AUTOCLAV1.1 signs to Tympanik Audio for album release in June 2008

Autoclav Promo 4On his latest album Love no Longer Lives Here, his third studio
album and first for rising US label Tympanik Audio, Tony Young changes the goal posts once more and treads some new waters without forgetting his past. More emphasis has been placed on heart rendering piano sections and soul capturing melodies than before. The introduction of more organic instruments are thrown into the mix with a splash of guitars and a nod to other musical genres add an altogether new dimension, displaying a maturity and growth that we have come to expect with each release. The album includes a couple of guest appearance’s from Jamie of ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) and Dave from Cradle of Filth, and highlights Autoclav1.1‘s diversity to work within different musical genres. ‘Love no Longer Lives Here‘ is a dark brooding pitch black creature that studies the modern human condition, a concept album that views the very essence of existence as it is today.All is black, all is white. there is no grey or in between…Prepare to be initiated…Autoclav1.1‘s remix album ‘Broken Beats For Broken Hearts‘ (Hive) is available for order in the Tympanik Webshop.


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