TD007 | Fractional: Blood Remixes

Fractional: Blood Remixes

The end result of Fractional‘s remix contest featuring renditions of tracks from his massive new album ‘Blood‘ released earlier this year on Tympanik Audio and Brume Records.

17 heavy and diverse remixes from the likes of Zonk’t, Lucidstatic, Samforce, Detritus, Technomancer, DJ Balli, Autoclav1.1, Disharmony, Cruise [Ctrl], Amorph, and many more.

Available as free download: [200MB .ZIP] or [168MB .SITX]


01. Blood (Lucidstatic rmx)
02. Sie (Autoclav1.1 rmx)
03. Lows (Detritus rmx)
04. Sie (Amorph rmx)
05. Lows (Zonk’t rmx)
06. Sie (Disharmony rmx)
07. Sie (Cruise [Ctrl] rmx)
08. Sie (Xhavier Hendrix rmx)
09. Lows (Samforce rmx)
10. Lows (Marc Rivaldi rmx)
11. Sie (Musique de Merde rmx)
12. Water (Technomancer rmx)
13. Sie (DJ Balli rmx)
14. Lows (Dead By Silence rmx)
15. Sie (Nariel rmx)
16. Blood (Valvegod rmx)
17. Blood (Nariel rmx)