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Anklebiter: Raintree
Anklebiter: Raintree
Brand new full length album by Anklebiter featuring 11 new tracks of soulful IDM. Includes collaborations with Erode, The OO-Ray, Sheldahl (ML), and Compact Disc packaged in uniquely-designed "paperpocket".

Pre-order: Ships May 29th. All pre-orders will receive a digital download code via email on release day.
Anklebiter: RaintreeMore Details

When Your Ghosts Outnumber Your Living
Clever Drunk
The Lazy Pioneers
Feature Creep
The Best People
Short Pig
Colorado Recursion
Illegal In February

Price: $11.00
Dirk Geiger: Elf Morgen
Dirk Geiger: Elf Morgen
Stunning new album from the one and only Dirk Geiger. Beautiful flowing atmospheres marked carefully by infectious beats and soulful melodies. Dirk's finest hour - recommended. Features a collaboration with Erode and remixes by Tapage and Anklebiter.

Pre-order: Ships May 29th, 2012. All pre-orders include a digital download via email on release date.
Dirk Geiger: Elf MorgenMore Details

Allignment Of Mind
Last Departure Tempelhof
Twin Flame
Slow Forward
Elf Morgen
So What Do You Say
Frozen Lights
Einsam (feat. Erode)
Twin Flame (Tapage remix)
Elf Morgen (Anklebiter remix)

Price: $11.00
Autoclav1.1: Embark On Departure
Autoclav1.1: Embark On Departure
Working from his proven formula of tight-knit beatwork accented by emotional piano movements, Autoclav1.1 continues to push his sound further as he once again challenges the boundaries of genre and style. ‘Embark On Departure‘ is a polished, cohesive, and absorbing hybrid of sounds that engages the mind and pulls at the heart.

Featuring collaborations with Displacer, Leaether Strip, and Alter Der Ruine. Mastered by Angelos Liaros (Mobthrow). Artwork by Stefan Alt.

6-panel digipak compact disc.
Autoclav1.1: Embark On DepartureMore Details

Lights Out
This Could Be You
Recent Conversation
No Running Away From This
Foolishly Sentimental
Three Hours
Today Is The Day
Stop The Clock

Price: $11.00
ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust
ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust
After 3 years of deafening silence, ESA returns with part 1 of a 2-part dual concept release for 2012 titled 'Themes Of Carnal Empowerment'. Taking inspiration from the very meaning of lust and concentrating on the energy and instability that often results, this new collection of 11 rhythmic Industrial stompers promises to be all that ESA fans have been waiting for and more. With jaw dropping artwork centered around the concept of lust...’Themes Of Carnal Empowerment’ is a no-brainer for heavy industrial fans who like their rhythmic noise with a little more substance and depth.

6-panel digipak compact disc.
ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: LustMore Details
ESA: Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1: Lust


Red Passage Overture
With This Cold Kiss I Will Wound
The Plot Sickens
Carved Scars Of Carnality
Black Trip
Themes Of Carnal Empowerment
The Relevant Flesh
This Is Not Love
Loss (Prurient Symphony)

Price: $11.00
Tympanik Audio: Headphone Planet 2012 tshirt
Tympanik Audio: Headphone Planet 2012 tshirt
Headphone planet graphic with roots leading down to the quote "Electronic Music For The Rest Of Us."

Vertical Tympanik Audio logo.

White and blue print on American Apparel unisex black tshirt. Available in sizes S, M, L. Graphic design by Shift.
Tympanik Audio: Headphone Planet 2012 tshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with desired tshirt size after placing your order.

Price: $15.00
Access To Araska: Geometrical Planes 2012 tshirt
Access To Araska: Geometrical Planes 2012 tshirt
Geometrical planes graphic with "ATA" lettering on bottom right.

White with orange accent print on American Apparel unisex dark grey tshirt. Available in sizes S, M, L. Graphic design by Shift.
Access To Araska: Geometrical Planes 2012 tshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with desired tshirt size after placing your order.

Price: $15.00
Known Rebel: Hollow
Known Rebel: Hollow
Charming melodies, graceful fluidity, and an illuminating depth make 'Hollow' a must-have for those who appreciate classy bedroom IDM. Includes remixes by Jaime Irles and Mothboy plus bonus remixes by Roel Funcken (Funckarma), Lucidstatic, 2methylBulbe1ol, and Access To Arasaka.
Known Rebel: HollowMore Details

3-Mechanical Sunset (feat. Andrey G)
4-Herz Aeon
5-Gathering of the Argonauts
8-Helium-3 (Jaime Irles remix)
9-Herz Aeon (Mothboy remix)
10-Smart (Roel Funcken remix)
11-Gathering of the Argonauts (Lucidstatic remix)
12-Helium-3 (2methylBulbe1ol remix)
13-Herz Aeon (Access To Arasaka remix)

Price: $11.00 ... At The End Of It All ... At The End Of It All
Cultivating an alluring tension between the technical and emotional,’s ‘… At The End Of It All’ demonstrates the impressive range and depth of this bright new talent’s artistry. With nods to a variety of music styles, assembles his songs with superb expertise, generating a consistent flow and accessible cohesiveness to the entire album. ... At The End Of It AllMore Details

This Stillness Of Hours
... At The End Of It All
Artificial Intelligence
A Map Of The Human Heart
A Silent Sea
Airport [Never_Land]
Data Transmit
Certain Is The Plague Of Fables
Seven Days Warning
The Stars Falling Cold
As If December Never Happened

Price: $11.00
Access To Arasaka: Geosynchron
Access To Arasaka: Geosynchron
Brand new full length album from Access To Arasaka. In the final chapter of his quasi-trilogy, Access To Arasaka’s ‘Geosynchron’ offers a full conclusion to what began earlier this year with the ‘Orbitus’ and ‘Aleph’ EPs. A collection of sharp and expansive soundscapes.
Access To Arasaka: GeosynchronMore Details

Lysithea (feat. Jamie Blacker)

Price: $11.00
Haujobb: New World March - special edition 2-CD digipak
Haujobb: New World March - special edition 2-CD digipak
The brand new album by Haujobb featuring 12 new songs + a bonus CD of remixes by Xabec, Dryft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Somatic Respones, This Morn’ Omina, Binary Park, Acretongue, Anklebiter, Incite, and more.

Available now on a special edition 6-panel 2-CD digipak release. Now shipping...
Haujobb: New World March - special edition 2-CD digipakMore Details

Disc One - Album:

01. Control
02. Crossfire
03. Let´s Drop Bombs
04. More Than Us
05. Machine Drum
06. Dead Market
07. Lost
08. Soul Reader
09. Little World
10. Membrane
11. New World March
12. Echo

Disc Two - Remixes:

01. Control (Xabec-remix)
02. Crossfire (Dryft-remix)
03. Let´s Drop Bombs (Dupont-remix)
04. More Than Us (Continues-remix)
05. Machine Drum (unknown-remix)
06. Dead Market (Ah Cama-Sotz-remix)
07. Lost (Somatic Responses-remix)
08. Soul Reader (This Morn´ Omina-remix - feat. Rosey)
09. Little World (Binary Park-remix)
10. Membrane (Acretongue-remix)
11. New World March (Anklebiter-remix)
12. Echo (Incite/-remix)

Price: $15.00
Tapage: Overgrown
Tapage: Overgrown
Tapage presents fourteen playful new songs full of intertwining pops, clicks, and glitchy rhythms surrounded by warm bass tones and winding melodies. A serendipitous and unique journey perfect for headphone excursions.
Tapage: OvergrownMore Details

Pink Mist
Mortuary Beef

Price: $11.00
Integral: The Past Is My Shadow - 2CD
Integral: The Past Is My Shadow - 2CD
18 unreleased and newly mastered songs that expertly construct the foundation for what would eventually become the Integral we know and admire today. Available in a limited 2-CD collection.
Integral: The Past Is My Shadow - 2CDMore Details

Disc One:

Als Wären Wir Niemals Gewesen
Pop Realtá
Work With The Mind
No Peace
Synthie Raga
Die Revolution des Verstandes
A Taste Of Your Future

Disc Two:

Asphalt Architechture
CPU Fairytale
And Never Lose Hope
Radio Sehnsucht
The Past Is My Shadow

Price: $14.00
Enduser: Even Weight
Enduser: Even Weight
After years of waiting and expectations, Enduser finally comes back with a new album. This towering artist of the drum'n'bass and breakcore scene comes up here with an extremely important and soulful album in which his hard breaks and beats share the stage with much gentler melodies and atmospheres.
Enduser: Even WeightMore Details

1. A Little While (with Karsten Pflum)
2. Distance
3. Retribution
4. Decision (Late) (with Architect)
5. 7 a.m. Fog (with Bonk)
6. Praise (with O for Odetta)
7. Reciprocal (with Hecq)
8. Climbing Backwards
9. Wrong Turn
10. Iamthesun: Regret (Enduser version)
11. A Trip Down (with Architect)
12. Void (Re-edit)
13. Stop Asking
14. Jarboe & Sweet Meat and Love Cult: Ode To V (Enduser Version)

Price: $13.00
Detritus: Everyday Explanations
Detritus: Everyday Explanations
With "Everyday Explanations", Detritus doesn't only come back from a short-lived retirement but also operates a strong shift toward more home-listening material. Profound enough to lose yourself in and focusing on atmospheres rather than on beats, this album is the one in which Detritus's obsessive care for the details is best put to use and results in the what is surely this artist's most surprising, personal and subtle release to date.
Detritus: Everyday ExplanationsMore Details

1. Scattered
2. Reality Steps
3. Divides
4. Mimesis
5. Before & After
6. Orchid
7. It's Nice To See The Sky
8. Flashbulb Moment
9. Valid
10. Day
11. Divides (remix by Subheim)

Price: $13.00
Igorrr: Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 2CD
Igorrr: Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 2CD
While we wait for Igorrr to bring a sequel to his remarkable and praised "Nostril" album, here comes a extensive (and budget priced) re-release of his first two albums, originally self-released.
Igorrr: Poisson Soluble / Moisissure 2CDMore Details

CD 1 "Poisson Soluble"
1. Petit Prélude Périmé
2. Mastication Numérique
3. Tartine De Contrebasse
4. Pizza Aux Narines
5. Dixit Dominus
6. Sueur de Caniche
7. Dieu Est-Il Un Etre?
8. Sorbet Aux Ongles
9. Grodji (with Indian Sonic)
10. Ganapati (with Indian Sonic)
11. Remix Bleed
12. Valse En Décomposition (Raoul Sinier Recomposition)
13. Melting Nails (Rotator remix)

CD 2 "Moisissure"
14. Valse En Décomposition
15. Oesophage De Tourterelle
16. Putrefiunt
17. Extro
18. Liquid Requiem
19. Brutal Swing
20. Phasme Obèse
21 Huile Molle
22. Croute
23. Moelleux
24. Moisissure
25. Squelette Réversible

Price: $15.00
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Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4
At long last, volume 4 of our critically-acclaimed compilation series is here feat. new and exclusive tracks by: Hecq, Bola, Architect, Anklebiter, Diaphane, Northcape, Access To Arasaka,, Frank Riggio, Flaque, C.H. District, Mobthrow, To Travel Without Any Certain Destination, SE, Displacer, Port-Royal, Stendeck, Matta, Dryft, Kilowatts, Ocoeur, Tapage, Nebulo, Keef Baker, Logical Disorder, Miroslav, Boy Is Fiction, Subheim, and Erode.

