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Side-Line review’s Totakeke and Aphorism

Side-Line magazine reviews new albums by AphorismSurge‘, Pandora’s Black BookBlack Brothel‘, and TotakekeThe Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘.

New Tapage and Displacer tracks feat. on Re:Automation compilation

New tracks by Tympanik Audio recording artists Tapage and Displacer featured on the new Re:Automation Radio compilation ‘Metallic Connections’. You can download this compilation for free by clicking here.

Textura magazine reviews Tapage ‘Fallen Clouds’

Textura Magazine reviews Tapage‘s new album ‘Fallen Clouds‘.

8.5/10 from Reflections of Darkness for Pandora’s Black Book

New review from Reflections of Darkness of Pandora’s Black Book‘s album ‘Black Brothel‘ [8.5/10]

Album and audio previews released

Album info and audio previews revealed for our upcoming July CD releases by Autoclav1.1, [Haven], and Disharmony.

Aphorism ‘Surge’ reviewed by Vibe

Vibe Magazine reviews Aphorism‘s new album ‘Surge‘.

Lucidstatic ‘Unearthed’ unleashed

Lucidstatic unleashes his new digital-only remix album titled ‘Unearthed‘ featuring renditions of tracks from his critically-acclaimed ‘Gravedigger‘ release on Tympanik Audio. ‘Unearthed‘ features renditions by some of the finest in the undercurrent of the Industrial and IDM scene including SE, Copy Paste Repeat, Pig Fat, Displacer, Human Error, Tapage, Mono Penguin, Unterm Rad, Ghost In The Clocktower, and can be ordered right here for a mere $5.

Gothtronic reviews Tapage ‘Fallen Clouds’

Gothtronic reviews Tapage‘s latest album ‘Fallen Clouds‘ [8.3/10]

Musicaoltranza reviews Aphorism ‘Surge’

Musicaoltranza Magazine reviews Aphorism‘s new album ‘Surge

Russian blog review of Tapage ‘Fallen Clouds’

Russian blog review of Tapage‘s ‘Fallen Clouds’ and Aphorism‘s ‘Surge‘.