, Worms of the Earth, and r.roo. Watch for new albums from these fantastic artists this year, only from Tympanik Audio.

New releases by Anklebiter and Dirk Geiger

Two new releases available now. First, the imaginative Anklebiter returns with his second full length album ‘Raintree‘. A melancholy montage of beauty and soul, incorporating haunting atmospheres with intricate beatwork to create a massive aural experience that weaves emotion into every sound and pattern, allowing the listener’s mind to flow effortlessly with the music. Features collaborations with Sheldahl (ML), The OO-Ray, Erode, and

Next, Germany’s Dirk Geiger is back with his second album for Tympanik titled ‘Elf Morgen‘. Where ‘Autumn Fields‘ exhibited the more experimental side of Geiger’s vision, ‘Elf Morgen‘ proves to be a more accessible outing, offering the listener nine gorgeous new songs that flow effortlessly with subtle grace and intelligent design. This is Dirk Geiger‘s finest hour – recommended. Features a collaboration with Erode and remixes by Tapage and Anklebiter.

Both of these releases are available now on compact disc and digital formats. Order here.

New video from Stendeck

Official music video for the song “Catch The Midnight Girl” by Stendeck, taken from the album ‘Scintilla‘ released on Tympanik Audio.

New releases from Autoclav1.1 and ESA

Two of Tympanik Audio’s most iconic artists return to kick off our new year of releases with a bang. Autoclav1.1 arrives with another solid collection of songs titled ‘Embark On Departure‘, ranging from smooth, beat-laden Electronica, guitar-driven Industrial, and embracing IDM. Features artwork by Salt, mastering by Mobthrow, and collaborations with Displacer, Leaether Strip, and Alter Der Ruine.

ESA is back with part 1 of a dual-part conceptual release for 2012 titled ‘Themes Of Carnal Empowerment‘. With jaw dropping artwork centered around the concept of lust…’Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust’ is a no-brainer for heavy Industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise with a little more substance and depth. Mastered by Iszoloscope.

Both Autoclav1.1Embark On Departure‘ and ESAThemes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust‘ are available now in beautiful 6-panel digipak compact disc and digital formats. Order here.

New releases: Access To Arasaka,, Known Rebel

We’ve saved some of the best for last as we offer you three outstanding new releases to cap off a great year in music. First up, the highly-anticipated new album from Access To Arasaka titled ‘Geosynchron‘. Next, the bright new talent with his transfixing debut album ‘… At The End Of It All‘. Finally, the classy bedroom IDM duo Known Rebel with their debut album ‘Hollow‘. All three of these releases are available now on compact disc and digital formats from Tympanik Audio.

New video from Access To Arasaka

Official video for the Access To Arasaka song “Lysithea” taken from the album ‘Geosynchron‘ on Tympanik Audio.