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Mechanical Steering is Maciej Paszkiewicz, native of Poland since 1981. In 1999, Maciej began creating electronic sounds influenced by the blistering noise of European metropolises, the alluring diversity of random urban machines, and the permanent contrast between human emotion and social chaos.

While searching for a unique style to express his aural vision of  human complexity, Maciej released two full-length albums under the pseudonym Head, first with ‘Neutrality’ and then most recently ’10:10PM’.

Now, Maciej introduces his new conception: Mechanical Steering. A remarkable venture into thickly-layered Electronica, moody backdrops, serendipitous melodies, infectious beatwork, and encompassing atmospheres. This is the perfect blend between the Technoid allure of heavy basslines laden with a glitchy, dirty regard, expertly coupled by a slick craft work of brilliant bedroom IDM.

Mechanical Steering joins the Tympanik Audio family with enduring promise of his official CD release ‘Return To The Childhood’ in early Summer 2009.


Mechanical Steering: Return To The Childhood [Tympanik Audio 2009]
Head: 10:10PM [Self-released 2008]
Head: Neutrality [Self-released 2007]


Mechanical Steering official website

Mechanical Steering on Myspace

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