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SE, Tapage, Displacer, Pandora’s Black Book

Sound clips and pre-ordering available for our next 2 installments by SE and Tapage. Cover artwork revealed for upcoming albums by Displacer, Pandora’s Black Book, and Disharmony.

Textura magazine review of ‘Sonnambula’

Textura Magazine reviews Stendeck‘s new album ‘Sonnambula‘.

Darkroom magazine reviews Autoclav1.1

Darkroom magazine reviews Autoclav1.1‘s ‘Love No Longer Live Here‘ [8/10].

Vox and Music Lobby review Aphorism ‘Surge’

2 early reviews in from Gargoyle via Vox and The Music Lobby to justify the buzz surrounding Aphorism‘s new album ‘Surge‘.

New tracks by Phylum Sinter and Aphorism

New tracks available from Tympanik Audio recording artists Phylum Sinter and Aphorism on Xynthetic‘s netlabel MP3 compilation release ‘Second Statement‘.

New signings

Tympanik Audio welcomes two talented new artists: [Haven] and Undermathic.

Reflections of Darkness reviews ‘Sonnambula’ and ‘EO2′

Reflections of Darkness reviews Stendeck‘s ‘Sonnambula‘ [9/10] and ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘ [9/10].

EO2 reviewed by Gothtronic

Emerging Organisms 2‘ compilation reviewed by Gothtronic [8.9/10]

New albums by Totakeke and Aphorism released

Totakeke: The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes Aphorism: Surge2 exciting new releases from the Tympanik Audio family: First, the outstanding new Totakeke 2CD album ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘ including remixes by Flint Glass, Pneumatic Detach, Disharmony, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Lucidstatic, Autoclav1.1, Access To Arasaka, and more, as well as the fantastic debut album by Chicago’s own Technoid wizard Aphorism titled ‘Surge‘. Both not to be missed! Order right here.

2 new reviews of Stendeck ‘Sonnambula’

2 new reviews posted of Stendeck‘s excellent new album ‘Sonnambula‘ from Connexion Bizarre [8/10] and Enochian Apocalypse [8.8/10]