Now shipping!
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms vol. 4More Details

Disc One:

1. Hecq: Ritual Study
2. Architect: Episode 7 (Tympanik edit)
3. Access To Arasaka: Razorgirl
4. Diaphane: Insight
5. Frank Riggio: Tryk Alimba
6. To Travel Without Any Certain Destination: Night After The Carnival (Libido Formandi remix)
7. Displacer: Outland
8. C.H. District: Con-trust (DJ Sajko remix)
9. Stendeck: The Secret Behind The Third Door
10. Dryft: Clustr2
11. Nebulo: Abslog
12. Ocoeur: Ephemeral Beauty
13. Boy Is Fiction: Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)
14. Logical Disorder: After The Battle
15. Erode: Disengage

Disc Two:

1. Subheim: Mir50
2. Miroslav: Terminal
3. Keef Baker: Cranesong
4. Tapage: Last
5. Kilowatts: Transmogrifier
6. Matta: Be There
7. Port-Royal: Spider Toupet
8. SE: 0459
9. Mobthrow: Birds Fly High
10. Flaque: Meridian
11. Snowday
12. Northcape: 1am Transition
13. Anklebiter: Rearview
14. Bola: Szeaafar (live)

Price: $15.00
r.roo: Broken Time
r.roo: Broken Time
r.roo is a young artist from the Ukraine. With "Broken Time", he presents us an incredibly adult and varied IDM album. Playful melodies, combined with intelligent beats and effects are making, "Broken Times" to an album that is never boring. 16 wonderful tracks are on the CD. Includes two remixes of the artists Tapage and Roots cloud.
r.roo: Broken TimeMore Details

01. intr.roo
02. drain myself
03. a broken clock
04. he swallowed rays of the sun
05. her movie
06. my rue
07. sagte er, es war, als sollte die scham ihn uberleben.
08. laugh in her broken eyes
09. b-movie (instrumental)
10. my bridge is too small
11. I think, therefore I am
12. fireflies
13. laugh in her broken eyes (Tapage remix)
14. we play the search. you understand me
15. her movie (Cloud Roots remix)
16. outr.roo

Price: $16.00
Brazda Lui Novac: Dizzy
Brazda Lui Novac: Dizzy
New on Raumklang Music. This Romanian artist offers up a new album of IDM meets old-school electro. Includes a remix of Subheim and a remix by Access To Arasaka.
Brazda Lui Novac: DizzyMore Details

01. EDM
02. Red Pill
03. Algo
04. Sät
05. Blue
06. Move
07. Speed
08. Beats
09. Machine
10. Shift
12. Outro
13. Subheim - Streets (Brazda Lui Nova Remix)
14. Sat (Access To Arasaka Remix)

Price: $16.00
Melorman: After Noon
Melorman: After Noon
Melorman's follow-up to 2009's phenomenal full-length "Out In A Field" (Symbolic Interaction) and his first release on Sun Sea Sky Productions. Get ready for yet another completely sublime listening experience from Greece's Antonis Haniotakis.
Melorman: After NoonMore Details
1. Dorieus
2. Celia
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Forget
5. One
6. Saturday Morning
7. Under A Shelter
8. Two And A Nine
9. Inside Your Dream

Price: $10.00
Hecq: Avenger
Hecq: Avenger
New Hecq album! ten tracks of luminance and tension executed with the aid of sharp-cut sound splinters, enchanting chord themes and potent sub bass pulses expedited by ramming mind-bending drum beat blows and additionally charged with five remixes by septic insurgent, trifonic, architect, anxst and deadfader.
Hecq: AvengerMore Details
bête noire
elliott calls (interim)
with angels
lynn and nicolas call (interim)
suture (with matta)
bane (septic insurgent remix)
with angels (trifonic remix)
bane (architect remix)
nihilum (anxst remix)
bête noire (deadfader remix)

Price: $15.00
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Dalot: Minutestatic
Dalot: Minutestatic
n5MD is proud to present the sophomore album from sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki's electro-acoustic project Dalot. In "Minutestatic" Dalot has made an album that is personal and reflective while remaining personally accessible and compelling to the listener. In such is a journey that seems to reveal a cascade of emotions.
Dalot: MinutestaticMore Details

cause & effect
missing pieces
the blue car
breathe your soul in and say goodbye (for him)
a letter
in silence
the empty desk

Price: $11.00
13 & God: Own Your Ghost
13 & God: Own Your Ghost

Six years after the beautifully brittle eponymous debut, the cross-continental musical brotherhood of 13 & God returns with Own Your Ghost. This second album marks a vital shift, from collaborative project to bona fide band, as Oakland art-rap stalwarts Themselves (Adam “Doseone” Drucker and Jeffrey “Jel” Logan, plus Subtle’s Dax Pierson and Jordan Dalrymple) and German pop experimentalists The Notwist (Markus and Micha Acher, Martin Gretschmann) truly become one.
13 & God: Own Your GhostMore Details

Its Own Sun
Death Major
Armored Scarves
Janu Are
Old Age
Et Tu
Death Minor
Sure As Debt
Beat On Us

Price: $15.00
Hecq: Avenger - special edition CD boxset
Hecq: Avenger - special edition CD boxset
Special edition boxset of Hecq's new album 'Avenger' - limited edition including a heavy duty wrestling mask with embroidered patch, sticker, button and separate patch. cd-packaging: 6panel dvd-sized digipak. Limited quantities so don't wait!
Hecq: Avenger - special edition CD boxsetMore Details
bête noire
elliott calls (interim)
with angels
lynn and nicolas call (interim)
suture (with matta)
bane (septic insurgent remix)
with angels (trifonic remix)
bane (architect remix)
nihilum (anxst remix)
bête noire (deadfader remix)

Price: $37.00
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Lingouf: Doeme
Lingouf: Doeme
inspired by venetian snares' breakcore/classical crossover 'rossz
csillag alatt született' and french hardcore & dark ambient artist hybrid's project 'requiem ex machina', lingouf's ambition for this
release was to combine electronics with the sound of orchestral
Lingouf: DoemeMore Details
01 jacento cent23
02 rovo dot oftog
03 dormek
04 oepema
05 osmei
06 pierroopoflonspaà so'çapem
07 toap-sirop
08 shroez
09 wiaoz
10 doème

Price: $15.00
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Synapscape: Traits
Synapscape: Traits
New album from Synapscape - the album takes the listener into a varied world of rhythmic textures ranging from the complex to straight energetic beat blasts accompanied by a multitude of synth treatments.
Synapscape: TraitsMore Details
01 host
02 fate decoders on your head
03 first came the floods
04 slowdive
05 downfall
06 deerstalker
07 authority's my son
08 conditio sine qua non
09 commute
10 revolving horse
11 berlin
12 snapcase
13 hiller
14 rise

Price: $15.00
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Mc1r: Teutonical Visions
Mc1r: Teutonical Visions
'teutonical vision' is his' seventh album, first-time self-released. complex
rhythms, dense soundscapes, diversified sequences and distorted sound bits merge into an exciting unique technoid industrial hybrid. the cd
contains 17 tracks plus two of mc1r's remix works for lpf 12 and

Mc1r: Teutonical VisionsMore Details

1 Sender Field
2 For You
3 Teutonical Visions
4 Awakening
5 Feminacy
6 Fever Dreams Obsession
7 Beloved Friend (Freddy)
8 They Are Here
9 Atmospheric Tides
10 Undergo
11 Sensibility
12 Deployment
13 Man Proposes, God Disposes
14 Pattern Recognition
15 Pharmakon
16 Foreboding
17 Dark Secrets
19 Inhibition Level (LPF 12: Compunction Remix By MC1R)

Price: $16.00
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Various Artists: Schlagstrom! Vol. 6
Various Artists: Schlagstrom! Vol. 6
New Schlagstrom! festival compilation feat. Heimstatt Yipotash, Mandelbrot, Mono-Amine, 100Blumen, Monolith, Asche, and more.
Various Artists: Schlagstrom! Vol. 6More Details
1 Red Sniper: The Industrial Tower
2 Asche: Pandora Penetration (v1)
3 Capsular: Disappointed At All
4 Morbus M: Blind Bend
5 Solar Skeletons: Citizen File 642
6 Sandblasting: Dread Breathless Remix
7 Kirdec: Je Ne Volerai Plus La Nature (Abū Al-Alā Al-Maarī - Extrait)
8 Tardive Dyskinesia: Babylon
9 Monolith: Snake
10 13th Monkey: Kryophaze Mas
11 100Blumen: The Dirt
12 Objekt/Urian: Distress
13 Mono-Amine: Mantracore (Schlagstrommix)
14 Heimstatt Yipotash: Autofocus (Complete Wake)
15 Faust: Crash
16 Anemone Tube: Dream Landscape
17 Mandelbrot: Rotheim

Price: $15.00
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Raoul Sinier: Guilty Cloaks
Raoul Sinier: Guilty Cloaks
Raoul Sinier's fifth full length album sees this musician surprise us again, and tap on his experience to offer an album in which tracks have become songs, tricky arrangements leave room for melodies, and, most of all, vocals are brought to the front stage. A seductive work, "Guilty Cloaks" stays deeply rooter in this artist's twisted and falsely naïve imagery, but approaches its listener in a much more humane and communicative way, mixing electronic composition with subtle song-writing, maturity and excitement.
Raoul Sinier: Guilty CloaksMore Details

