Ex_Tension is the French duo composed of Vincent Gendrot alias Vxt (composition, programming) and Pierre-Yves Hohmann alias PY (Composition, samples, noises). Since 1997 from their laboratory in Strasburg, the band has honed their craft, their works falling in a determined Industrial aesthetic with a dense and hypnotic style, tinted by technoïd sounds and dark atmospheres.

With early compilation appearances such as Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando)’s ‘DeC0der‘ and M-tronic‘s ‘Table of Elements 2.0‘, the successful EP releases ‘Needles‘ and ‘Desert‘, the CDr release of their first full length album ‘Freedom‘, plus many live appearances alongside such artists as HaujobbDiveThe Legendary Pink DotsPunish YourselfThis Morn’ Omina, and Clan of XymoxEx_Tension soon emerged from obscurity to fully pursue their vision. In 2009, their first full-length CD album ‘Legacy‘ was released by the revered French label M-tronic and planted Ex_Tension firmly into the worldwide rhythmic Industrial music scene.

With a nostalgic grip on early rhythmic Industrial styles, Ex_Tension injects a modern and mesmerizing complexity into their sound that seems to perfectly harness the adrenaline and cerebral contrast that continues to captivate their listeners.

Ex_TensionTympanik Audio and Ex_Tension invite you to revisit the ‘Desert‘ EP, fully remastered including 2 unreleased bonus tracks and a stunning remix collaboration of the original “Desert” track by Access To ArasakaTotakekeZentriert ins AntlitzGeomatic, and Sonic Area.


01. Desert (31.51) [clip preview]
02. Journey (6.08)
03. Aura (7.21) [clip preview]
04. Tension 6 (4.46)
05. Desert (according to…) (23.02) [clip preview]

  • Access To Arasaka (0.00)
  • Totakeke (5.17)
  • Zentriert Ins Antlitz (8.27)
  • Geomatic (14.22)
  • Sonic Area (18.54) [full track download]



2011 Desert, Tympanik Audio CD
2011 Freedom, Signifier CD
2011 Compilation “Elektroanschlag 7″ Elektroanschlag CD
2010 Ingérence EP, Connexion Bizarre MP3+CDR
2009 Compilation “Electronic Manifesto 4″, M-Tronic CD
2009 Compilation “Kod.Ex”, Brume Records 2CD
2009 Compilation “Noxious Art Fest III, Audiotrauma MP3
2009 Compilation “Gothic 43″, Gothic Magazine 2CD
2009 Compilation “Extreme Sündenfall 8″, Upscene 2CD
2009 Legacy, M-Tronic CD
2008 Compilation “Extreme Störfrequenz 2″, Upscene CD
2007 Compilation “Electronic Manifesto”, Caustic Records 2CD
2007 Compilation “Table of Elements”, M-Tronic MP3
2006 Freedom EP, autoproduction CDR
2006 Compilation “Noxious Art Will Never Die”, Audiotrauma 2CD
2005 Desert EP, autoproduction CDR
2005 Needles EP, Altsphère, réédition CD
2005 Compilation “Industrial Ceremony”, Altsphère CDR
2005 Compilation “In This Cold Terrific Room 2″, La Chambre Froide CD
2004 Needles EP, Altsphère CDR
2000 Compilation “DeCOder”, Code CDR
Remixes for Eva3, .cut, Torso, Chrysalide, Geomatic, 9Elma, Stupre


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