Geomatic Formulated in Amsterdam, Holland in 1996, Geomatic has refined and preserved Industrial and dark ambient innovation from day one. From their early efforts came the 2nd full-length album from Geomatic on the French label M-tronic titled ‘Blue Beam‘. Futuristic, complex, and wholely cyber-tronic, ‘Blue Beam‘ placed Geomatic among the ranks of electronic sleeper cells within the electronic music underground.

Now, Geomatic offers their latest works to Tympanik Audio listeners in the form of ‘64 Light Years Away‘; a slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic complexity and epic sound architectures. ‘64 Light Years Away‘ presents a vast aural journey through a cerebral universe, melding Industrial-like rhythms with enormous atmospheres and tribal beatwork.

Geomatic‘s new album ‘64 Light Years Away‘ is available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


– 64 Light Years Away [Tympanik Audio 2010]
– Blue Beam [M-Tronic 2008]
– Control Agents [Triumvirate 2001]


Geomatic official website

Geomatic on Myspace

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