1. Overture 5
2. She Is A Lord
3. Green Lights
4. Over The Table
5. Too Late
6. Flat Streets
7. Winter Days
8. Summer Days
9. The Enlightened Man
10. Walk

Price: $13.00
CompUterus: CompUterus
CompUterus: CompUterus
Old-school Electro/Industrial/Noise - new from Bugs Crawling Out Of People.
CompUterus: CompUterusMore Details

1 Grid
2 Progress Is A Train
3 Firebird
4 Out Of My Way
5 7 Souls
6 Creep
7 Comes From Outer Space
8 Trans Form
9 Holy Hell
10 Cellar
11 To Pieces

Price: $10.00
Ex_Tension: Desert
Ex_Tension: Desert
Tympanik Audio and Ex_Tension invite you to revisit the ‘Desert‘ EP, fully remastered including 2 unreleased bonus tracks and a stunning remix collaboration of the original “Desert” track by Access To Arasaka, Totakeke, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Geomatic, and Sonic Area.
Ex_Tension: DesertMore Details

01. Desert (31.51)
02. Journey (6.08)
03. Aura (7.21)
04. Tension 6 (4.46)
05. Desert (according to…) (23.02)

Access To Arasaka (0.00)
Totakeke (5.22)
Zentriert Ins Antlitz (8.28)
Geomatic (14.13)
Sonic Area (17.37)

Price: $10.00
Normotone: Inward Structures
Normotone: Inward Structures
A collaborative effort among well-renowned artists including KL (Stigma, Neon Cage Experiment, KL), Neon Rain, One Droid And Its Man, Punish Yourself, Polygon, and more, results in a polymorphic effect of sorts. Many styles represented here all rolled up into one unique and gripping collection of sounds.
Normotone: Inward StructuresMore Details

Some Few Words
Defections (Clouds Over Tallinn)
Confessions Of A Daydreamer
Isolation Is My Achievement
The Unutterable Beauty
These Hearts
Milky Skin In A Yellow Fuzzy Light
Frozen Leaves
Forms And Functions
Black Horses Of Destruction
Milky Skin In A Yellow Fuzzy Light (remix by Polygon)
The Unutterable And A Half (remix by One Droid And Its Man)

Price: $10.00
Erode: Horizon - CD digipak
Erode: Horizon - CD digipak
Excellent side-project debut from Alexander Dietz of Heaven Shall Burn. With massive washes of ambiance as a backdrop, Erode injects immense, complex beatwork and memorable, seizing melodies into every orifice of ‘Horizon‘.

4-panel digipak with 8-page booklet.

Erode: Horizon - CD digipakMore Details

Horizon (Kadrage rmx)
Brutal Romance (Erode rmx)

Price: $12.00
Haujobb: Dead Market
Haujobb: Dead Market
The legendary Haujobb returns. ‘Dead Market‘ features 2 new tracks by Haujobb plus outstanding remixes by The Horrorist, Exes, Nomenklatür, Paul Kendall (Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode producer), and Absolute Body Control.

Now shipping...

Haujobb: Dead Market More Details

1 Dead Market
2 Dead Market [Extended Remix]
3 Dead Market [The Horrorist - Remix]
4 Dead Market [Exes - Remix]
5 Letting The Demons Sleep [Nightmare]
6 Dead Market [Nomenklatür - Remix]
7 Dead Market [Absolute Body Control - Remix]
8 Dead Market [Engineer's Dub]

Price: $8.00
Wormskull: Sound of Hell
Wormskull: Sound of Hell
Very real and very disturbing indeed, Wormskull first stands for its line-up: Ad Noiseam-regular multi-instrumentalist Jason Kohnen (of Bong-Ra and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble fame), Mike Redman (known for his jungle and breakcore releases as Deformer) and the insanely busy Balazs Pandi (a regular collaborator of Merzbow, Venetian Snares and Otto Von Schirach).
Wormskull: Sound of HellMore Details

1. Intro
2 . Wormskull
3. Deadlocks
4. Nosebleed
5. Woody Strode
6. Ori Ede
7. Stereokillah
8. Deformer Style
9. Do it!
10. Downer
11. Corpsefucker

Price: $13.00
Chrysalide: Dont Be Scared, Its About Life
Chrysalide: Dont Be Scared, Its About Life
Three years after LOST IN A LOST WORLD, The french cyberpunks CHRYSALIDE, switch on the defibrillator once again and spill their guts out with a futuristic, urban, aggressive, raw and deliberately disturbing album: DON'T BE SCARED, IT'S ABOUT LIFE. Brace yourself for a flood of digicore noise, moshbass, industrial hip hop, hardcore vocals and offensive surrealistic ambiances.
Chrysalide: Dont Be Scared, Its About Life More Details

1 Who's Still Alive
2 Traders Must Die
3 Cybernetic Babies
4 I Do Not Divert Eyes
5 Anger Is A Show
6 Fucking Doubt
7 Let The Bombs Fall
8 Let's Talk About This During Dinner
9 Lizzie And The Charming Prince
10 Not My World
11 Give Me Something Stronger
12 The Last Candle
13 Gemini
14 They Won't Get Us (HEart Is My Resistance)
15 2010
16 LoveTape
17 Rest In Silence My Friend

Price: $16.00
DNN: When Things Stop To Move
DNN: When Things Stop To Move
Brand new album from DNN (1/2 Atmogat) including remixes by Bitcrush, Huron, and SE.
DNN: When Things Stop To MoveMore Details

things which stay
blue smoke
a silent close (feat. Laska)
i will never forget your smile
fading memories
the very thought
with each step
where are you know
when things stop to move
a silent close (bitcrush remix)
the very thought (huron remix)
blue smoke (se remix)

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Proyecto Mirage: Slaves of Capital
Proyecto Mirage: Slaves of Capital
This Spanish duo deliver an excellent album with extremely explosive techno-industrial, complemented with classic ebm, hardcore techno, 80's electropop and contemporary electronica components.
Proyecto Mirage: Slaves of CapitalMore Details
01 espacio en blanco
02 the blade of god
03 lithium
04 extinction to evolve
05 flexitrack
06 low tech droid
07 so2
08 nodo 1
09 nicht
10 mind gear
11 interlock

Price: $15.00
This Morn Omina: Lunification des Forces Opposantes - 2CD
This Morn Omina: Lunification des Forces Opposantes - 2CD
Brand new album for the one and only This 'Morn Omina on 2 CDs!
This Morn Omina: Lunification des Forces Opposantes - 2CDMore Details
tracklist cd1:
1. tanasukh
2. enuma elish
3. nevi'im (god's zoo)
4. (the) rûach (of god)
5. naphal
6. oahspe
7. trimurti/trefoil

tracklist cd2:
1. allasone
2. iboga
3. (the) sixth order
4. shiin
5. nigunnum
6. tawhid

Price: $17.00
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Architect: Upload Select Remix
Architect: Upload Select Remix
Excellent remix companion to 'Consume Adapt Create' feat. Stendeck, Subheim, Enduser, Keef Baker, Hecq, and many more.
Architect: Upload Select RemixMore Details

fast lane (stendeck remix)
for you (brazda lui novac remix)
pure (andré winter remix)
attack ships on fire (subheim remix)
the beauty and the beat (hecq remix)
for you (for a space remix)
pure (re-drum remix)
attack ships on fire (keef baker remix)
the beauty and the beat (end.user remix)
i lost my 808 (vndl remix)
pure (repair remix)
the shadow of eve (david partido remix)
the bitch is back (dsx remix)
wachsmuth (comaduster remix)

Price: $15.00
Anklebiter: Queue
Anklebiter: Queue
‘Queue‘ gathers some of the most prolific talents in the electronic music scene for a release event that is truly epic. With renditions by such artists as Access To Arasaka, Keef Baker, Jatun, SubtractiveLAD, Irulan, Boy Is Fiction, Dryft, Dirk Geiger, and Lights Out Asia, ‘Queue‘ proves to be an essential companion to its predecessor.
Anklebiter: Queue More Details

Access To Arasaka: University
Keef Baker: Frigid
Jatun: Absolution Is A Plushtoy
Ankelbiter: By Design
SubtractiveLAD: Frigid
Anklebiter: OTT
Irulan: Accessible
Boy Is Fiction: I Will Wait
Dirk Geiger: I Will Wait
Dryft: One Three Two
Lights Out Asia: Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow

Price: $10.00
Displacer: Night Gallery
Displacer: Night Gallery
One of Tympanik Audio’s most beloved artist returns with his first full-length album in five years. A mosaic of Displacer’s unique and vast repartee of styles, ‘Night Gallery‘ may possibly be his most mature and focused album to date.
Displacer: Night Gallery More Details

Phantom Limb
Ghost Planet
In Limbo
Foggy Memory
Ice Cold

Price: $10.00
Winterlight: Hope Dies Last
Winterlight: Hope Dies Last
Tim Ingham's brand of electronically shadowed shoegaze lays somewhere between the chime-y ethereal pop of Ulrich Schnauss and wide screen ambient of label-mates port-royal all done with some of the best delay and reverb adorned guitar work since Slowdive's shoegazer classic "Souvlaki".
Winterlight: Hope Dies LastMore Details

a sky full of clouds
between joy
your wings make you fly
awake and sleeping
suddenly something good
line of flight
of all things
i still hope

Price: $11.00
Stendeck: Scintilla
Stendeck: Scintilla
Brand new album from Stendeck! An energetic spark of creativity full of passion, life, and hope. The creation of a fantastic blaze of emotion, alluring and serendipitous; a spark that creates an everlasting fire.

Now shipping.

Stendeck: Scintilla More Details

1 hold my hand high in the sky ready for the deep dive
2 feel the flames burning inside me
3 catch the midnight girl
4 tired figures wave goodbye in the backdrop of a sinking boat
5 tight around her throat she slips away
6 like snowflakes on my fingers
7 run amok (against time rebels)
8 swimmers in a sleepless hour
9 voiceless wishes flicker in the shattered mist
10 six-door bedroom
11 that foolish fascination of a ghost light collector
12 why did we get so far?
13 learning how to walk through walls
14 last night an angel fell on a motorway
15 thieves of watercolour memories
16 the silence after this
17 crimson clouds cascade

Price: $11.00
Dreissk: The Finding
Dreissk: The Finding
Hidden somewhere stylistically between the ambient via bombast juxtaposition of late 90s post-industrial pioneers Gridlock and n5MD's “emotional experiments” archetype, SubtractiveLAD, "the finding" has that perfect balance of ambience, grinding rhythms and interwoven guitar work that creates a sub-aquatic blend of Ambient, IDM and Shoegaze.
Dreissk: The FindingMore Details

to that which binds me
unknown discontent
persisting memory
not enough
floating to drown

Price: $11.00
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Asche: Stonebrain EP
Asche: Stonebrain EP
To celebrate asche's correspondent u.s. tour, ant-zen and industry 8 present stonebrain - five new and unreleased tracks by the german industrial mastermind plus amendatory remixes by theologian, hydrone, nin kuji and iszoloscope.

