r.roo ‘innerheaven’ available now

One of the IDM genre’s more prolific young talents returns with his 7th album in two years, titled ‘innerheaven‘. Plunging into dense, undulating atmospheres beneath expertly crafted polyrhythms, glitchy beats add a visceral quality to an otherwise cerebral listening experience, creating a cohesive and relevant soundscape with many destinations. Lamenting vocals and poignant cello movements are woven into the fabric of harsh sonic artefacts while addictive beats punctuate the brooding sonic landscape. Like a cold and bright winter morning, r.roo‘s ‘innerheaven‘ clings and soothes

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with a radiant glow, swelling with optimism as it guides the listener into endless passages of introspection.

Available now on CD and Digital formats and includes a limited bonus album ‘Hydref‘. Order here.


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