Hailing from The Netherlands, drummer and sound designer Ralph van Reijendam and vocalist and sound engineer Robbert Kok decided to combine their mutual interest in electronic music and write together under the name Tangent. The duo began combining their talents to meld acoustic instrumentation with electronic experimentation in a highly contrasting manner. The result is a fantastic listening experience that takes their audience on a contemplative journey through seemingly endless sonic fields.

Tangent‘s first album ‘1mk2‘ caught the interest of Mindtrick Records and was released to critic acclaim in 2013. Now Tangent is ready to present their newest creations, ‘Transience‘, this time through Tympanik Audio.

TangentHaunting tones echo throughout vast soundscapes of serendipitous melodies and sparse beatworks creating a virtual universe of sounds and moods. Matter is formed and collapsed at the same time, while a new universe is created from the ashes of a previous one. Static from lost transmissions projected through space eloquently expand and contract amidst floating particles of lullabies gently flowing through placid clamor. Carefully cultivated and positively enveloping, Tangent‘s new works seep into the subconscious and create a macrocosms within the inner space.

Transience‘ by Tangent is available now on Compact Disc and Digital formats. ORDER HERE



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