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Side-Line gives an 8/10 to Disharmony’s ‘Cloned’

Side-Line chimes in with an 8/10 review for Disharmony‘s well-received remix collection ‘Cloned – The Other Side Of Evolution‘.

Totakeke ‘eLekatota’ reviewed by The Silent Ballet

Almost 8 months after it’s initial release, Totakeke‘s widely-praised album ‘eLekatota‘ gets another outstanding review, this time by The Silent Ballet [8/10]

Autoclav1.1 and Endif get spins on Flesh & Steel Radio

Selections from the new CDs by Autoclav1.1 and Endif receive play on DJ K-Y‘s radio program Flesh and Steel.

Autoclav1.1 track on Re:Automation Radio

A selection from Autoclav1.1‘s new album ‘Love No Longer Lives Here‘ helms the new podcast from Re:Automation Radio this week.

Endif “Carbon” and Lucidstatic “Gravedigger” – OUT NOW

Out now are new hard-hitting albums by Endif and Lucidstatic. Get some

Lucidstatic: GravediggerCarbon

Tokafi feature on Tympanik Audio, Flint Glass, and Disharmony

A beautiful feature from Tokafi music resource on Tympanik Audio, Flint Glass‘ ‘Circumsounds‘, and Disharmony‘s ‘Cloned‘. A must read!

Several Tympanik artists get airplay on Lotus Lecture

New tracks from Integral, Flint Glass, Ad.ver.sary, and Pneumatic Detach receive airplay on the Lotus Lecture radio program.

Autoclav1.1, Endif, and Subheim tracks played on Cyberage Radio

Cyberage Radio plays new tracks from Endif (x2), Autoclav1.1 (x2), and Subheim. Check out the show here.

Flint Glass on Nachtlich Radio

2 selections from Flint Glass‘ ‘Circumsounds‘ release get airplay on Nachtlich Radio. Go check out their new website.

Vibe magazine reviews Totakeke’s ‘eLekatota’

German magazine Vibe reviews Totakeke‘s ‘eLekatota‘ with a score of 4.5/5!