Hailing from the Canadian electronic underground, Ad暇er新ary is Jairus Khan. In addition to over a decade of techno and industrial DJ and promotion work, Khan has a long history with audio production and design, including prior work with The Big Four. His remixes of Converter and Iszoloscope have enjoyed heavy club and airplay around the world, and he has provided North American tour support for Terrorfakt, Antigen Shift, Cyanotic, Adam X, and others. Fusing a variety of percussive styles with thick and organic soundscapes, Ad暇er新ary's sound is described by ReGen Magazine as "a balance between the brutal and the beautiful," and spans many genres (including ambient, rhythmic noise, aggro-industrial, and hard techno) as the music's focus is not an aesthetic, but a subject: conflict and power. Look for Ad暇er新ary's debut album 'Bone Music' on Tympanik Audio in May 2008.




- Bone Music [Tympanik Audio 2008]
- vs. Cyanotic: Music For Jerks [Glitch Mode Recordings 2006]
- V/A: Hordes Of The Elite - Ad暇er新ary: Number Nine (Mix Of Truth) [Glitch Mode Recordings 2006]
- Urusai: Microbial - 'Learned Helplessness (remix by Ad暇er新ary) [Auricle Media 2005]
- V/A: This Is What We Do - Ad暇er新ary: Bone Music [Mile 329 2005]
- V/A: Modern Destruction - Cyanotic: Suspension of Disbelief (Ad暇er新ary vs. The Glitch Mode Squad) [Glitch Mode Recordings 2005]