Arigato-style packaging including 2 buttons (Asche/Ant-Zen) and 2 stickers (Asche/Ant-Zen). Hand-numbered edition of 500. Artwar and layout by Salt.

Asche: Stonebrain EPMore Details
Track Listing:

01. confusion (version)
02. last words (version)
03. home crisis
04. steam room (count suckers reprise) (version)
05. queer angel (version)
06. distorted doom (rmx by theologian)
07. last words (rmx by hydrone)
08. queer angel (rmx by nin kuji)
09. dogday sunrise (rmx by iszoloscope)

Price: $11.00
Structural Fault: Intro/version
Structural Fault: Intro/version
Melodramatic rhythmic Industrial with melodic atmospheres. Similar in style to Stendeck.
Structural Fault: Intro/versionMore Details

1. Earth Without Humans
2. Evi
3. Exit Of Emergency
4. Love In Cryogenic State
5. Rain On Steel
6. Stranger On A Planet
7. Strayed
8. The Last Sedation
9. The Weeping Nocturne Of Harbor Streets
10. Wandering Ghost
11. Within My Blood
12. Collapse

Price: $14.00
Tabor Radosti: Agartta
Tabor Radosti: Agartta
Dark ambient meets shamanic rhythms with unearthly vocals and orchestral hypnotic loops. Feat. remixes by Kenji Siratori and Ah Cama-Sotz. Nice metal box with sticker.
Tabor Radosti: AgarttaMore Details

1 Divinorum
2 Synchronicita
3 Tenze
4 Catastrophobia
5 Limbo
6 Agartta
7 Integrita
8 Fohat
9 Veles (Gebrechlichkeit Motiv)
10 Andropoid (Kenji Siratori)
11 Catastrophobia (Ah Cama-Sotz Ritual Mix)
12 TR 1995 (1984 Motiv)

Price: $14.00
Ahnst Anders: Home
Ahnst Anders: Home
Most tracks on this album are built around varied grooves from dubstep to mesmerizing tribal textures to create astonishing ambiences and cinematic soundscapes with a deeply human feel. 'Home' proves to be a very enduring record, on which ahnst anders shows some clear signs of his visionary talent.
Ahnst Anders: HomeMore Details

1. intro
2. after dark
3. hate & love
4. nobody home
5. dark sun
6. hope & homeless
7. homerun
8. walking home
9. home

Price: $15.00
Mobthrow: Mobthrow
Mobthrow: Mobthrow
Mobthrow's debut album is a larger-than-life experience, an elaborate and detailled ensemble of scalding beats and encompassing atmospheres, of massive basses and flowing voices. This artist offers us a very cohesive entity ranging from dancefloor-compatible drum'n'bass to introspective home-listening songs, the whole thing stuck together by his consistent work on rhythms and tones.
Mobthrow: MobthrowMore Details
Tracklisting: 1.Be water
4. Angel eyes
5. Night riders
6. Bulb engine
7. Desert city rising
8. The 3 marks (ft.Katja)
9. Iron tribal
10. Street breakz
11. Alone in the ruins

Price: $13.00
Karsten Pflum: No Noia My Love
Karsten Pflum: No Noia My Love
'No Noia My Love' offers a multitude of twisted yet melodic tracks with an epic quality, exploring the borderlands between repetition and rhythmic intricacy. Through his incredibly distinct programming, alluring ambience and low frequency treatment he brings the minimal compositions to higher grounds, balancing between machine-generated tightness and organic plasticity.
Karsten Pflum: No Noia My LoveMore Details

the hand
lov dog
dansk notebook center
capstone switch
drum ppl
imun card
nud mining
no noia my love

Price: $15.00
Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1-Transistor: Zorans Equation
Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1-Transistor: Zorans Equation
The album reveals a subtle balance between industrial-noise, experimental music and cinematic dark electronica to evoke imaginary places and icy atmospheres. Zoran’s Equation is based mostly on Transistor mesmerizing soundscapes combined with Flint Glass’s rhythmic constructions, dark atmospheres and background noises, thus creating a totally astonishing musical work. Released on Funkwelten.
Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1-Transistor: Zorans EquationMore Details
Track listing:
01 Mange-machine
02 Immortals
03 Which does not exist, exists
04 The Ice people
05 Gondwana
06 Isolation
07 Aurore australe
08 Frozen Bodies
09 Lost souls
10 Sleeping beauty

Price: $16.00
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 7
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 7
New festival compilation feat. tracks by Ahnst Anders, Dive, Ex_Tension, Igorrr, Le Moderniste, Syntech, Transistor feat. Flint Glass, Tzolk'in, and many more...
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 7More Details

1. Ahnst Anders: Overhead
2. Bad Sector: Night Scan
3. Cent Ans De Solitude: Des Visage Set Des Ruines
4. Dive: Blindness (Live)
5. Ex_Tension: 2nd Department
6. Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim: Totehürchel
7. Gjöll: End Of History
8. IC 434: The Dark Half (Remix)
9. Igorrr: Excessive Funeral
10. Le Moderniste: Modus Operandi
11. Mezire: Pandemic
12. Näo: Uusi (LB Version)
13. Nullgrad: Blindspot
14. Republik Of Screens: Cathodic Church
15. SaturmZlide: El Door Rado
16. Syntech: Voltage Boost (EA Edit)
17. Transistor Feat. Flint Glass: Mange-Machine
18. Tzolk'in: Xipetotec (EA12 Edit)

Price: $16.00
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Slew52: Catalog - 2CD
Slew52: Catalog - 2CD
This album is maybe the most antithetic release hymen records ever made, showing two apparently different sides of an artist - nevertheless the difference lies in the eyes of the beholder, and slew52 demonstrates to you in his own way, that the way he sees it, there is actually no difference at all - it's only two perspectives, yielding in one catalog.
Slew52: Catalog - 2CDMore Details
tracklist cd1:

bedintruder (wonky touch by slew52)
new glands
fake french rap (with goodiepal)
donna summer - rockrockrock (slew52 edit)
dustdive - kratzen (cklub ckaos rethink by slew52)

tracklist cd2:

outro or don't you dare to remember

Price: $16.00
100blumen: Surveillance
100blumen: Surveillance
Stylistic boundaries are non-existent: ambient, technoid industrial, punk and breakbeat add up to an explosive bouquet - play loud!
100blumen: SurveillanceMore Details

1. la fin absolue du monde
2. the hurt
3. we're not your friends
4. dig that shizzel
5. who needs borders
6. unleashed surveillance
7. something went wrong
8. who knows better times
9. good bye dying world

Price: $15.00
Semiomime: From Memory
Semiomime: From Memory
Detailled, deep, pristine: the adjectives often used to describes Noel Wessels's output as DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency are even more accurate for the long-awaited first album by his new Semiomime project. A highly evocative and changing soundtrack to a yet-to-be-written movie, “From Memory” is a tour de force in emotional, multi-instrumental music writing and production.
Semiomime: From MemoryMore Details
Tracklisting:Part 1:
1. Unveiled
2. The Entrance
Part 2:
3. Stalactite
4. Theorem
5. Gnosis
6. Passage
7. Eidolon
8. Transistor
9. Moon
10. Parade
11. Remembering
12. Pan's Alcove
Part 3:
13. The Mole Children
14. Hendershot
15. Proceeder
16. The Exquisites
17. Later Days

Price: $13.00
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Flint Glass and Arx Kaeli: Circumbaikal 7 inch
Flint Glass and Arx Kaeli: Circumbaikal 7 inch
This 4 title-split-vinyl offers an original track by each artist, and a remix of this track by the other.

Split 7” white vinyl packaged in unique and original white leather sleeve.
Limited collector edition, 197 copies.
Flint Glass and Arx Kaeli: Circumbaikal 7 inchMore Details

A1 Flint Glass: Circumbaikal
A2 Flint Glass: Kultuk
B1 Arx Kaeli: К-Б-Ж-Д
B2 Arx Kaeli: Marituy

Price: $14.00
Twenty Knives: The Royal We
Twenty Knives: The Royal We
Twenty Knives is the electronic glamrock of the century, absorbing the madness of aphex twin on lsd with ziggy stardust singing the royal theme of a velvet goldmine.
Twenty Knives: The Royal WeMore Details

landing sequence
royal, inc.
eyeball shoes / petting zoo
royal road
funeral fires
square brain
cump land
royal computorium
the royal hall
the royal we

Price: $15.00
The Teknoist: Trainwreck Magnetism
The Teknoist: Trainwreck Magnetism
The Teknoist is back, and he has a posse. "Trainwreck Magnetism" not only gathers the newest composition by one of the rare musicians who can combine the words "breakcore" and "pristine", but also his remixes for high profile friends such as Drumcorps, King Cannibal, Hecq and others. I
The Teknoist: Trainwreck MagnetismMore Details
Tracklisting: 1. Mu-Ziq: Siege Of Antioch (The Teknoist's I've Got 2 i's in my name remix)
2. Dead Unicorn
3. King Cannibal: Aragami Style (The Teknoist's Boygrinder Bazooka remix)
4. Hecq & Exillon: Spheres Of Fury (The Teknoist's Dreilide Thrace redux)
5. Tears And Fruit Cocktail
6. Prototype For a Ninja Nekromaniak (with Homeboy)
7. Danimal (with Machine Boi)
8. Septic Insurgent: Box Of Dreams (The Teknoist's Box Of Nightmares Labotomy)
9. Drumcorps: Down & Rodigan vs Alien (The Teknoist Reckons Rodigans gonna go Down meddly)
10. Kitsunegari
11. My Sugar Ape (Moses Like This One)
12. AK-Industry: Nekrologik Antham (The Teknoist's Gawdziwwa remix)

