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Haujobb and Comaduster confirmed for Terminus Festival

Comaduster and Haujobb confirmed for Terminus Festival in Calgary, AB this June.

New releases: Undermathic, Tineidae, and r.roo

Tympanik Audio presents our first CD releases of 2013:

Polish composer Undermathic returns with his 3rd studio album ‘Indistinct Face‘. Like a rush of blood to the head, Undermathic unleashes epic waves of lush strings and cordial atmospheres accentuated by seductive melodies and a carefully-balanced tapestry of beats. Emotionally-charged and undeniably captivating. Available on CD and digital formats here.

Also available for the first time on CD: Tineidae‘s celebrated debut ‘Lights‘ and r.roo‘s critically-acclaimed album ‘mgnovenie‘. Experience Tineidae‘s dreamy excursion of futuristic beats, brooding synthlines, stark melodies, and r.roo‘s soulful piano movements, twitchy violin, meticulous beats, and glitchy misfires. Both ‘Lights‘ and ‘mgnovenie‘ are available on CD and digital formats.

Order now via Tympanik Audio Bandcamp and mailorder.

Pre-order new Undermathic, Tineidae, and r.roo CDs

New CDs available now for pre-order:

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UndermathicIndistinct Face‘, TineidaeLights‘, and r.roomgnovenie‘. Pre-order here.