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Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4
At long last, volume 4 of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka,, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, Kilowatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim, and Erode.

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Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4More Details

Disc One:

1. Hecq: Ritual Study
2. Architect: Episode 7 (Tympanik edit)
3. Access To Arasaka: Razorgirl
4. Diaphane: Insight
5. Frank Riggio: Tryk Alimba
6. To Travel Without Any Certain Destination: Night After The Carnival (Libido Formandi remix)
7. Displacer: Outland
8. C.H. District: Con-trust (DJ Sajko remix)
9. Stendeck: The Secret Behind The Third Door
10. Dryft: Clustr2
11. Nebulo: Abslog
12. Ocoeur: Ephemeral Beauty
13. Boy Is Fiction: Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)
14. Logical Disorder: After The Battle
15. Erode: Disengage

Disc Two:

1. Subheim: Mir50
2. Miroslav: Terminal
3. Keef Baker: Cranesong
4. Tapage: Last
5. Kilowatts: Transmogrifier
6. Matta: Be There
7. Port-Royal: Spider Toupet
8. SE: 0459
9. Mobthrow: Birds Fly High
10. Flaque: Meridian
11. Snowday
12. Northcape: 1am Transition
13. Anklebiter: Rearview
14. Bola: Szeaafar (live)

Price: $15.00
Erode: Horizon - CD digipak
Erode: Horizon - CD digipak
Excellent side-project debut from Alexander Dietz of Heaven Shall Burn. With massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of ‘Horizon‘.

4-panel digipak with 8-page booklet.

Erode: Horizon - CD digipakMore Details

Horizon (Kadrage rmx)
Brutal Romance (Erode rmx)

Price: $12.00
Architect: Upload Select Remix
Architect: Upload Select Remix
Excellent remix companion to 'Consume Adapt Create' feat. Stendeck, Subheim, Enduser, Keef Baker, Hecq, and many more.
Architect: Upload Select RemixMore Details

fast lane (stendeck remix)
for you (brazda lui novac remix)
pure (andré winter remix)
attack ships on fire (subheim remix)
the beauty and the beat (hecq remix)
for you (for a space remix)
pure (re-drum remix)
attack ships on fire (keef baker remix)
the beauty and the beat (end.user remix)
i lost my 808 (vndl remix)
pure (repair remix)
the shadow of eve (david partido remix)
the bitch is back (dsx remix)
wachsmuth (comaduster remix)

Price: $15.00
Dreissk: The Finding
Dreissk: The Finding
Hidden somewhere stylistically between the ambient via bombast juxtaposition of late 90s post-industrial pioneers Gridlock and n5MD's “emotional experiments” archetype, SubtractiveLAD, "the finding" has that perfect balance of ambience, grinding rhythms and interwoven guitar work that creates a sub-aquatic blend of Ambient, IDM and Shoegaze.
Dreissk: The FindingMore Details

to that which binds me
unknown discontent
persisting memory
not enough
floating to drown

Price: $11.00
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Ahnst Anders: Home
Ahnst Anders: Home
Most tracks on this album are built around varied grooves from dubstep to mesmerizing tribal textures to create astonishing ambiences and cinematic soundscapes with a deeply human feel. 'Home' proves to be a very enduring record, on which ahnst anders shows some clear signs of his visionary talent.
Ahnst Anders: HomeMore Details

1. intro
2. after dark
3. hate & love
4. nobody home
5. dark sun
6. hope & homeless
7. homerun
8. walking home
9. home

Price: $15.00
Anklebiter: Queue
Anklebiter: Queue
‘Queue‘ gathers some of the most prolific talents in the electronic music scene for a release event that is truly epic. With renditions by such artists as Access To Arasaka, Keef Baker, Jatun, SubtractiveLAD, Irulan, Boy Is Fiction, Dryft, Dirk Geiger, and Lights Out Asia, ‘Queue‘ proves to be an essential companion to its predecessor.
Anklebiter: Queue More Details

Access To Arasaka: University
Keef Baker: Frigid
Jatun: Absolution Is A Plushtoy
Ankelbiter: By Design
SubtractiveLAD: Frigid
Anklebiter: OTT
Irulan: Accessible
Boy Is Fiction: I Will Wait
Dirk Geiger: I Will Wait
Dryft: One Three Two
Lights Out Asia: Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow

Price: $10.00
Flint Glass: Circumsounds
Special / Sale Price - Flint Glass: Circumsounds
One of our proudest releases - a stunning remix collection by the extremely talented French artist Flint Glass.
Award-winning 6-panel digipak CD design by Eye.Lyft - limited to 777 copies worldwide.
Highly recommended.
Flint Glass: CircumsoundsMore Details

