Hailing from Poland, Marcin Jarmulski revealed his true persona in 2005 with the release ‘War Office Propaganda‘ under the guise of [Haven]

In 2009, Tympanik Audio released [Haven]‘s new album ‘Plastic‘. A gradual scorching dirge that reveals itself amidst an impeccable quilt of tight beatwork, sleuthing throughout memorable soundscapes, and airy atmospheres. With heavy basslines, delicate sampling, infectious, stabbing beats, and an uncanny sense of raw emotion woven into each piece of work, [Haven] separates himself from the pack with his debut album ‘Plastic‘ on Tympanik Audio. Bonus material supplemented by Aphorism and Tapage.

Most recently [Haven] contributed a new song to Tympanik Audio’s 5-Year Anniversary compilation ‘Accretion‘.

Band members:

  • Ewa Wymyslowska: vocals
  • Marcin Jarmulski: all electronic instruments



  • Official [Haven] website
  • [Haven] on Myspace
  • [Haven] on Facebook
  • [Haven] on Soundcloud
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