TapageFor well over a decade now, Tapage has been writing a wide variety of experimental electronic music. In his work he uses anything from tracker software to coding his own tools in SuperCollider and circuit bending all sorts of gear. Tapage has formulated his own style, experimenting with the vast possibilities of electronic sound manipulation. Inspired by IDM, noise, ambient, as well as Post-Rock and Avant-Garde composers, Tapage continues with his vision to merge complicated, harsh rhythms with dream-like atmospheres to create a unique dynamic that is virtually impossible to ignore.

TapageIn 2008, Tapage joined the ranks of of the Tympanik Audio artist family with his debut full-length debut CD ‘The Institute Of Random Events’.

Combining glitch-tech beats with entrancing atmospheres and serendipitous melodies, ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ his new audience with a mysterious and complex aural expedition and became a sleeper hit of 2008.

TapageIn 2009, Tapage‘s 2nd solo album ‘Fallen Clouds‘ was released, again on Tympanik Audio. A destination that never reveals, leaving the listener in a serendipitous dream state while continuously surrounded by sticky beats, addictive rhythms, and trip-tech electronic collages. A master craftsman of progressive Electronica, Tapage combines smart beats, perfect and stirring pattern timing with dense and alluring atmospheres. If you think you know Tapage, think again… Music for silent hours and frantic thoughts…

Tapage2010 saw the release of the widely-praised collaboration album from Tapage & Meander titled ‘Etched In Salt‘ and marked the 50th release for Tympanik Audio. This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tapage2014 saw Tapage moving his ever-evolving sounds to the esteemed label Ad Noiseam for his critically-acclaimed album ‘Eight‘.


TapageNow, Tapage returns home to Tympanik Audio for the release of his latest work titled ‘Five & Six‘. With ‘Five & Six‘, Tapage continues on his series of integer inspired albums. Where ‘Seven’ and ‘Eight’ were both exploring the slower rhythms of downtempo and triphop, his new album takes its inspiration from different places, integrating complex rhythmic structures, arpeggiating acid lines, playful melodies, and head-nodding beatworks. Brain groove music for fans of Kettel and Tycho. Mastered by Frank Riggio.

Tapage‘s new album ‘Five & Six‘ is available now on compact disc and digital formats from Tympanik Audio. Tracklisting: 01. One of Five 02. One of Six 03. Three of Five 04. Four of Six 05. Two of Five 06. Five of Six 07. Three of Six 08. Five of Five 09. Two of Six 10. Six of Six 11. Four of Five


  • Five & Six [Tympanik Audio 2015]
  • Eight [Ad Noiseam 2014]
  • Overgrown [Tympanik Audio 2011]
  • Seven [Raumklang Records 2011]
  • Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt [Tympanik Audio 2010]
  • Fallen Clouds [Tympanik Audio 2009]
  • The Institute Of Random Events CD [Tympanik Audio 2008]
  • Tapage & Meander – Hydromedusa e.p. [Meta0 2006]
  • Ophidian & Tapage – Phataa Diin God e.p. [Bionic Recordings 2005]


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