(All tracks remixed by Flint Glass)
Polygon: Gestern
Thermidor: Plenum Aquae
Eretsua: Travelling Light
Zonk't: Air Field
Shizuka: Les Esprits
Empusae: Beauty Of Decay
Suicide Inside: Angel
Prospero: Fury Of The Tempest
HIV+: Havoc 2027
Disharmony: Sacred Truth
HIV+: Doors of Perception
Displacer: Fueled
Sci Fi Industries: Questions And Answers
Tzolk'in: Sotz
OTX: Blood For Oil

Price: $10.00
Price: $7.00
Dryft: Ventricle
Dryft: Ventricle
At long last, new album by Dryft!

The album deviates from Cadoo's current main project Bitcrush just as previous Dryft efforts strayed from his previous group Gridlock.

Dryft: VentricleMore Details
marked velotin
knives as gifts
no bargains, no pleas (feat. xiescive)
vector step (regeneration)
vapours and waste
...and again

Price: $11.00
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Bitcrush: From Arcs To Embers
Bitcrush: From Arcs To Embers
This latest release from Mike Cadoo's Bitcrush project is a specially curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5 of his albums as Bitcrush. Bersarin Quartett, Funckarma, Jatun, Near The Parenthesis, port-royal, Stripmall Architecture (Halou), SubtractiveLAD, Vanessa Van Basten, Winterlight, and Worm Is Green all re-imagine songs from the Bitcrush catalog.
Bitcrush: From Arcs To EmbersMore Details

Post (Nichts ist wie vorher, Bersarin Quartett RMX)
Untilted (Worm Is Green Remix)
Every Sunday (Winterlight Remix)
Bitcrush In Dub (By Stripmall Architecture)
Colder (Funckarma Rmx)
Waiting For Something (Jatun Remix)
An Island A Penninsula (Mix By Vanessa Van Basten)
The Days We Spent Within (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
Of Embers (port-royal Remix)
Of Days (Widescreen mix by SubtractiveLAD)

Price: $11.00
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Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Clocking in at nearly 65 mins, "Broadcasts In Colour" delivers over an hour of music that explores new sonic territory for the artist, including but not limited to vocals on selected tracks.

Our favorite IDM release so far this year.
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In ColourMore Details

1 In
2 As Far From Here As Possible
3 Feeling Lazy
4 Pinprick
5 Silo
6 Sand
7 Rat
8 I Close My Eyes
9 Either Way, I'm Dead
10 Your Name On My Skin
11 I Left You There
12 My Veins Are Blocked
13 Until Morning Comes
14 For My Friend

Price: $12.00
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of Jupiter
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of Jupiter
“In the Days Of Jupiter” is the 4th album from tri-state post-rock trio Lights Out Asia. Just as Jupiter eclipses the other planets in our solar systems, Lights Out Asia have eclipsed expectations by delivering their most expansive album to date.
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of JupiterMore Details

All These Worlds Are Yours
Except Europa
Attempt No Landing There
All Is Quiet In The Valley
13 AM
Arbres Paisible
Great Men From Unhealthy Ground
Currents Meet The Tide
Then I Hope You Like The Desert
Shifting Sands Wreck Ships
Bye Bye November

Price: $11.00
Diaphane: Samdhya
Diaphane: Samdhya
Excellent debut CD from Diaphane on the Ant-Zen label. Highly recommended.
Diaphane: SamdhyaMore Details

1 Nebula
2 Les Hautes Terres
3 Platinium
4 Signa
5 Petals
6 The Icefield
7 Isthme
8 Undefined
9 Chandra's Breath

Price: $15.00
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Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EP
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EP
New re-release of Flint Glass' excellent album 'Nyarlathotep' + a bonus EP of 7 new tracks. Features remixes and collaborations with Ah-Cama Sotz, Disharmony, This 'Morn Omina, Empusae, and Xabec.

Highly recommended!
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EPMore Details

1-01 R'lyeh La Morte
1-02 Nyarlathotep
1-03 Brain Speaking Machine
1-04 Azathoth
1-05 De Vermis Mysteriis
1-06 Ubbo-Sathla
1-07 Nephren-Ka
1-08 Hastur
1-09 Alhazred
1-10 Yuggoth
1-11 Angular Space
1-12 Shudde M'ell
1-13 Cthulhu Dawn
1-14 Yog-Sothot
1-15 Slither Chaos
1-16 Brain Death (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix)
1-17 Germ Code (Disharmony Remix)
1-18 Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec Remix)
1-19 R'lyeh La Morte (This Morn' Omina & Empusae Remix)

From Beyond EP

2-01 Al Takwi
2-02 Ghroth
2-03 Hypnos2
2-04 Yegg Ha
2-05 Al Azif
2-06 Xurhn
2-07 The Hound

Price: $17.00
Atmogat: Trigger Event
Atmogat: Trigger Event
The excellent new album from Germany's dark IDM gurus Atmogat featuring remixes by Access To Arasaka and NIKKA.

