Originating as guitarist for the popular German metal band Heaven Shall Burn, Alexander Dietz now protrudes from the opposite side of the music continuum to bring Tympanik Audio listeners his debut electronic album ‘Horizon‘ under his pseudonym Erode. As his band Heaven Shall Burns conquers the German music charts with their hit album ‘Invictus‘ in 2010, as well as the formation of his new studio company Chemical Burn, Alexander turns inward and forward to reflect on his life experiences and influences to arrive at his own personal electronic music entity aptly named Erode.

Contrasting from one end of the music spectrum to the other, Alexander creates a vast and truly massive collection of electronic works with respectful nods to such artists as BeefcakeAccess To Arasaka, and Gridlock. Here is the epicenter of Dietz’s vast inspirations, morphing into many forms, with a frayed tether of influences whipping and pulsing with stark realization.

ErodeWith massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of ‘Horizon‘. Fluid throughout, each piece of ‘Horizon‘ virtually sings with substance, seducing every delicate layer of sound into a natural state of bliss. A dark, dreamy, yet beat-driven collection of music that ebbs and flows naturally as a heavy tide, crashing against a stone wall on a deserted beach at night.


Recorded and produced by Alexander Dietz with addition production by Mike Cadoo (BitcrushDryftGridlockn5MD) and stunning artwork by Colin Marks (Rain Song Design).

Erode CD album ‘Horizon‘ is available on a special edition compact disc package now, only from Tympanik Audio.

Erode is the world behind the mirror. It exists.


  1. 10950
  2. Detect [full track download]
  3. Approach [clip preview]
  4. Horizon
  5. Overcome [clip preview]
  6. Wither [clip preview]
  7. Annoy
  8. Disengage [clip preview]
  9. Horizon (Kadrage rmx)
  10. Brutal Romance (Erode rmx)



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