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3 new tshirts available – Autoclav1.1, Totakeke, and Disharmony

3 new tshirts available: Autoclav1.1, dISHARMONY, and Totakeke.

Darkroom magazine reviews Tapage ‘Fallen Clouds’

Darkroom Magazine reviews Tapage‘s ‘Fallen Clouds‘ and Endif‘s ‘Carbon‘ (in Italian).

Connexion Bizarre reviews SE ‘Epiphora’ and Aphorism ‘Surge’

Connexion Bizarre reviews SE‘s ‘Epiphora‘, Totakeke‘s ‘The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘, and Aphorism‘s ‘Surge‘ CDs.

Heathen Harvest reviews Totakeke and EO2

Heathen Harvest kindly reviews the new albums by TotakekeThe Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes‘, ESA‘s ‘The Sea & The Silence‘, Endif‘s ‘Carbon‘, and our most recent compilation ‘Emerging Organisms 2‘.

dMute reviews Ad.ver.sary’s new CD

French magazine dMute reviews Ad.ver.sary‘s new CD ‘A Bright Cut Across Velvet Sky‘.

Tympanik artists on new Hymen Records compilation

Tympanik Audio recording artists Access To Arasaka, Black Lung, and Aphorism featured on new Hymen Records 12-year anniversary compilation ‘Miwak Twelve‘. Order here.

Reflections of Darkness reviews Tapage ‘Fallen Clouds’

Reflections of Darkness reviews Tapage‘s latests opus ‘Fallen Clouds‘ with a score of 9/10.