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Stendeck: Faces CD
Stendeck: Faces CD
Tympanik's newest artists. This is where it began. If you've already heard 'Sonnamula', check out this release. Highly recommended.
Stendeck: Faces CDMore Details

1 The Day I Saw You Cry For The First Time (5:15)
2 Beneath Wonderland's Decay (4:24)
3 Like Falling Crystals (3:33)
4 Anywhere Out Of This World (4:50)
5 A Perfect Place To Say Good-Bye (1:42)
6 Acting Like You Are Not Bleeding (4:07)
7 Behind Waterfalls (4:46)
8 The Woman Who Burnt On Her Bed (5:53)
9 She Watched The Corners Of The Roof And Then She Left (1:35)
10 Steal Flowers To Make Drugs (5:25)
11 Nocturnal Manoeuvres Before Dawn (4:36)
12 The Massacre Of The Black Flying Horses (3:08)
13 The Porcelain And The Girl I Dreamt About (1:21)
14 Aura Borealis, The Extraordinary Adventure Of A Boy Against The Infinite Darkness (3:26)
15 All The Things I Wanted To Tell You But I Didn't (4:35)
16 Frames And Teardrops (2:13)
17 Faces (Where Are You Now?) (4:19)

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: A.L.P.H.A. compilation 2CD
Various Artists: A.L.P.H.A. compilation 2CD
Highly Recommended 2CD compilation from Geska Records featuring Empusae, Stendeck, Converter, S:cage, OTX, Mlada Fronta, Flint Glass, and many more excellent artists!
Various Artists: A.L.P.H.A. compilation 2CDMore Details

1-01 Remain Silent Ether-A
1-02 Empusae vs. Converter Ceremony
1-03 ¥π¥ Clouds Over Berlin (Mammatus Version)
1-04 AQL Les Lunettes du Cyclope
1-05 HIV+ vs. C/A/T Clonacion Epidemica
1-06 Stendeck Frozen Sun (Twilight Edition)
1-07 Iszoloscope In the Middle of Nowhere
1-08 PerfectionPlastic La Transformation
1-09 Converter Angels Drop Like Flies
1-10 Nos Royaumes Atmosphère Cérébrale (Muette)
1-11 Nimp Sound21
1-12 Lambwool This Location
1-13 Koin Seconds to Last
1-14 S:cage Organisms (Diminished)
2-01 Squale Alpha_Omega
2-02 Re_Agent Crawling Chaos
2-03 Synapscape Allice
2-04 Communication Zero Restraint
Featuring - Princess_Coldheart
2-05 Lith Electrode
2-06 Lapsed Insomnia
2-07 O.T.X Microscope Invasion
2-08 Displacer Bottom of the World
2-09 Shizuka L'orage
2-10 Mlada Fronta When the Past Becomes the Future...
2-11 Flint Glass Closer
2-12 Stendeck Cold Vapour Smoke (Eternity Rmx)
2-13 Komplex …On S'est Peut-être Tués
Video1 Flint Glass Closer
Video2 Converter Angels Drop Like Flies

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: The Other Side compilation
Various Artists: The Other Side compilation
Excellent compilation from Geska Records featuring tracks by Iszoloscope, Displacer, S:cage, Prospero, Urusai, L'ombre, and more. Packaged in a metal box.
Various Artists: The Other Side compilationMore Details

1 Displacer Autumn Chill (5:08)
2 Liar's Rosebush Is It Winter Where You Are? (4:41)
3 S:Cage Gone (6:23)
4 L'Ombre Twenty-One.Five (3:43)
5 PerfectionPlastic No Input (5:06)
6 LCEDP Canada Maltage Co (5:31)
7 Prospero Protection And Precaution (4:25)
8 Iszoloscope Seasonal Identity Crisis Disco (6:05)
9 Scottfro Darkness Where There Should Be Light (5:44)
10 Squale L'Effondrement (5:44)
11 Urusai Val D'Or (Janvier) (5:42)
12 Famine Konstantine Raudive (6:02)
13 LommeLoir For Her Light (6:09)
Featuring - Stendeck

Price: $15.00
Stendeck: Can You Hear My Call?
Stendeck: Can You Hear My Call?
Stendeck first outstanding album. Just as good as 'Faces' and 'Sonnambula'. Recommended.
Stendeck: Can You Hear My Call?More Details

1 Citylights Slide Behind You, And You Are Just Like A Small Star Lost In The Night (5:27)
2 Waiting For The New Day (5:01)
3 Lonely Souls Can't Dance (4:08)
4 Killing The Man In The Mirror (1:16)
5 5 A.M. When The Night Kisses The Day (1:48)
6 Numbered, Well Ordered, Stocked In A Big Grey Square Of Boxes (Metropolitan Disease) (4:50)
7 Sigriya's Tear (1:21)
8 Cold Vapour Smoke Was Coming From His Mouth (5:24)
9 Walking Above The Clouds (5:00)
10 Sssilence, Sleeping In The Japanese Garden (2:30)
11 Monsters Are Getting Closer - Black Shadows Swallow Dreams (5:59)
Violin - Mattia Colombo
12 Waking Up Into Unknown Lands (4:32)
Violin - Mattia Colombo
13 Falling Leaves, Like Red Pillows On My Wounds (5:36)
14 Frozen Sun (7:29)
15 Can You Hear My Call? (1:48)

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: Sonic Visions
Various Artists: Sonic Visions
Another fine compilation from the Geska label featuring Mimetic Fake, Mlada Fronta, Oil 10, Milligramme, Flint Glass, and more...
Various Artists: Sonic VisionsMore Details

1a Unknown Artist Intro : Permutations On Toth-Pot (1:00)
1b Westerndream Fanatika (Avodah Zarah Remix) (5:55)
2 Mimetic Fake* Feeling Lies (4:45)
3 Firnwald Liebeswegen (Dead & Rotten Mix By Photophob) (5:04)
Remix - Photophob
Vocals - Reeva
4 Milligramme Foie (4:55)
5 Mlada Fronta Hf > Amalgam < (11:00)
6 Oil 10 Happy Mondays (Megatron Mix) (5:34)
7 Pedro Alexandre Shiny_Pink_Towels (Beauty Mix) (4:42)
8 Flint Glass Neuroscan (Sonic Mix) (5:55)
9 HIV+ vs. Wired Brain Havoc 2027 (Exclusive Mix) (6:44)
10 Haïku Imola (7:54)

Price: $10.00
Stendeck: T-shirt (Mens)
Stendeck: T-shirt (Mens)
"The Massacre of the Black Flying Horses" design.

Available in Small, Medium, and Xlarge only.
Stendeck: T-shirt (Mens)More Details
After ordering, please email us with your desired shirt size: [email protected]

Price: $13.00
Stendeck: T-shirt (Girly)
Stendeck: T-shirt (Girly)
Stendeck: T-shirt (Girly)More Details
Available in Small and Medium. After ordering, please email us with your desired shirt size: [email protected]

Price: $13.00