New CD release: Zentriert ins Antlitz: …No

New CD release: Zentriert ins Antlitz: …NoAvailable now from Tympanik Audio is the new album from the dynamic German trio Zentriert ins Antlitz simply titled “…No“. But simple, this album is not…

With ever-expanding maturity and grace, Zentriert ins Antlitz once again redefine their signature sound by injecting infectious beatwork into lush atmospheric soundscapes to create a poignant blend of dark electronica and industrial-tinged ambient aesthetics.

…NO‘, contains the new 12-track album plus fantastic bonus material including remixes by several Tympanik Audio artists including Subheim, Totakeke, Integral, Access To Arasaka, Unterm Rad, Stendeck, Lucidstatic, Disharmony, Autoclav1.1, and more…

27 outstanding tracks, over 150 minutes of music, all on 1 single compact disc. Visit the shop to order your copy today.

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