FractionalBelgium-based Fractional describes his music as “Gothic Erotica“, a dark and brooding Electronica with a strong Jungle aftertaste. Fractional literally vomits his brokenbeats and tortures them into submission, waxing them with various bleeps and crackles, smearing almost mystical pads on their bruised bodies. “A fusion of the harsh erraticism of drum’n’bass and short-circuiting IDM glitchiness with sweeping atmospheres.” (Connexion Bizarre)

With previously releases on AngstprodGoverment Thirteen, and most recently Brume RecordsFractional now joins the Tympanik Audio family with his newest album ‘Blood‘ out now.

“‘Blood‘ tends to prove that Fractional is a band in constant progression… …a strong and already enthusiastically acclaimed new work.” – Side-Line

“Whoever dares to take up the challenge will be rewarded with a fascinating album that due to its inventiveness and infectious beats stands solid as a rock.” – Gothtronic

“…very beautiful and with great rhythms and complex structure to an amazing atmosphere, it’s hard not to like it.” – Blackvector Magazine

“An album that you have to check and don’t give up if it doesn’t unfold on first listen. It’s worth the effort and it’s giving a lot more than you might imagine.” – Reflections Of Darkness [9/10]


Hliods [Angstprod 2004]
Aliwen [AKH Records 2006]
Laous EP [Angstrecords 2006]
Absurdgod / Fractional Split [Government Thirteen 2007]
Come Mierda [Brume Records 2008]
Blood [Tympanik Audio / Brume Records 2010]



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