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Tympanik to release new Black Lung CD

Tympanik Audio joins forces with Ant-Zen to release the powerful new album by Black Lung titled ‘Full Spectrum Dominance‘. Watch for it in June 2009.
Merry Christmas gummibåt

‘Severed’ gets another great review

Broken Fabiola‘s recent album for Tympanik Audio ‘Severed‘ receives well-deserved praise in a recent review from Heathen Harvest.

2 new signings – Undermathic and [Haven]

Mechanical Steering [Haven]Tympanik Audio welcomes two talented new artists to the family, both from Poland, and each with something unique to offer our audience. Undermathic will release his gripping debut album ‘Return To The Childhood‘ late this Summer while [Haven]‘s serendiputous debut CD ‘Plastic‘ will invade your headphones sooner than you think (and with a few surprises no less). Check out more from these outstanding new artists here.

Pneumatic Detach on Invasion Wreck Chords compilation

New track from Pneumatic Detach featured on the new Invasion Wreck Chords compilation.

Re:Gen reviews ‘Gravedigger’

Lucidstatic‘s ‘Gravedigger‘ is still perking ears, this time with a review from Re:Gen Magazine [4/5].

Interview with Tony Young of Autoclav1.1 by They Fell

They Fell interviews Tony Young / Autoclav1.1 about his upcoming new album on Tympanik Audio titled ‘Where Once Were Exit Wounds‘…

Darkroom reviews Broken Fabiola ‘Severed’

Darkroom magazine reviews Broken Fabiola‘s ‘Severed‘ [8.5/10].

5 new reviews from Dark Twin Cities

5 new reviews from Dark Twin Cities of StendeckSonnambula‘, Broken FabiolaSevered‘, Zentriert ins Antlitz…No‘, ESAThe Sea & The Silence‘ and ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘ compilation. All well-written and worth reading.