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Access To Arasaka launches new website

Access To Arasaka launched his new website today, just in time for his debut CD release ‘Oppidan‘.

New albums by Access To Arasaka and Displacer released

Access To Arasaka: OppidanDisplacer: X Was Never Like This... 2 highly-anticipated new releases out now: First, the debut album from Access To Arasaka titled ‘Oppidan‘. Fans of Gridlock and Beefcake are really going to love Access To Arasaka. Next, the new work by Canadian electronic music icon Displacer titled ‘X Was Never Like This…‘ featuring collaborations with Daniel Myer (Haujobb / Architect), Keef Baker, Broken Fabiola, Famine, Lucidstatic, Marching Dynamics, and featuring vocals by Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant / HMB).

Both of these new releases are available right here in our web shop.