Atmogat: Trigger EventMore Details
Track list

01.Battery's Low
02.Berlin 4 AM
06.Eject 44
08.All the hope
09.Indian Summer
10.Next Riot
12.Berlin 4 AM (Access to Arasaka remix)
13.Melophase (NIKKA remix)

Price: $15.00
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Integral: Rise
Special / Sale Price - Integral: Rise
Dark ambient meets cinematic IDM compositions. Our sleeper hit of 2008. Truly exceptional and highly recommended.

Integral: RiseMore Details

1 Digital Drops (7:03)
2 Temporale (5:36)
3 Doors (4:56)
Violin - Miko Mikulicz*
4 Distal (6:09)
5 Schlaflos (4:47)
6 Rise (5:10)
7 Samen (2:10)
8 Reaktor (6:28)
9 Moonwalk (6:52)
10 Back Here Alone (6:49)
11 Je Ne Trouve Pas La Sortie (3:13)

Price: $10.00
Price: $7.00
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3
Tympanik Audio’s highly-anticipated third compilation release celebrating the entry of our 3rd year of existence. Meticulously selected, compiled, and refined, ‘Emerging Organisms 3‘ continues this critically-acclaimed compilation series featuring the very best in futuristic and forward-thinking electronic artists from around the world.
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3More Details

Disc One:

01 - SE: Chrono
02 - Access To Arasaka: Kill Recorder
03 - Klangstabil: Beziehungsohr (Subheim remix)
04 - Lucidstatic: Coal Cage (Access To Arasaka remix)
05 - Aphorism: Arc Towards
06 - Candle Nine: Penumbra
07 - S:cage: Seven Endings (Departure)
08 - Ab Ovo: Bees
09 - Displacer: Sun_Phase (Nightfall mix)
10 - Empusae: Hard Boiled Wonderland (Detritus remix)
11 - Loss: 071123
12 - Terminal Sound System: We Eat The Sun
13 - Opposite Exhale: Clear Green
14 - If: I Only Miss You When You’re Here (remix)

Disc Two:

01 - IP Neva: Calm Before The Storm
02 - Millipede: Cell Division
03 - Liar’s Rosebush: You Are Here
04 - Famine: Sig/Int
05 - Fractional: Blood
06 - Michael Fakesch: Rand VA
07 - Metaform: OCD
08 - Autoclav1.1: Let Me Sleep
09 - Raoul Sinier: Untitled10
10 - Undermathic: Bodhi
11 - Keef Baker: Trion
12 - Tapage & Meander: Jelly Battleship
13 - Skytree: Stomata Spirit
14 - Poordream: Immense Present
15 - OTX: Anna

Price: $10.00
Broken Note: Terminal Static
Broken Note: Terminal Static
The much-talked about new album by Broken Note. Check out what we already know... Highly recommended.
Broken Note: Terminal StaticMore Details

Mortal Bass
Let' Em Hang
Mask Of Gas
War In The Making
Juno Reactor: Tokyo Dub (Remix By Broken Note)
The Fury
Dubversion (Remix By Hecq)
Crux (Remix By I Am The Sun)

Price: $13.00
Port-Royal: Dying In Time
Port-Royal: Dying In Time
Excellent new about from Italy's Port-Royal and when we say excellent, we mean excellent. New on n5MD.

Highly recommended.
Port-Royal: Dying In TimeMore Details

01 HVA (Failed Revolutions) 8:28
02 Nights In Kiev 7:02
03 Anna Ustinova 3:58
04 Exhausted Muse\Europe 9:37
05 I Used To Be Sad 4:41
06 Susy: Blue East Fading 8:34
07 The Photoshopped Prince 4:05
08 Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope) 8:49
09 Hermitage Pt. 1 5:21
10 Hermitage Pt. 2 5:24
11 Hermitage Pt. 3

Price: $11.00
Lombre: Letting Go At The Steering Wheel
Lombre: Letting Go At The Steering Wheel
At last! New album by L'ombre on Ant-Zen. Complex down-tempo IDM / Electronica. Think Substanz T. meets n5MD. Outstanding!
Lombre: Letting Go At The Steering WheelMore Details

