Unterm Rad

Unterm RadUnterm Rad is Mike Slansky, Chicago native, graphic designer, audio engineer, and composer. Mike has been making electronic music for well over 10 years under many monikers:  Rekt, AuralMonth of Grey, has collaborated with countless musicians, and remixed the likes of HecqClaus MuzakTotakeke, Zentriert Ins Antlitz, Testube, and Textbeak. With his solo project Unterm Rad, Mike explores the deepest and darkest regions of his own psyche, taking his listeners on an escalating journey through a wide range of inevitable human emotions.

In late 2007, his debut album ‘The Rake’s Progress‘ was released by Tympanik Audio. Sixteen tracks of schizosonic psychopathy chart the paths from confusion, shame, and despair, to hope, perseverance, and hardened resolve. Featuring outlandish remixes by Symmetrical SyndromeAtomatik13The Pq SessionsTextbeakJfrankSytrjv, and Dreams Are Maps. Irresistible glitchy oddness.

“… a wonderfully experimental release.” – Connexion Bizarre

“…minimal and fragmented D’n’B-IDM/Electronica which mostly avoids any straight structures…” – Chain DLK

Unterm RadAvailable in very limited quantities on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


  • The Parallax View [Self-released 2014]
  • V/A: Accretion – Unterm Rad: Inamorata [Tympanik Audio 2012]
  • The Rake’s Progress [Tympanik Audio 2007]V/A: Emerging Organisms – Unterm Rad: On The Brink (Verge rmx by Dreams Are Maps) [Tympanik Audio 2007]



Unterm Rad

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