Phylum Sinter

Phylum Sinter


Detroit-based electronic music maestro C. Todd, who’s recent compilation appearances for Xynthetic, M-tronic, IDMuziq, Unfinished Monkey, Envizagae, and Tympanik Audio, as well as a fantastic remix for Hecq (Hymen), have generated quite a buzz in 2007.

Phylum Sinter will bring his unique appetite for experimental IDM to the Tympanik table with his first full-length release titled ‘Amongst Fauna and Wiring‘ planned for sometime in 2009. Says Mr. Todd about his upcoming CD/LP for Tympanik Audio: “Still in conceptual stages, the ink on the contract has just started to dry. I’m planning quite the excursion that will more completely explore classical orchestration techniques and fulfill a personal promise I made to myself to exercise a few rube goldberg-esqe-modulation-machines I’ve been building and modifying for the past few years in max/msp & Reaktor completely, satisfying their possible variables and thus settling them to the archive & fostering further growth.

In the meantime, check out Phylum Sinter’s current offerings for Tympanik Audio on our compilation ‘Emerging Organisms‘ and our 2008 label sampler ‘Approach Lights‘ as well as his new track on the Xynthetic MP3 compilation ‘Second Statement‘. Phylum Sinter’s long-awaited new EP ‘From Unity To Segmentation‘ is now available via En:Peg digital download as well. Check it.


  • Amongst Fauna and Wiring [Tympanik Audio 2009]
  • From Unity To Segmentation EP [En:peg 2009]
  • Second Statement [Xynthetic Netlabel 2009]
  • V/A: Approach Lights – Phylum Sinter: Melting Clever Nursery [Tympanik Audio 2008]
  • Biginsweden [[ai]D[‘mju:zik] Records 2007
  • Hecq: 0000 – ‘0004 (Reanimated by Phylum Sinter) [Hymen Records 2007]
  • V/A: Table of Elements – Phylum Sinter: Medication For Child and Seniors [M-Tronic 2007]
  • V/A: Statement of Purpose – Phylum Sinter: Progress, Regress, Repeat [Xynthetic Netlabel 2007]
  • V/A: Flown From Eden – Phylum Sinter: Varying Degrees [Unfinished Monkey Records 2007]
  • V/A: First Envizion – A Envizagae Compilation – Phylum Sinter: Torpal Cirquet [Envizagae 2007]
  • V/A: Emerging Organisms – Phylum Sinter: Shadow Codex [Tympanik Audio 2007]
  • V/A: Crazy Compilation #2 – Phylum Sinter: Ansi Asios (Manic Resolve Edit) [Crazy Language 2007]


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