1 Humour Me With Pleasant Conversation (6:27)
2 In From The Rain (4:24)
3 Reach For Me (7:47)
4 All Bets Are In (5:31)
5 Your Refusal (6:07)
6 Despond (6:08)
7 Into Brokenness (5:36)
8 Combustion Chamber (6:32)
9 Wrapped Around A Telephone Poll (7:07)

Price: $15.00
Displacer: Moon_Phase
Displacer: Moon_Phase
Displacer's first album and goddamn is it a good one. Featured remixes by Beefcake, Ch.District, and Gridlock.

Displacer: Moon_PhaseMore Details

1 Beta_Seed (5:04)
2 Moon_Phase (5:40)
3 Deep (4:44)
4 Atrophied (5:07)
5 Wraith (L'Autre Mix) (4:52)
6 Vorago (5:59)
7 Exponent (5:09)
8 Bottom Of The World (5:06)
9 Bits & Bytes (4:58)
10 Lying In Wait (4:18)
11 Half_Life (4:36)
12 Unknown (4:14)
13 Lying In Wait (6:12)
Remix by CH.District
14 Moon_Phase (4:04)
Remix by Beefcake
15 Wraith (5:49)
Remix by Gridlock

Price: $15.00
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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: Mutations EP
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: Mutations EP
New on Ad Noiseam! Highly recommended.
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble: Mutations EPMore Details
1 Caos Calmo (5:06)
2 München (6:01)
3 Serpents (5:01)
4 Twisted Horizons (4:36)
5 Shadows (4:19)
6 Symmetry Of 6's (4:41)
7 Horns Of King David (2:54)
8 Avian Lung (5:36)

Price: $13.00
Keef Baker: Pen Fifteen
Keef Baker: Pen Fifteen
Brand new 2CD album by Keef Baker on Hymen records! Recommended.
Keef Baker: Pen FifteenMore Details

1-1 Getting Older (6:38)
1-2 Dead End (7:16)
1-3 Skellington (6:30)
1-4 The East Is Not The Enemy (6:55)
1-5 Sailing The Goat Sea (5:40)
1-6 Mr Snugglebunny's Happy Paradise Is Slowly Turned Inside Out (6:27)
1-7 Big Dick Bricks Covered In Sick (4:40)
1-8 Mintymart Overdraft (5:32)
1-9 Setekey Sysfuckoffcunt V1 (6:13)
1-10 Sheepscar Junction (5:31)
1-11 Sugar Daddy For Shemale (5:00)
2-1 Part 01: The Voice Of Light City (5:00)
2-2 Part 02: You've Been Snarpooned (5:00)
2-3 Part 03: The Square (5:00)
2-4 Part 04: Acid Indigestion (5:00)
2-5 Part 05: A Glittering Netto Palace (5:00)
2-6 Part 06: Cake And Black Sheep (5:00)
2-7 Part 07: Shut Up Neil, For Fuck's Sake! (5:00)
2-8 Part 08: The Great Escape (5:00)
2-9 Part 09: Wine Sponge (5:00)
2-10 Part 10: Aeronautics (5:00)
2-11 Part 11: Return To Light City (5:00)
2-12 Part 12: Soul Folding (5:59)

Price: $17.00
IP Neva: Symbiosis of Contridictions
IP Neva: Symbiosis of Contridictions
Outstanding album by Russian project IP Neva on the newly-formed Impulsive Art label. Fans of Subheim are going to love this.

Highly recommended!
IP Neva: Symbiosis of ContridictionsMore Details
Track list:

2.U-boat Performance
3.The Process
4.Constallation of War
5.Full Moon
6.Radiation Field
7.Whether in numbers
8.Meteoric Rain
9.Calm after the storm
10.U-boat Performance (Mobthrow Remix)
11.Correction - Failed - (Abstractive Noise Remix)

Price: $15.00
Stendeck: Sonnambula
Stendeck: Sonnambula
The long-awaited new album by Stendeck. Brand new on Tympanik Audio. Stunning and beautifully as it is visual.

