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Broken Fabiola and SE sign to Tympanik Audio

Broken FabiolaSE Tympanik Audio signs on two new artists for album releases in the coming months: Broken Fabiola (US) and SE (DE).

Broken Fabiola is the beloved side-project from Manufactura frontman Karloz.M featuring a whole slew of talented collaborators for their new album release ‘Severed‘ in November on Tympanik Audio.

SE hails from Germany’s heartland to offer his classical and IDM influenced debut CD ‘Epiphora‘ on Tympanik Audio in early 2009.

Stendeck interviewed by Aliens E-Zine

Stendeck interviewed recently by Aliens E-zine about his influences, writing process, upcoming new album ‘Sonnambula‘ on Tympanik, Space Polka, and Swiss women.

Broken Fabiola signs to Tympanik Audio

Broken Fabiola signs to Tympanik Audio for their new album release ‘Severed‘ in late November 2008.

Aphorism album release postponed

The release of Aphorism‘s debut CD ‘Surge‘ has been postponed until early 2009.

Excellent review of Tapage’s new album ‘TIORE’ from Connexion Bizarre

A most favorable and honest review of Tapage‘s excellent new album ‘The Institute Of Random Events‘ from Connexion Bizarre [10/10]

New reviews for Autoclav1.1

A flood of reviews in for Autoclav1.1‘s highly-praised new album ‘Love No Longer Lives Here‘ from Re:Gen Magazine, A Model of Control, Reflections Of Darkness, Enochian Apocalypse, Andrew Hawnt, Aliens E-zine, Sphere Magazine, They Fell, Gothtronic, and Dark Twin Cities. Convinced yet?

3 new reviews of Integral’s ‘Rise’ CD

Three new reviews of Integral‘s ‘Rise‘ CD from Gothtronic, Darkroom Magazine, and Wounds of the Earth.

Ad·ver·sary, Subheim, Autoclav1.1 – interviewed…


New interviews online from three of Tympanik Audio’s most predominent new talents: Jarius Khan of Ad·ver·sary, Kostas K. of Subheim, and Tony Young of Autoclav1.1.

Displacer’s ‘The Witching Hour’ reviews are coming in…

New reviews rolling in for Displacer‘s latest work ‘The Witching Hour‘ from Machinist Music, Gothronic, Wounds of the Earth, and They Fell.