Price: $13.00
Millipede: Powerless
Millipede: Powerless
for the realization of this opus don received creative support on each track. brett smith (caul), brian grover (khadag blue), candle nine, access to arasaka, james church (lucidstatic), steve hall (veil of
secrecy), tony young (autoclav1.1), jan carleklev (parca pace / sanctum), and tapage loaned their considerable talents to help tell the story of the vigil don kept as his family and sons struggled to find
meaning in the midst of sadness and uncertainty.
Millipede: PowerlessMore Details

gathering clouds (w/ caul)
synovial damage (w/ brian grover)
darkest night (w/ access to arasaka & candle nine)
no place to stand (w/ lucidstatic)
while he sleeps (w/ veil of secrecy)
powerless (w/ autoclav1.1)
surrender (w/ parca pace)
above all, grace (w/ tapage)

Price: $15.00
Near The Parenthesis: Japanese For Beginners
Near The Parenthesis: Japanese For Beginners
Not far behind on the contemplative artfulness of 2010's “Music For the Forest Concourse” this new album finds Tim Arndt adding more texturally experimental treatments to his signature mix of melodic IDM and Modern Classical.
Near The Parenthesis: Japanese For BeginnersMore Details

soft warmly straw raincoat
voice and radio bureau
the rose and burial
your subconscious condition
the first surface
in regard to water
the listening surround
colors live remarkable
country of true wonder

Price: $11.00
Poordream: Living Now (ltd box)
Poordream: Living Now (ltd box)
Poordream's new album is a live recording of his performance at Votanikos Kipos in Petroupolis - Athens (19-06-2010). The result is a cohesive journey which borrows aesthetic elements from both IDM and experimental electronic music as well as melodic electronica and acoustic music, with a presence of field recording and perplex soundscapes.
Poordream: Living Now (ltd box)More Details

01. Is this last stop?
02. One of those days (poordream remix)
03. Everything is good part 2 (poordream remix)
04. Immense present (feat. Costantenus)
05. Web theme
06. Rip da kanoun
07. Immaterial monarch (grandma version)
08. Short circuit in my brain
09. Immaterial monarch
10. Army factory

Price: $15.00
Philipp Munch: Into The Absurd
Philipp Munch: Into The Absurd
pulsing drones, dark ambient soundscapes, analog style drum machines, hard dark synth lines and monotonous bass loops distorted to the point where it borders on harsh noise. these sounds merge together with treated voices and samples. occasional distortion gives the music a rough edge, but elements of beauty are also expressed within the landscape philipp paints.
Philipp Munch: Into The AbsurdMore Details
01 the anachronist
02 sinister romance
03 duotone
04 grindermen
05 relentless soul
06 into the absurd
07 bloody head
08 dragging me down
09 thermal devastation
10 roses, red and black
11 here are the wreckers
12 itching on wounded skin

Price: $15.00
SubtractiveLAD: Kindred
SubtractiveLAD: Kindred
Now 7 albums in, Stephen Hummel has decided to push his SubtractiveLAD project into seemingly uncharted territory. “Kindred” could very well be the album that Hummel was born to create. An amalgam of the new and the old with a no apologies level of honesty and emotion.
SubtractiveLAD: KindredMore Details

the available light
hesperus is phosphorus
what you see
hello, goodbye

Price: $11.00
Empusae & Shinkiro: Organic Aural Ornaments
Empusae & Shinkiro: Organic Aural Ornaments
organic.aural.ornaments is based mostly on track-sources from manabu supplemented by sal-ocin. both artists' aural characteristics merge perfectly: shinkiro's cinematic dark soundscapes with a meditative touch blend with empusae's haunting ritualistic ambience and enthralling melodies. varied rhythmic structures ranging from tribal to minimalistic sequences loom out of the vast, lamenting synth sounds - a kaleidoscope of ethereal atmospheres, both enthralling and enchanting.
Empusae & Shinkiro: Organic Aural OrnamentsMore Details
1. first ornament
2. second ornament
3. third ornament
4. fourth ornament
5. fifth ornament
6. sixth ornament

Price: $15.00
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Port-Royal: 2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism
Port-Royal: 2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism
A career spanning double album. “2000-2010: The Golden Age Of Consumerism” collects all of the band's rarities, compilation appearances and remixes in one unabbreviated package containing close to 3 hours of music .
Port-Royal: 2000-2010: The Golden Age Of ConsumerismMore Details

regine olsen
roliga timmen [2003 version]
the beat of the tiger
song of megaptera [port-royal vs selaxon lutberg]
eva green
ernst bloch
agent 008 codename littlehorses (aka the lazybones)
electric tears (nothing's gonna change)
günther anders [extended version]
hans kelsen
ak kids – shree bang special
felix da housecat – we all wanna be prince
cruiser – you+me+ever
dag för dag – hands and knees
blown paper bags – e-ink p-ride
ladytron – tomorrow
tre allegri ragazzi morti – la faccia della luna
d_rradio – long way home
millimetrik – les protagonistes du rien
illuminated faces – damage
felix – back in style
jatun – blanket of ash
absent without leave – blind
il cielo di bagdad – l’ultimo gesto
televise – if i told you
dag för dag – i am the assassin
bitcrush – of embers
inlandsis – fréquentations

Price: $13.00
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto vol. 4
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto vol. 4
New compilation from M-tronic feat. Stendeck, Normotone, Ab Ovo, Flint Glass, Ex_Tension, Geomatic, and many more. 16 tracks total.
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto vol. 4More Details
+ tracklisting :
01- TAT feat. Cypher & Pagan - la fin de temps
02- Stendeck - it ended as it started
03- Laag - tower of humans
04- Normotone - when I was old (feat HIV+)
05- Ab Ovo - keystone
06- Flint Glass - death ritual
07- Philippe Petit & Lydia lunch - requiescat in the dark
08- Club Amour - science fiction
09- Umilenie - tempus fugit
10- Communter - analog death
11- Veronika Nikolic - my world (Ruben Montesco remix)
12- Alexey Volkov - levitan
13- Ex_Tension - the call of elara (remix from the orginal version of 9 Elma)
14- Geomatic - the skin (feat Ed Randazzo)
15- R3MUTE - less than zero (feat HIV+, Normontone version)
16- PEDRO PENAS ROBLES & LAURENT MALTINTI - vaya con dios (Normotone edit version)

Price: $15.00
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Blackhouse: 25 Years Anniversary + Hope...
Blackhouse: 25 Years Anniversary + Hope...
In order to celebrate the 25th birthday of the legendary american experimental-industrial project Blackhouse, M-tronic presents a double CD including the re-release of the long deleted album "Hope..." and a full new 25 years CD including unreleased tracks, speaches by Brian Ladd himself, collaborations and remixes by Le Syndicat, Brume, Hypnoskull, PBK, Orphx, Pacific 231 and more, and some special surprises ...
Blackhouse: 25 Years Anniversary + Hope...More Details
+ tracklisting :
CD1: 25 Years Anniversary
01. Spoken 1 - start
02. Blackhouse - totally gone
03. Spoken 2
04. PBK - 5 minutes after I die
05. Spoken 3
06. Le Syndicat - Pro-life vs Le Syndicat
07. Spoken 4
08. Pacific 231 - Redemption korrosiv force brute mix
09. Spoken 5
10. Scott Gibbons - Happy birthday Blackhouse
11. Spoken 6
12. 1979 - Das schwarze haus
13. Spoken 7
14. Schmagfengarten - Reborn barrier volts
15. Spoken 8
16. GX Juppiter Larsen - Sex sex sex
17. Spoken 9
18. Turner - Millenium
19. Spoken 10
20. Orphx - Whsipers of love
21. Spoken 11
22. Brume - 5 mins before I die
23. Spoken 12
24. Hypnoskull - Totally gone 2009
25. Spoken 13 - end

CD2: Hope ...
01. Hope Like A Candle
02. #11
03. What Do You Know About Me?
04. Roger Wasn't...
05. Let Me Count The Ways
06. Rhythmus
07. Mercy Seat
08. The 2 Classes Of People
09. Be Good
10. Pro-Life
11.Long Live Life
12. 30 Seconds To
13 30 Minutes

Price: $15.00
Jerome Chassagnard: The Time From Underneath
Jerome Chassagnard: The Time From Underneath
this album showcases jérôme's (ab ovo) ability to transform these creative inputs into music. focusing on electronica, darker ambient and intelligent dance music, he uses these styles without losing his own musical fingerprint and blends them into one seamless and effortlessly soaring whole.
Jerome Chassagnard: The Time From UnderneathMore Details

silent city
in search of gravity
rest upon the dream
she is behind
by the end of the day
space boat
forseen (part. II)
until heaven comes

Price: $15.00
Famine: Natures Twin Tendencies
Famine: Natures Twin Tendencies
'Nature's Twin Tendencies' opens a new volume in the Famine chronicles offering an aural cauldron of styles ranging from melody-laced Breakcore and glitchy Metal riffs to beat-rich Electronica and melancholy IDM.
Famine: Natures Twin TendenciesMore Details

01. Mercury (What Lies Behind The Curtain)
02. Powerspender
03. Sig/Int
04. Utarid
05. Remorseless
06. Dread Father
07. Blasphemous Reverence
08. Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)
09. Dantalion
10. Material Things
11. Weak
12. Nature's Twin Tendencies
13. Everyone Is Happy

Price: $10.00
Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt
Tapage & Meander: Etched In Salt
This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present our 50th compact disc release, bringing you musical detail on a molecular level, where beauty meets math and imprints are Etched In Salt.
Tapage & Meander: Etched In SaltMore Details

01. California Blue
02. The Tide
03. Tolopea
04. Hydrostatic Skeleton
05. Subumbrella Dispute
06. Plankton
07. Atolla Wyvillei
08. Oceanographic
09. Nectocalyx Barrage
10. Osedax
11. Abyssal Plain
12. Delicate Hydroid

Price: $10.00
Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon
Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon
The prolific and charismatic Tony Young returns with his newest and most realized Autoclav1.1 album to date. Featuring contributions from Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), Xotox, Attrition, Experiment Haywire, and Millipede, as well as beautiful 6-panel digipak artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen/Hymen).
Autoclav1.1: All Standing Room In The Goodnight SaloonMore Details

01. Waxing
02. Sealed Envelope
03. Conquer This Perception
04. The In Road
05. Saturday's Steps
06. Let Me Sleep (Somewhere)
07. There's No More Isolation
08. This Town
09. Some Subtle Inebriation
10. Alleine In Der Dunkelheit
11. This Is For Love

Price: $10.00
C.H. District: Conclusion
C.H. District: Conclusion
5 years after the release of C.H. District's previous album 'Slides', the Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled 'Conclusion' on Tympanik Audio. As playful as it is complex, 'Conclusion' hits the mark right from the start and doesn't falter in the slightest throughout, laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.
C.H. District: ConclusionMore Details

01. Con-trust (edit)
02. Shrink
03. 0#1
04. Burnout feat. Synta[xe]rror
05. Conclusion
06. Creep
07. Practical Tool
08. Like A Human feat. Tomtylor
09. 1#2
10. Go Out

Price: $10.00
Undermathic: 10:10PM
Undermathic: 10:10PM
Tympanik Audio invites you to slip on your headphones and take a trip with Undermathic’s stunning new album ’10:10PM’, available on a special release date of 10/10/10.
Undermathic: 10:10PMMore Details

01. Big City Nights
02. It Is Me
03. Quantum Theory
04. Searcher
05. Alternative Timelines
06. Saiph
07. 10:10pm
08. I Remember
09. Level III
10. 7 Years
11. Sea

Price: $10.00
Subheim: No Land Called Home
Subheim: No Land Called Home
Subheim's second album is a theatre of transformations and relocations: acoustic and organic sound have taken to the front of the stage, providing this act's introspective and grandiose songs with a more humane touch.