Highly, highly recommended.
Stendeck: SonnambulaMore Details

1 Something Special Is Going To Happen
2 Through Tiny Windows We Wonder Constellations
3 Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
4 It Must Be Heaven
5 Admira And Bosko (Love During The Time Of War)
6 Blind Army Parade
7 Dead Dancing Triangle
8 Lunar Attraction
9 Every Time I Try To Reach You, You Just Fade Away
10 Hunters Of The Last Summer Breeze
11 Different Exotic Forms Of Lightning And Collateral Atmospheric Phenomena
12 Safari In The Blue Tails Cockatoo's Garden
13 Broken Hearts Carillon
14 Happy Little Children Playing On The Cherry Tree
15 I Fear All The Moments You Will Need Me And I Won't Be There
16 An Autumnal Afternoon In The Family's House
17 Sonnambula (Don't Worry It's Just A Dream)

Price: $10.00
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2 DCD
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2 DCD
Tympanik's newest compilation featuring exclusive tracks by Stendeck, Flint Glass, Edgey, DJ Hidden, Ginormous, Architect, Hecq, Lights Out Asia, Dryft, Keef Baker, Mlada Fronta, Subheim, and many more.

26 tracks on 2 CDs. Our best compilation yet. You won't be disappointed.

Featured on Igloomag's Top 10 of 2008.

Limited to 500 copies with only a few copies left so don't wait.
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 2 DCDMore Details

EO2 - Disc One:

01 - Hecq: The Glow
02 - Mlada Fronta: Uuo 118
03 - Dryft: Transmission
04 - Flint Glass: Al-Azif
05 - Architect: Keks (Tympanik edit)
06 - Access To Arasaka: 400 Bloc Overground
07 - Zentriert ins Antlitz: Where Their Dreams Live (Access To Arasaka remix)
08 - Flaque: Whispers
09 - Subheim: Take Me Back
10 - Aphorism: Expanse
11 - Totakeke: Patient HM (Response To Conditioning mix)
12 - Mnemonic: Prototyp
13 - Marching Dynamics: Even Blood Is Not Enough

EO2 - Disc Two:

01 - Stephen James Knight aka Edgey: Lodestar
02 - Rope: This Flightless Bird (Clipped Wings)
03 - Stendeck: Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
04 - DJ Hidden: Things To Come
05 - Keef Baker: Bogbrush
06 - Ginormous: Redcliff
07 - Anhedonia: Different Places
08 - Atmogat: Mi.Interface
09 - Tapage: The Unspoiled
10 - Sincere Trade: Danger, Stop, Stay
11 - Blackfilm: Walk With Me
12 - Autoclav1.1 vs. ESA: All Blind
13 - Lights Out Asia: Outstretched To The Middle Of The Sky

Price: $16.00
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Ginormous: At Night, Under Artificial Light
Ginormous: At Night, Under Artificial Light
Highly recommended. Very original and dynamic.
Ginormous: At Night, Under Artificial LightMore Details

1 Punches To Carefully Coax (3:45)
2 Melted Circadian (3:22)
3 Coiled So Tightly (3:08)
4 At Night, Under Artificial Light (4:42)
Co-producer - Alex Gibson (5)
5 Blink In Blue (3:57)
Banjo - Bryan Landers
6 A Corridor Leading To Modern Space (4:10)
7 Night Scenes, Fireworks, The Heavens (3:30)
8 From Deep Bore Holes (3:36)
Written-by [Co-written By], Co-producer - Alex Gibson (5)
9 Fly Quietly (5:40)
10 Moon Canyon Welcomes You (3:42)
Co-producer - Alex Gibson (5)
11 Awakening The Magpie In All Of Us (3:44)
Drums - Rohner Segnitz

Price: $15.00
Tzolkin: Haab
Tzolkin: Haab
Empusae + Flint Glass - recommended.
Tzolkin: HaabMore Details

1 Muwan (6:04)
2 Kumk'u (6:48)
3 Uayeb (6:49)
4 K'ank'in (6:42)
5 Sotz (7:16)
6 K'ayab (6:12)
7 Yaxk'in (6:44)
8 Xul (6:54)

Price: $15.00
Kattoo: Megrim
Kattoo: Megrim
Highly, highly recommended. Paul considers this release as one of the finest electronic albums ever composed.
Kattoo: MegrimMore Details
20 untitled tracks of brilliant cinematic electronics.

