Zeller: TurbulencesAnklebiter: I Will WaitTotakeke: On The First Of NovemberLucidstatic: Symboint UndergroundGet your ears wrapped around our latest new releases to kick off your Summer. First up is the sophomore effort from Zeller with ‘Turbulences‘; a crafty and addictive surge into the dying

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world of modern Industrial Breakcore.

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Next, the debut album by Anklebiter titled ‘I Will Wait‘; an emotional and beat-driven jaunt into dark Electronica that is at once beautiful and all together strangely alluring. Then, Totakeke steps up the tautness with a resounding sense of ferocity pounding out 10 powerful new tracks with his fourth album ‘On The First Of November‘. Finally, Lucidstatic returns with the double-album ‘Symbiont Underground‘ spanning a multitude of genres and music styles, demonstrating his astonishing capability to craft diverse, unique, and memorable songs with astonishing cohesiveness. Preview tracks from all of these releases and more right here.


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