Now shipping...
Subheim: No Land Called HomeMore Details

1. Dusk
2. Streets
3. When Time Relieves
4. December
5. Between Fear And Love
6. The Veil
7. Conspiracies
8. The Cold Hearted Sea
9. Dunes
10. The Ravage Below
11. At The Edge Of The World

Price: $13.00
Dirk Geiger tshirt
Dirk Geiger tshirt
Very cool Dirk Geiger logo tshirt design available in all sizes. Ships from Germany.

Please email [email protected] with desired tshirt size.
Price: $18.00
Cruise [ctrl]: How
Cruise [ctrl]: How
Industrial sounds, hypnotic beats and sometimes claustrophobic atmospheres deeply rooted in early EBM, industrial and electronica references like : P.A.L., Suicide, Pan Sonic... However, the absence of clear melodic elements is quite obvious, and, in general, illustrative of their unique style. Each track is a specific, cinematographic and introspective experience.
Cruise [ctrl]: HowMore Details

1_missoula 46
2_pomona road
3_tears in the snow
4_labyrinth girl (feat. Babylone Chaos)
5_there is a hole in my donut
6_bunny room
7_henry's head
8_where is alice? alice who?
9_ugly expresso in hollywood
10_where is alice? alice who? (Rorschach Garden mix)
11_pomona road (No More mix)
12_where is alice? alice who? (Oil 10 mix)

Price: $13.00
Matta: Prototype
Matta: Prototype
A colossal, multifaceted and remarkable first full-length snapshot for this rising act.

Now shipping...
Matta: PrototypeMore Details

1. Mass
2. Chaos Reigns
3. Monster
4. Suicide Stutter
5. Hecq: Sura (remix by Matta)
6. Release The Freq
7. Echo Babylon
8. Inquisition Part III
9. Solar Driftwood (featuring The Abyss)
10. Outlaw

Price: $13.00
Ent: Welcome Stranger
Ent: Welcome Stranger
A lush album of wide eyed and unapologetic left of center pop somewhere between The Album Leaf and The Postal Service.
Ent: Welcome StrangerMore Details
No Tone
Sleeping Ghosts
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Silver Moment
Farewell Dear Stranger
Silver Moment (Kettel Sitcom Remix)
No Tone (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
Farewell Dear Stranger (Helios Remix)

Price: $11.00
Black Lung: The Soul Consumer
Black Lung: The Soul Consumer
David Thrussell is back with Black Lung's newest album, in which this act's positions as an outsider and an essential figure of experimental electronics is confirmed and embodied.

Now shipping...
Black Lung: The Soul ConsumerMore Details

01. Symphony For The Damned
02. The First Tender Cut
03. The Soul Consumer
04. Sapphic Trysts And Burnt Lips
05. Mr Love Teeth
06. Nights Spent Dreaming Of The Slab
07. The Brazen Cellar Stomp
08. Succulent Bruises And Bruised Roses
09. Curdled On Waxen Floors
10. If the Soul Resides In The Flesh
11. Moontide and Muzak
12. Sauteed Outre Members
13. The Ebullient Memorial
15. Mr Love Teeth (Afterlife remix by Monster X)

Price: $13.00
Igorrr: Nostril
Igorrr: Nostril
A compact, dense and wild affair, "Nostril" is Igorrr's coming of age album, in which the skills gathered with the previous ones are focused into a highly musical, seductive whole.

Now shipping...
Igorrr: NostrilMore Details

1. Double Monk
2. Tendon
3. Excessive Funeral
4. Very Long Chicken
5. Melting Nails
6. Pavor Nocturnus
7. Caros
8. Cruciform Dachshund
9. Half a Pony
10. Unpleasant Sonata
11. Dentist
12. Fryzura Konika
13. Veins
14. Moldy Eye

Price: $13.00
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Brian Eno: Small Craft On A Milk Sea
Brian Eno: Small Craft On A Milk Sea
New Brian Eno album on Warp Records feat. Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams.
Brian Eno: Small Craft On A Milk SeaMore Details

1 Emerald And Lime
2 Complex Heaven
3 Small Craft On A Milk Sea
4 Flint March
5 Horse
6 2 Forms Of Anger
7 Bone Jump
8 Dust Shuffle
9 Paleosonic
10 Slow Ice, Old Moon
11 Lesser Heaven
12 Calcium Needles
13 Emerald And Stone
14 Written, Forgotten
15 Late Anthropocene

Price: $16.00
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Pleq: Sound Of Rebirth
Pleq: Sound Of Rebirth
New album from Pleq on Impulsive Art feat. remixes by Tapage, Nebulo, and Spyweirdos.

Pleq: Sound Of RebirthMore Details

1. Black Dog
2. Hackneyed Words
3. The Ribbon
4. Raindrop
5. Integral
6. I Saw Some Pretty Flowers Today
7. On Your Way
8. Magnitophono
9. Oyasumi Nasai
10. A Very Gentle Death
11. Sound Of Rebirth
12. Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)
13. Sound Of Rebirth Remix - Tapage
14. The Ribbon Remix - Nebulo
15. Raindrop Remix - Spyweirdos

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2010
Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2010
2CD Maschinenfest compilation feat. new tracks by Lingouf, Niveau Zero, Architect, Edgey, Subheim, Asche, Matta, 13th Monkey, and many more...

Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2010More Details

CD1 - Silver

1-1 Mandelbrot: Less Than Zero (MF-Edit)
1-2 13th Monkey: Voltaic V2
1-3 Matta: Willow
1-4 Chrysalide: The 4th World War (Remix By Sonic Area/Ten Data Keshin)
1-5 Bipol: We Going Down
1-6 Config.Sys: Ich Lass Mich Gehn
1-7 Ambassador21: (Russian Roulette) First Aid
1-8 Asche: Queer Angel
1-9 Sonar: Black Room
1-10 Simon Schall: Immer Diese Stimmen
1-11 Swanika: Hotel C
1-12 Zero Degree: Bleak Dreams
1-13 Abs6: The Kitch Sin

CD2 - Purple

2-1 Subheim: Between Fear And Love (Remix By Raoul Sinier)
2-2 Edgey: Juggernaut
2-3 Iszoloscope: Iszoloshifted (Antigen Shift)
2-4 Ah Cama-Sotz: Hot Stepper In Collision (Bionic Dub Vinyl-Mix)
2-5 Winterkälte: Toxic Ships (Cetraro Version)
2-6 Horque: Kaputtanz
2-7 Killer: Warhell
2-8 Lingouf: Go Quantum
2-9 Frl. Linientreu: Pornoschraube
2-10 Niveau Zero: I Believe In (Remix By Loop Stepwalker)
2-11 Sonic Area: The Portrait Room
2-12 Nullvektor: 2 Liter Ouzo (Short)
2-13 Mono No Aware: Tanuki 3
2-14 Architect: Pure (Shok's Puree Mix)

Price: $17.00
Deru: Say Goodbye To Useless
Deru: Say Goodbye To Useless
Deru's fantastic 3rd album. Moody, atmospheric sounds, haunting melodies and organic textures – augmented by his most mature song-writing and cutting-edge beats to date.

Deru: Say Goodbye To UselessMore Details

01. I Would Like
02. I Want
03. Peanut Butter & Patience PlayWatch
04. Hello
05. Basically, Fuck You
06. Walk
07. Fadeaway
08. Days, Then...
09. What Happens When You Ask
10. Cottonmouth Lothario
11. Goodbye

Price: $15.00
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Various Artists: The Reconstruction of Fives
Various Artists: The Reconstruction of Fives
To mark the imprint's 10th anniversary n5MD has assembled a very special budget priced compilation with a slightly different viewpoint. “The Reconstruction of Fives” features songs from the n5MD catalog covered by a hand picked group of like minded and personally admired artists.
Various Artists: The Reconstruction of FivesMore Details

pale sketcher - secret knot
nadja - i used to be sad
architect - blood tracer
worriedaboutsatan - 63 (she was trying to sleep....)
bersarin quartett - the deep and lovely quiet
ben lukas boysen - and by sweet i mean
jasper tx - colder
rafael anton irisarri - a storm tore this house
dalot - xx
winterlight - national geographic
boy is fiction - oh! toronto
miwon - amidst

Price: $11.00
Various Artists: Hypercommunity
Various Artists: Hypercommunity
New compilation from Aliens feat. Disharmony, Anhedonia, Apparent Symmetry, In A Mindset, Oxyd, Cybo, and more.
Various Artists: HypercommunityMore Details

1 Disharmony: Open Gates
2 Ish: Tales Of A Green Trees
3 Anhedonia: Beautiful Evil
4 Disharmony: Plasmodium
5 Apparent Symmetry: Expiration Noikorg
6 In A Mindset: Deliver Me
7 LPF12: Ambiguous Act
8 Furthest From The Cold: Lost
9 L.I.O.B.: Forgotten Lips
10 Headdreamer: My Rainy Day
11 Miktek: Touch The Void
12 SEC 1nine13: Psionic
13 Structural Fault: Strayed
14 Oxyd: Hypercommunity
15 Cybo: Paralyze And Collapse (Time Is A Virtue)
16 Ambiguous: Sancta