Price: $15.00
This product has sold out.
Talvekoidik: Silent Reflections
Talvekoidik: Silent Reflections
Awesome side-project from member of S.K.E.T. Features remixes by Fragment King, Heimstatt Yipotash, and 16 Pad Noise Terrorist. Hightly recommended.
Talvekoidik: Silent Reflections More Details

1 Such A Perfect Day (6:45)
2 Concealed Longings (5:06)
3 Rough Baltic Shore (5:28)
4 Eismeer (6:11)
5 The Moebius Strip (4:02)
6 Sandstorm (6:28)
7 Goodbye Of The Certainty (6:50)
8 Silent Reflections (7:08)
9 Power Of Eclecticism (5:11)
10 The Cliff (6:00)
11 Eismeer (Lomonossow Ridge Mix By Heimstatt Yipotash) (5:36)
Remix - Heimstatt Yipotash
12 Atlas (Shrugged Mix By Fragment King) (6:07)
Remix - Fragment King
13 Eismeer (Synthetic Coldness Mix By 16Pad Noiseterrorist) (5:17)
Remix - 16Pad Noiseterrorist

Price: $15.00
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Flint Glass: Nyarlathotep
Flint Glass: Nyarlathotep
Highly recommended. Features remixes by Ah Cama-Sotz, Disharmony, Xabec, This Morn' Omina, and Empusae.
Flint Glass: NyarlathotepMore Details

1 R'lyeh La Morte (5:52)
2 Nyarlathotep (0:48)
3 Brain Speaking Machine (4:26)
4 Azathoth (0:31)
5 De Vermis Mysteriis (5:54)
6 Ubbo-Sathla (0:35)
7 Nephren-Ka (5:23)
8 Hastur (0:33)
9 Alhazred (5:56)
10 Yuggoth (0:38)
11 Angular Space (6:36)
12 Shudde M'ell (0:34)
13 Cthulhu Dawn (6:50)
14 Yog-Sothot (0:38)
15 Slither Chaos (7:17)
16 Brain Death (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix) (4:41)
Remix - Ah Cama-Sotz
17 Germ Code (Disharmony Remix) (3:34)
Remix - Disharmony
18 Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec Remix) (6:06)
Remix - Xabec
19 R'lyeh La Morte (This Morn' Omina & Empusae Remix) (5:27)
Remix - Empusae , This Morn' Omina

Price: $15.00
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Stendeck: Faces CD
Stendeck: Faces CD
Tympanik's newest artists. This is where it began. If you've already heard 'Sonnamula', check out this release. Highly recommended.
Stendeck: Faces CDMore Details

1 The Day I Saw You Cry For The First Time (5:15)
2 Beneath Wonderland's Decay (4:24)
3 Like Falling Crystals (3:33)
4 Anywhere Out Of This World (4:50)
5 A Perfect Place To Say Good-Bye (1:42)
6 Acting Like You Are Not Bleeding (4:07)
7 Behind Waterfalls (4:46)
8 The Woman Who Burnt On Her Bed (5:53)
9 She Watched The Corners Of The Roof And Then She Left (1:35)
10 Steal Flowers To Make Drugs (5:25)
11 Nocturnal Manoeuvres Before Dawn (4:36)
12 The Massacre Of The Black Flying Horses (3:08)
13 The Porcelain And The Girl I Dreamt About (1:21)
14 Aura Borealis, The Extraordinary Adventure Of A Boy Against The Infinite Darkness (3:26)
15 All The Things I Wanted To Tell You But I Didn't (4:35)
16 Frames And Teardrops (2:13)
17 Faces (Where Are You Now?) (4:19)

Price: $15.00
This product has sold out.
Bitcrush: Epilogue In Waves
Bitcrush: Epilogue In Waves
Wow. Unbelievably cool electronic-rock hybrid album. Highly recommended.
Bitcrush: Epilogue In WavesMore Details

1 Prologue (4:35)
2 An Island, A Penninsula (7:07)
3 Of Days (5:34)
4 Tides (5:27)
5 What Would Hope Be Without Disappointment (6:05)
6 Atreaux (2:10)
7 A False Movement, True (4:55)
8 Epilogue To Tides (5:25)
9 Pearl (10:06)
10 To Drown (2:44)

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S:cage: Madness Turns To Glass
S:cage: Madness Turns To Glass
S:cage: Madness Turns To GlassMore Details

1 Madness (13:37)
2 Vapour (6:04)
3 Collapsing Breath (6:09)
4 Gone (Undone) (5:36)
5 Inside This (5:32)
6 Surfaces (9:14)
7 Intrusion (5:31)
8 Sprawling, Endless Cities (3:36)
Voice, Lyrics By - Cordell Klier
9 Hideous Out Loud (5:07)
10 Glass (6:25)

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Lights Out Asia: Eyes Like Brontide
Lights Out Asia: Eyes Like Brontide
One of the best albums of 2008.
Lights Out Asia: Eyes Like BrontideMore Details

