Dagheisha interview with Lucidstatic

English version of the Dagheisha interview with Lucidstatic:

LucidstaticPlease introduce the concept behind ‘Symbiont Underground‘ for our readers…

The idea was to basically showcase a ton of artists I have worked with and have respect for. This included signed and unsigned acts. The idea that so many people are willing to help out and show support in the community just displays a symbiosis of sorts if you catch my drift. By working with other artists there is so much you can learn in the process of revisions etc and a song will morph drastically.

What are the main differences between this record and your previous efforts?

This is the first time I have done a release of all collaborations. Honestly, due to the other artists it seems a lot lighter and less aggressive than prior releases but shows a couple spectrums of my work that typically get lost in the final stages of editing a tracklisting. Typically I save the lighter works for further experimentation with my side projects (Pandora’s Black Book and Angel Of Violence). I’ve also never worked so much in the lyrical process and had to spend some time with eqing the vox from so many artists working from so many platforms and styles. It was a trial by fire.

Tympanik Audio talks about your music as “a fierce hybrid of breakcore, powernoise and classic industrial elements”. We hate labels but we’re curious to know how you’d describe your sound to someone who never heard you before…

Cathartic, aggressive, unavoidable.

How’s the weather in Alaska nowadays?

Still fairly warm right now, the fog has been rolling in and laying down nights of moisture. I’m dreading the snowfall.

Is your music a warm answer to the cold temperatures you’re used to?

I think some of the music adds some light to my day during the long dark winters but I don’t know if I would say it was warm by any means.

Lucidstatic: Symbiont UndergroundWhat’s your favourite collaboration on the album?

Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh that is a double-edged sword there. I enjoyed working with everybody but I have to admit I loved the products that came from a few more than the rest simply because the song changed SO much during the process. Examples would be Burning Embers with Manufactura, Moments At A Cliff with Skullduggery, Re_Volve with Impurfekt, and Noiz3Rush with Nereus.

What’s the relationship between Angel Of Violence and Lucidstatic?

I stumbled across Sumbraxis online and came to find out here had spent some time in AK back in my younger years and knew a few of the same people. Through our conversations and back and forth about music we worked on a few collabs. One thing led to another and I was part of the AOV line up. We began reworking songs Sumbraxis had written and began more and more incorporating my songs into the mix. It became a nice outlet for material that I thought didn’t fit into Lucidstatic or Pandora’s Black Book and just ran in a more EBM vein. I enjoy the project because it allows me to stretch and see what I am capable of.

What’s written in ‘The Book Of The Dead‘?

Too many names of people I miss and not enough names of the ones I think deserve it.

How many little human puppets do you know?

A few a few….

The Awakening‘ and ‘According To Plan‘ are totally huge. What’s the meaning of these songs?

The awakening was based on the idea of opening your eyes and seeing life for what it really was. The mix on the disc is a remix by Mothboy that at once is pretty minimal but huge at the same time and I think it really conveyed the original idea behind the song. According to Plan was just this huge song that with the samples I was trying to convey the moment you feel real pain. The sharpness that rattles your world to the core and leaves you like a child saying ‘its not fair’.  I think everyone can empathize on some level with it.

Did you give any input to Kostas K. For the wonderful eco-wallet?

I told Kostas the idea behind the album and left it in his hands. After seeing the work he’s done for the label in the past I had no worries he would come up with an image fitting the album.

How’s the electronic scene in Alaska? Are you in contact with other scenes?


What electronic scene? AK is strictly metal, folk, rap and the occasional rave every other month. Us electro kids are alone up here. As for the contact with other scenes…mainly I’m a networking fiend online. Its how I’ve gotten to where I am now… I would love to play shows when I have the ability and the time (busy with college classes and work).

What’s your favourite dancefloor?

I think I negated this one with the prior answer. As for my favorite dance oriented deal up here I would say it was a rave WAY OFF the beaten path. The stage etc was having technical difficulties and the dance floor was moved right next to my tent. So wet earth and a clear path to my bed were a beautiful combo.

Please tell us about the Lucidstatic studio. Hardware/software?

Hardware = kp3 and kaoscillator, electribes (emx, er1, ea1) , microkorg, roland sp606 and tr505, some circuit bent toys, maudio midi keyboard and trigger finger, guitar amp and mics Software= Reason, Recycle, FL, Audacity, Audition, and Komplete 4 when it wants to work. I’m beginning to tinker with Ableton Live and Renoise here and there just to expand my horizons.

With how accessible music is now with the internet and ipods, do you think it’s positive or negative for music as a whole?

I think on the one hand it allows an artist to really get it out there to the listeners and I like that. On the other hand I think most listeners are too apathetic to support the music they enjoy though. Granted the market is flooded due to the internet but I know that on this last release I found a site where I had been downloaded 7000 times within 2 weeks of release. That is over 70k the label will never see and all I can say is it would have been nice to even see a dollar from each download. I mean currently I’m collecting change to be able to afford to upgrade my computer. I think if an act offers a free ep that is great but take the time to support the acts you love otherwise the negative feedback will cause them to close shop like so many labels as of late.

What would you say are some of your newer influences? What new bands or new music are you listening to now that excites you?

The Plastic Eulogy, Access To Arasaka, Worms Of The Earth, Rabbitjunk, ESA, Dryft, Hecq and too many more to begin to list them off. Needless to say I have respect for everyone I have worked with and honestly have either remixed for them or flat out bought their catalogs. Honestly with music I tend to listen to a little bit of everything. During the summer its tons of punk, rap, and metal. During the winter I tend to listen heavily to electronic lately from EBM to synth pop to IDM to straight up experimental noise. Nothing like roads of ice while listening to Terrorfakt’s Teethgrinder.

What albums inspired you in terms of production?

Terrorfakt, ATR, Amon Tobin, Androidlust, And Cevin Key.

Symbiont Underground‘ establishes the beginning of a new chapter in your career and I’m sure you’ve worked hard for many years to be here. What are your next goals?

Right now I’m waiting until the end of October to release Lucidstatic-TX Side Effects. This album will be digital only and is basically all the work I did while waiting on collabs to return. It has some material that is heavy distortion and some light moments as well and will include a remix by Access to Arasaka. I suggest you stay tuned for that one. In the meantime I have been working on the second album for Angel of Violence and a free ep from Pandora’s Black Book. To keep up with everything along with all the guest appearances and interviews i’ve been doing drop by www.crlstudio.com .