Price: $15.00
The PQ Sessions: Peach
The PQ Sessions: Peach
Chicago electro-industrial duo raises the bar with this ambitious new full-length CD. Featuring remixes by Marching Dynamics and Zandoz Corp.
The PQ Sessions: PeachMore Details

01. Swim
02. I, Wish
03. 1 Up
04. Hey &%#$
05. Wash Up
06. Spider Craz
07. Switch
08. Juxtapose
09. Wild Child
10. Wash Up (Marching Dynamics remix)
11. I, Wish (Zandoz Corp. remix)

Price: $8.00
Ambiguous: Stone Cross
Ambiguous: Stone Cross
New from Aliens!
Ambiguous: Stone CrossMore Details
1 Red Moon
2 Prelusion I
3 Ashes
4 Cathedral Ruin
5 Prelusion II
6 Stone Cross
7 Death Bell
8 Prelusion III
9 The Hopeless Life
10 Frail
11 Prelusion IV
12 Autumn Dreams

Price: $14.00
Snog: The Dissolving Satellite of Egoism Overturned
Snog: The Dissolving Satellite of Egoism Overturned
here is a snog you might never have thought existed - ragged yet sincere, angry yet tender and heartfelt. snog shows through this crossover release that it has always been about musicianship and finely crafted songwriting rather than knob-twiddling, and the wit in thrussell’s dystopian lyrics is a well-known feature that puts the icing on this tasty cake.
Snog: The Dissolving Satellite of Egoism OverturnedMore Details

rotten meat
king of hate
lee harvey oswald
thou shalt not kill
karma song
planet of shit
the ballad of timothy mcveigh
real estate man
no more shit
the ballad
one grain of sand
the bells and the whistles
the last days of rome
al-qaeda is your best friend
the fascist lockdown
stomp song

Price: $15.00
Abs6: Automedikation
Abs6: Automedikation
A mixture of idm-like patterns, drum'n'bass and deep ambient structures accompanied by straight forward basslines and pounding electro beats. it is the composition and amalgamation of various elements to achieve a broad-ranged heterogeneity. either soothingly calm or playful, each song is a structural element on its own.
Abs6: AutomedikationMore Details

premiers traitements
reforme alimentaire
dazing therapy
dopamine deficiency
douce trepanation
basslines enhancing the intestinal transit
dancing mass index
douce trépanation (remix by mimetic)
maybe it's genetic (abs6 feat. monsieur.connard)

Price: $15.00
The_Empath: Meanwhile
The_Empath: Meanwhile
The_Empath's music ranges between ambient and electronica with organic industrial audio components. a stimulating flow of imaginative soundscapes, complex rhythmic textures, mixtures of experimental electronics, field recordings and ground loops.
The_Empath: MeanwhileMore Details

at the heart of it all
future space junk
burden of the past
ultima thule
no need to be famous

Price: $15.00
Iszoloscope: The Edge Of Certainty
Iszoloscope: The Edge Of Certainty
Iszoloscope's new full length album, recorded between 2007 and 2010, is proof that waiting is worthwhile. nine powerful tracks ranging between icy crystal clear technoid industrial to merciless rhythmic distortion, from breakbeats to breakcore, from dark ambient to complex electronica.
Iszoloscope: The Edge Of CertaintyMore Details

01 first transcendental component (featuring norad)
02 flatline receiver
03 the edge of certainty
04 second transcendental component
05 in the face of descent
06 when all you see is light
07 l'imaginaire de la fin
08 inseparable from the void
09 third transcendental component

Price: $15.00
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Kraken: Strop
Kraken: Strop
the nine tracks on 'strop' range from soothingly calm to almostphysically intrusive. perfectly orchestrated sonic explorations withall kinds of different elements: winds blowing and whistling,transmitters bleeping and sirens howling in the dark.
Kraken: StropMore Details

1. waar handen falen
2. muziekje om te kotsen
3. onder je wi
l4. ze komen me halen
5. vriend in een fles
6. morgen zal mijn reet roesten
7. praatjes van je sloerie
8. visioen met de gedrogeerde puppy
9. afschrift van de hopeloze daad

Price: $13.00
Iszoloscope: Beyond Within
Iszoloscope: Beyond Within
13 track ep including new tracks and yet unreleased works, plus additional remixes by missT, ah cama-sotz, ivardensphere, demanufacturer, norad, mangadrive, esa and xenocode.
Iszoloscope: Beyond WithinMore Details

01 the unsettled
02 dumachus junction feat. aliceffekt
03 in the other mind of us
04 to exhibit chaotic behavior (live cut)
05 etched into my very core
06 heard voices (acoustic piano version by missT)
07 raudivian device (ah cama-sotz remix)
08 the sum of us all (ivardensphere remix)
09 -28c and falling (frozen space remix by demanufacturer)
10 the path of totalitarianism (rehabilitated by norad)
11 raudivian device (mangadrive remix)
12 the sum of us all (collective negative equation remix by esa)
13 heard voices (xenocode remix)

Price: $14.00
Frl. Linientreu: Lifelines
Frl. Linientreu: Lifelines
Ranging from heavy-handed fast technoid rhythmic attacks, chilling ambient with idyllic synth melodies, and vexing collages to minimalistic electro pop with bass guitar and vocals.
Frl. Linientreu: LifelinesMore Details

01. von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens
02. spiel mal minimal ey!
03. ode an die stille
04. different in this life
05. blindness
06. licht an!
07. lifelines
08. we are in this together (different in this life part2)
09. i hate you
10. empty
11. licht aus!
12. von schrecken und schönheit des verhörens (rmx by saturmzlide)
13. lifelines (rmx by schlauch 2 elf)

Price: $15.00
Nin Kuji: Sayonara
Nin Kuji: Sayonara
A crossover between technoid aphex twin-based ambient-industrial, heavily distorted electro noise and the tribal approach displayed by the likes of muslimgauze and this morn' omina.
Nin Kuji: SayonaraMore Details

01 sayonara, mankind!
02 journey to the center of myself
03 sleepless [throbbing silence]
04 disrupted skies
05 daichi no musuko / atatori musuko
06 traditions keeper [short]
07 tamashii
08 hitori [part v]
09 theatre [stages]
10 barefoot r&n / reprise
11 sojobo image
12 i am the myth
13 sayonara, medicine man!
14 twhy again session [rm1x-tribute]

Price: $15.00
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Zero Degree: Probe
Zero Degree: Probe
'probe' displays a perfect balance between elaboration and improvisation, as each track was recorded directly onto hard disc. zero degree have the talent to abduct the listener into a distinct sonic universe, as calm and dark as outer space at the same time.
Zero Degree: ProbeMore Details

1. shield
2. dark slope streaks
3. marmor
4. phytron
5. one million miles beyond the sun
6. full of stars
7. probe

Price: $15.00
Flint Glass: Circumsounds
Special / Sale Price - Flint Glass: Circumsounds
One of our proudest releases - a stunning remix collection by the extremely talented French artist Flint Glass.
Award-winning 6-panel digipak CD design by Eye.Lyft - limited to 777 copies worldwide.
Highly recommended.
Flint Glass: CircumsoundsMore Details

(All tracks remixed by Flint Glass)
Polygon: Gestern
Thermidor: Plenum Aquae
Eretsua: Travelling Light
Zonk't: Air Field
Shizuka: Les Esprits
Empusae: Beauty Of Decay
Suicide Inside: Angel
Prospero: Fury Of The Tempest
HIV+: Havoc 2027
Disharmony: Sacred Truth
HIV+: Doors of Perception
Displacer: Fueled
Sci Fi Industries: Questions And Answers
Tzolk'in: Sotz
OTX: Blood For Oil

Price: $10.00
Price: $7.00
Access To Arasaka: void(); Tshirt
Access To Arasaka: void(); Tshirt
'void();' tshirt designed by Access To Arasaka himself. Soft, fitted, high-quality 2-sided tshirt white/grey print on black tshirt.

Only size Small left in stock.
Access To Arasaka: void(); TshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with desired tshirt size.

Price: $10.00
Skytree: Hyphae
Skytree: Hyphae
Debut album from Skytree. You might remember his track from 'Emerging Organisms vol. 3'. Scattered amongst these beat-based organic electronica tracks are a collection of beatless ambient pieces which seamlessly blend acoustic and synthetic textures into gorgeously evocative cinematic soundscapes,
Skytree: HyphaeMore Details

1. Lake Language
2. Blue Verve Vein
3. Indigo Valley
4. Ice Age Trail
5. Stomata Spirit
6. North Shore Cecropia
7. Morel
8. Rise Ohmic Colony
9. Hearth
10. Chequamegon
11. Clark Reservoir
12. Blue Verve Vein (Mrs Jynx remix)
13. Hearth (Coppice Halifax Milkwhite Rebuild)

Price: $13.00
Helios: Caesura
Helios: Caesura
Helios: CaesuraMore Details

1 Hope Valley Hill
2 Come With Nothings
3 Glimpse
4 Fourteen Drawings
5 Backlight
6 The Red Truth
7 A Mountain Of Ice
8 Mima
9 Shoulder To Hand
10 Hollie

Price: $15.00
B. Fleischmann: Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung
B. Fleischmann: Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung
With "Angst is not a Weltanschauung" Bernhard Fleischmann now arrived at a carefully set wooden table, arranged in a warm and glowing sunset. On Morr Music.
B. Fleischmann: Angst Is Not A WeltanschauungMore Details

* 1 Hello
* 2 24.12.
* 3 Last Time We Met At A T&TT Concert
* 4 In Trains
* 5 Still See You Smile
* 6 Phones, Machines And King Kong
* 7 The Market
* 8 Playtime
* 9 Even Your Glasses Miss Your Eyes

Price: $15.00
Hammock: Kenotic
Hammock: Kenotic
Hammock's debut, released February, 2005. Hailed for its emotional resonance and masterful melding of ambient, shoegaze and electronic.
Hammock: KenoticMore Details
Before the Celebration
The Air Between Us
Through a Glass Darkly
Blankets of Night
Winter Light
Miles to go before I Sleep
Stars in the Rearview Mirror
You may Emerge from this More Dead than Alive
What Heaven Allows
the Silence
Dawn begins to Creep
Rising Tide