1 A Day Towards Other Days (2:01)
2 Radars Over The Ghosts Of Chernobyl (9:41)
3 X-33 (3:18)
4 Psiu! Puxa! (5:33)
5 The Wrong Message Could End You (12:33)
6 MIR (5:51)
7 If I Die, I Wish You A Horrible Death (2:08)
8 Six Points Of Fire (11:16)

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Klangstabil: Taking Nothing Seriously
Klangstabil: Taking Nothing Seriously
Excellent and stunning album from the one and only Klangstabil. Recommended.
Klangstabil: Taking Nothing SeriouslyMore Details

1 You May Start (6:09)
2 Between (5:05)
3 Gloomy Day (Album Version) (5:34)
4 A Difference That's For All To See (4:55)
5 Away (4:59)
6 Push Yourself (6:37)
7 Reason To Live (5:39)
8 Kill All Lifeforms (5:12)

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Marching Dynamics: The Workers Party Of Haiti
Marching Dynamics: The Workers Party Of Haiti
Brand new album by Marching Dynamics on Hymen records! Highly recommended.
Marching Dynamics: The Workers Party Of HaitiMore Details
1 Going Under (4:26)
2 Detuning Purpose (3:15)
3 Bizango Datura (4:45)
4 Ability To Distance (3:40)
5 The Apparition Speaks (4:11)
6 Confederate (Elementals' Soul Fire) Remix Edit (4:23)
7 Power Freak (5:48)
8 Wrong Volt (5:12)
9 29° (Marching Dynamics Vs. Tonikom) (4:32)
Featuring - Tonikom
10 Situations Vacant (2:51)
11 Doorbells In Amsterdam (3:42)
12 The Spoor Of The Wolf In The Wet Earth (5:41)
13 Eschelons (The Ninth Life) (4:56)

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Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
Recommended new album from Chicago's Telefon Tel Aviv. Gritty synth-pop electronica.
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate YourselfMore Details

01 The Birds (6:38)
02 Your Mouth (4:08)
03 M (3:42)
04 Helen Of Troy (3:11)
05 Mostly Translucent (4:15)
06 Stay Away From Being Maybe (4:23)
07 I Made A Tree On The Wold (4:39)
08 Your Every Idol (4:54)
09 You Are The Worst Thing In The World (4:43)
10 Immolate Yourself (5:38)

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Access To Arasaka: Oppidan
Access To Arasaka: Oppidan
The debut album by Access To Arasaka is finally here! Fans of Gridlock, Beefcake, Kattoo, Mnemonic, Dryft, etc. are going to love this.
Access To Arasaka: OppidanMore Details

01. Nypox
02. Medway
03. Monoscan
04. Ruin
05. Caeropore
06. First Kill (feat. Beau Jestice)
07. Montcalm
08. Parisville
09. Jody
10. Recon (feat. ESA)
11. Delicate Annihilation
12. Chem
13. Sylvan-hesh
14. Transcednence
15. She
16. Waiting War
17. Aftermath

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Mnemonic: Monokultur
Mnemonic: Monokultur
Excellent glitch-tech with Industrial and IDM highlights from this German band that has produced music virtually underground for many years. Highly recommended.
Mnemonic: MonokulturMore Details

1 Political Absurdity (4:51)
2 Egoism / Egoist (4:50)
3 Social Downfall (5:12)
4 Allein (3:50)
5 Porous Dreams (5:29)
Featuring - Qasot
6 Zeit Zerstört (5:23)
7 Envy (4:45)
8 Intellect Liberation (5:45)
9 (Anti) Religiös (4:59)
10 Menschlicher Stumpfsinn (5:06)
11 The Poor And The Rich (2:32)
12 Monokultur (5:50)
13 Gier (5:14)
14 Monotoner Moment (5:38)

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Displacer: Cage Fighter
Displacer: Cage Fighter
Excellent dark electronica from Canada's Displacer. Featuring Larvae, Architect, Klima, Coordinates, and Keef Baker.

Displacer: Cage FighterMore Details

1 Cage Fighter's Lullaby (5:37)
2 Imaginary Friends (5:16)
3 My Enemy (4:32)
4 Broken Sword (4:25)
5 Derelict (4:51)
6 Sixty (5:12)
7 Natural Selection (3:55)
8 Time For Living (5:02)
9 Left On Pluto (5:11)
10 High Anxiety (4:35)
11 Flying Snow (4:36)
12 Flying Snow (Keef Baker Remix) (5:04)
13 Broken Sword (Architect vs. Klima Remix) (5:34)
14 Flying Snow (Urusai Remix) (4:08)
15 Imaginary Friends (Coordinates Remix) (6:00)

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Displacer: Arroyo
Displacer: Arroyo
2nd album from Displacer featuring collaborations by Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), O2 (ex-Gridlock), Flint Glass (aka Tzolk'in), and Dither.

