FamineToronto-based artist, producer, and engineer Famine has been a sleeper cell of the IDM / Technoid / Industrial scenes for the past few years and is now ready to pounce. With an EP and CD releases on the Canadian label Bugs Crawling Out Of People, plus several remix (FracturedDymWorms Of The EarthDisplacerIt-Clings) and compilation appearances (BCP, Artoffact, Dependent, Tympanik Audio, Noitekk, Geska, Elektroanschlag), Famine now joins the Tympanik family for his 2nd full-length album titled ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘.

A sick sonic stew of IDM, Metal, Post-rock, and Breakcore elements, Famine projects a mind-numbing, crafty, and not-overly complex concoction of sounds that lock in staying power and offer no compromises whatsoever. With stern attention to rhythm and melody, Famine injects powerful glitch-soaked beats, intense rhythmic chaos, and futuristic melodic playfulness into each of his new works. Fully alive and utterly provoking, ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ will set fire to your meager imagination and leave you begging for more.

Famine‘s ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ is out now, only from Tympanik Audio.


Nature’s Twin Tendencies CD [Tympanik Audio 2010]
Every Mirror Turns Black CD [Bugs Crawling Out Of People 2008]
Cocytus EP [Bugs Crawling Out Of People 2008]

Famine: Sig/Int – Emerging Organisms 3 [Tympanik Audio 2009]
DisplacerX Was Never Like This (Famine remix) [Tympanik Audio 2009]


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