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Lucidstatic and ESA interviewed

Lucidstatic ESA

Interviews with James Church of Lucidstatic by Connexion Bizarre and Jamie Blacker of ESA by Enochian Apocalypse.

Igloo Magazine review of ‘EO2′

Igloo Magazine offers a short review of ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘ in the editor’s ‘Top Ten of 2008‘ recap.
human spheres

‘EO2′ review by Darkroom Magazine

Darkroom Magazine reviews ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘ [8/10].

Tympanik Audio launches YouTube channel

Tympanik Audio launches its video channel on YouTube featuring Flint Glass, Broken Fabiola, Tapage, Pneumatic Detach, Ad.ver.sary, ESA, Autoclav1.1, Endif, Subheim, and more…

Heathen Harvest reviews Lucidstatic’s ‘Gravedigger’ and Integral’s ‘Rise’

Heathen Harvest hands out great reviews of Lucidstatic‘s CD ‘Gravedigger‘ and Integral‘s debut album ‘Rise‘.

Sound Protector review of Zentriert ins Antlitz ‘…No’

Sound Protector reviews Zentriert ins Antlitz‘s new album ‘…No‘.

ESA interview with Enochian Apocalypse

Jamie Blacker of ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) interviewed by Enochian Apocalypse.