Displacer: ArroyoMore Details

1 Transit (3:47)
2 Down (5:48)
3 Artificial Living (5:45)
4 Next Tuesday (5:32)
5 Painkiller (6:22)
6 Disconnected (6:30)
7 Toy Collector (4:03)
8 Arroyo (4:27)
9 Coping Mechanism (5:49)
10 Fueled (5:30)
11 Repair (5:07)
12 Artificial Living (O2 Remix) (4:48)
13 Arroyo (Dither Remix) (6:25)
14 Fueled (Flint Glass Remix) (3:54)

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Lusine icl: Coalition 2000
Lusine icl: Coalition 2000
Excellent live performance by Lusine icl on U-Cover. Recommended.
Lusine icl: Coalition 2000More Details
Night 1
1 Night One 5:02
Night 2
2 Sem 3 7:30
3 Lazydayz 10:13
4 Out-Takes 4:34
5 Plastic 6:55
6 Deadend 7:41
7 B308 7:51
8 Feedme 10:27

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C.H. District: Conclusion
C.H. District: Conclusion
5 years after the release of C.H. District's previous album 'Slides', the Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled 'Conclusion' on Tympanik Audio. As playful as it is complex, 'Conclusion' hits the mark right from the start and doesn't falter in the slightest throughout, laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.
C.H. District: ConclusionMore Details

01. Con-trust (edit)
02. Shrink
03. 0#1
04. Burnout feat. Synta[xe]rror
05. Conclusion
06. Creep
07. Practical Tool
08. Like A Human feat. Tomtylor
09. 1#2
10. Go Out

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Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt
Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt
This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present our 50th compact disc release, bringing you musical detail on a molecular level, where beauty meets math and imprints are Etched In Salt.
Tapage & Meander: Etched In SaltMore Details

01. California Blue
02. The Tide
03. Tolopea
04. Hydrostatic Skeleton
05. Subumbrella Dispute
06. Plankton
07. Atolla Wyvillei
08. Oceanographic
09. Nectocalyx Barrage
10. Osedax
11. Abyssal Plain
12. Delicate Hydroid

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Deru: Say Goodbye To Useless
Deru: Say Goodbye To Useless
Deru's fantastic 3rd album. Moody, atmospheric sounds, haunting melodies and organic textures – augmented by his most mature song-writing and cutting-edge beats to date.

Deru: Say Goodbye To UselessMore Details

01. I Would Like
02. I Want
03. Peanut Butter & Patience PlayWatch
04. Hello
05. Basically, Fuck You
06. Walk
07. Fadeaway
08. Days, Then...
09. What Happens When You Ask
10. Cottonmouth Lothario
11. Goodbye

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Blackfilm: Blackfilm
Blackfilm: Blackfilm
Blackfilm has created an ideal soundtrack for film-noir movie scores of the finest quality, delivered in a unique mixture of ambient, downtempo, orchestral music...
Blackfilm: BlackfilmMore Details

/ 1. Come & See
/ 2. Interference
/ 3. Untitled
/ 4. Stalingrad
/ 5. Sonar
/ 6. 5 Years
/ 7. Eastern
/ 8. Midnight to 4 AM
/ 9. Mahabharata
/ 10. Atlantikend

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Kettel: Myam James part 1
Kettel: Myam James part 1
The excellent melodic IDM with acid rhythms - will certainly stay with you.
Kettel: Myam James part 1More Details

1 The Wombat
2 Dolend
3 Kroost Kids
4 Shimamoto
5 Church
6 Ende
7 Palle's Popsong
8 Fishfred
9 Twinkle Twinkle
10 My Dogan (Tranceparents Remix By Phoenecia)
11 Church (Remix By Secede)

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13 & God: Own Your Ghost
13 & God: Own Your Ghost

Six years after the beautifully brittle eponymous debut, the cross-continental musical brotherhood of 13 & God returns with Own Your Ghost. This second album marks a vital shift, from collaborative project to bona fide band, as Oakland art-rap stalwarts Themselves (Adam “Doseone” Drucker and Jeffrey “Jel” Logan, plus Subtle’s Dax Pierson and Jordan Dalrymple) and German pop experimentalists The Notwist (Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann) truly become one.
13 & God: Own Your GhostMore Details

Its Own Sun
Death Major
Armored Scarves
Janu Are
Old Age
Et Tu
Death Minor
Sure As Debt
Beat On Us

Price: $15.00