Broken Fabiola

Broken Fabiola

Created in 2001 by Karloz M., the man behind heavy Electro-Industrial act Manufactura, he sought out to explore a world of thought and emotion that was separate from his other musical works and projects. With Broken Fabiola, Karloz, along with vocalist Nissa and fellow producer/vocalist Sharon Blackstone, aimed to provide darker and more personal works within the forms of haunting atmospheric and rhythmic electronic experimentation.

Within just a few years, Broken Fabiola released two collections of music on Auricle Media, remixed artists such as Converter and Urusai, appeared on several notable compilations, and performed live to packed houses on the West Coast of the United States.

Broken FabiolaNow, Broken Fabiola joins Tympanik Audio to release their newest collection of work titled ‘Severed‘, a stunning collection of brooding Industrial-tinged Electronica marked by dark atmospheres, compelling beat work, and dense layers of alluring rhythmic dirge.

With contributions from such notable talents as Daniel Myer (Architect / Haujobb), Shane Talada (Marching Dynamics / The Operative), Scott Sturgis (Converter), and Dre Robinson (Databomb / Download), ‘Severed‘ is a monument of fertile soundscapes and unconventional aural stimulation that promises to be an intense and memorable journey indeed.

Broken Fabiola‘s new album ‘Severed‘ is available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


Her Awful Goodness (CDr) Auricle Media 2003
S.H_E (3″e.p.) (CDr) Auricle Media 2004
Her Awful Goodness/S.H_E/Bekons The Girl (2XCDr) Auricle Media 2005
Severed (CD) Tympanik Audio 2008


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