Price: $14.00
Hammock: Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop An Echo
Hammock: Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop An Echo
Thick curtains of cascading electric guitars that merge into pure expressions of hope, stillness, joy and loss. Accompanied by strings, piano, ethereal vocals and an occasional undercurrent of percussion, these beautiful, layered guitar washes range from whisper-soft minimalism to moments of driving, slow-burn intensity.
Hammock: Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop An EchoMore Details
I Can Almost See You
Raising Your Voice... Trying To Stop An Echo
Losing You To You
When The Sky Pours Down Like A Fountain
House Where We Grew Up, The
God Send Us A Signal
Clouds Cover The Stars
Floating Away In Every Direction
Take A Drink From In Every My Hands
Startie The Heavens
More Dead Than Alive
Disappear Like The Morning...
Like Starlight Into Day
Shipwrecked (Flat On Your Back)
Chorus Of Trees
Passing Away
Will You Ever Love Yourself?
Sparkle And Fade

Price: $15.00
Hammock: Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow
Hammock: Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow
Hammock’s self-imposed minimalism is expertly merged with their hallmark melodic songwriting, resulting in the most focused, mesmeric and deeply personal album in their catalog to date. On Darla.
Hammock: Maybe They Will Sing For Us TomorrowMore Details
1 Gold Star Mothers
2 City In The Dust On My Window
3 This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart
4 Mono No Aware
5 Three Sisters
6 Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow
7 Elm
8 Razorback Drug Town
9 Eighty-Four Thousand Hymns
10 We Will Say Goodbye To Everyone
11 All Of Your Children Are Addicts

Price: $16.00
Access To Arasaka: void();
Access To Arasaka: void();
New album from Access To Arasaka. Perfectly dark, cinematic, complex, and undeniably beautiful. This is what we have all been waiting for…
Access To Arasaka: void();More Details

01. *strtok()
02. kill_recorder=$c1
03. array[0..8191]
04. setvector
05. config.syn_seq
06. &sin
07. term/echo
08. optlist:
09. syslog_ident
10. [overwrite_ctr]
11. inc(tumbler)
12. n->m_pkthdr.len
13. switch(pcap_datalink)
14. bpf_u_int32
16. sys.argv[1:]

Price: $10.00
Dirk Geiger: Autumn Fields
Dirk Geiger: Autumn Fields
A personal journey like no other, full of wonder and strangeness; set to infectious beats and quiet discord. A waking dream perfect for your favorite headphones or content late-night drives.

CD includes remixes by Svart1 and Access To Arasaka.
Dirk Geiger: Autumn FieldsMore Details

01. Gewitterregen
02. Autumn Life
03. Noise Format
04. Night In Haskovo
05. Botanic Garden
06. Minus10
07. Winter Senses
08. Overhead Projection
09. Itch Glitch
10. Night In Haskovo (Svart1 mix)
11. Overhead Projection (Access To Arasaka remix)

Price: $10.00
Sabi: Glued On Thin Memories
Sabi: Glued On Thin Memories
Glued on Thin Memories is Sabi's first release on Boltfish Recordings and his debut solo full-length CD release. It ranges widely in style and pace, from electronica and IDM tracks to ambient pieces and processed piano interludes.
Sabi: Glued On Thin MemoriesMore Details

1. Halfspine
2. Three Blind Queens in Cyan
3. Battle for The Gentle Ruins
4. Screaming Bulb
5. Mano (Sabi Remix)
6. Glued on Thin Memories
7. Signals Left
8. Steum
9. Uki 4_1
10. Burning on A Tiny Black Lake
11. Melting Antennas
12. Music for Stones + Dore Cigales
13. I L V III
14. Mote Diver
15. Suspended Monks, Blurred Bolt

Price: $13.00
Various Artists: Krachcom.pilation 3
Various Artists: Krachcom.pilation 3
Featuring tracks by Zero Degree, Tonal Y Nagual, 13th Monkey, Goat93, Brudermord, and more...
Various Artists: Krachcom.pilation 3More Details

1 (-LüP19490-) - DBS 54A
2 Simon Schall - Und Wenn Du Schläfst
3 Mordex Psi - Alcoholize
4 13th Monkey - Lochfrasz
5 Euclid - Take Your Keyboard And Fight
6 First Order - Nails And Thorns
7 Goat93 - United (Until The Battle Is Won)
8 Tonal Y Nagual - M.GF.I.A.C.
9 Brudermord - Wave Wave
10 Tardive Dyskinesia - I Can't Play The Piano
11 Adipocire - Exhumierung
12 Zero Degree - Morgenrot

Price: $14.00
Various Artists: Region Zero
Various Artists: Region Zero
Boltfish Recordings sampler featuring great IDM tracks by J. Auer, Mint, Ochre, Zainetica, and more...
Various Artists: Region ZeroMore Details

1 (Bal-a-klah-va): Anamorph
2 Zainetica: Disorder
3 CHEjU: Camellia
4 Karmøy: Klem
5 Ochre: Sticklebrick Symphony
6 J. Auer: Silent Starlight
7 Sveto the Fool: Con Ot Nu
8 Richard Houghten: Untitled #3
9 Mint: Growing Older
10 Countripsyde: Thunder Theatre For Collapsing Nation
11 BBWax: Morning Glory

Price: $11.00
Mnemonic: Horsinn
Mnemonic: Horsinn
Brand new album from Mnemonic!
Mnemonic: HorsinnMore Details

violette tinte
neonweisse leere
das verkaufte lachen
abstrakte gefuhle
weg von mir

Price: $15.00
Nebulo: Artefact
Nebulo: Artefact
New album from this excellent artist on Hymen Records.
Nebulo: ArtefactMore Details
exit stress test
batman dancefloor
aer vacuum
drunk animal police
vodoo machines
123 kill me
map artefact

Price: $15.00
Scorn: Refuse;Start Fires
Scorn: Refuse;Start Fires
New Scorn album on Ohm Resistance.
Scorn: Refuse;Start FiresMore Details
Bear Felt Nowt
Take Someone's Eye Out
Then Woke
Look At That Bill
Boot It
Beaked Point
Shitwind's A-Coming

Price: $15.00
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Tzolkin: Tonatiuh
Tzolkin: Tonatiuh
Brand new album from collaborators Empusae and Flint Glass as Tzolk'in.
Tzolkin: TonatiuhMore Details
01 tonatiuh
02 quetzacoatl
03 mictlantecuhtli
04 tezcatlipoca
05 tlazolteotl
06 xipe totec
07 nanahuatzin

Price: $15.00
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Mono-Amine: Do Not Bend
Mono-Amine: Do Not Bend
New on Ant-Zen. Dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh groove.
Mono-Amine: Do Not BendMore Details
01. beyond the status quo
02. if you are not running you will not make it (deeptrippingmix)
03. democracy is a dying giant
04. human imitation
05. slowburner
06. synaesthesia
07. sloegha
08. base your decisions on information
09. combustion
10. encountering no resistance

Price: $15.00
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Dalot: Loop Over Latitudes
Dalot: Loop Over Latitudes
New on n5md
Dalot: Loop Over LatitudesMore Details
solitary, vacant
above the rooftops
time to be (out of time)
view from a hill
story of a city
infinite window

Price: $11.00
Dryft: Ventricle
Dryft: Ventricle
At long last, new album by Dryft!

The album deviates from Cadoo's current main project Bitcrush just as previous Dryft efforts strayed from his previous group Gridlock.

Dryft: VentricleMore Details
marked velotin
knives as gifts
no bargains, no pleas (feat. xiescive)
vector step (regeneration)
vapours and waste
...and again

Price: $11.00
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Lucidstatic tshirt
Lucidstatic tshirt
New Lucidstatic tshirt available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

Lucidstatic tshirtMore Details
After completing your order, email [email protected] with desired shirt size.

Price: $15.00
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Clocking in at nearly 65 mins, "Broadcasts In Colour" delivers over an hour of music that explores new sonic territory for the artist, including but not limited to vocals on selected tracks.

Our favorite IDM release so far this year.
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In ColourMore Details

1 In
2 As Far From Here As Possible
3 Feeling Lazy
4 Pinprick
5 Silo
6 Sand
7 Rat
8 I Close My Eyes
9 Either Way, I'm Dead
10 Your Name On My Skin
11 I Left You There
12 My Veins Are Blocked
13 Until Morning Comes
14 For My Friend

Price: $12.00
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of Jupiter
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of Jupiter
“In the Days Of Jupiter” is the 4th album from tri-state post-rock trio Lights Out Asia. Just as Jupiter eclipses the other planets in our solar systems, Lights Out Asia have eclipsed expectations by delivering their most expansive album to date.
Lights Out Asia: In The Days Of JupiterMore Details

All These Worlds Are Yours
Except Europa
Attempt No Landing There
All Is Quiet In The Valley
13 AM
Arbres Paisible
Great Men From Unhealthy Ground
Currents Meet The Tide
Then I Hope You Like The Desert
Shifting Sands Wreck Ships
Bye Bye November

Price: $11.00
Bitcrush: From Arcs To Embers
Bitcrush: From Arcs To Embers
This latest release from Mike Cadoo's Bitcrush project is a specially curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5 of his albums as Bitcrush. Bersarin Quartett, Funckarma, Jatun, Near The Parenthesis, port-royal, Stripmall Architecture (Halou), SubtractiveLAD, Vanessa Van Basten, Winterlight, and Worm Is Green all re-imagine songs from the Bitcrush catalog.
Bitcrush: From Arcs To EmbersMore Details

Post (Nichts ist wie vorher, Bersarin Quartett RMX)
Untilted (Worm Is Green Remix)
Every Sunday (Winterlight Remix)
Bitcrush In Dub (By Stripmall Architecture)
Colder (Funckarma Rmx)
Waiting For Something (Jatun Remix)
An Island A Penninsula (Mix By Vanessa Van Basten)
The Days We Spent Within (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
Of Embers (port-royal Remix)
Of Days (Widescreen mix by SubtractiveLAD)

Price: $11.00
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Proem: Enough Conflict
Proem: Enough Conflict
On Proem's 8th album, the diversity of mood and style makes “Enough Conflict” engaging on repeated listens and a possible contender for one of the best IDM albums of 2010.
Proem: Enough ConflictMore Details

deep sleeping birds
back to fail
she never cries
fall forward
sudden sharp turns
kalimba jam
enough confict
seafaring velvet waltz
@ the firey abyss
a short bit before you go

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Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is Fiction
Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is Fiction
Originally released on Detritus' List Records in the U.K., Sun Sea Sky Productions had the smarts to license it for re-release. Stunning dark IDM and moody Electronica.
Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is FictionMore Details

Bif Vs 307
Why Did You Do That
Tomorrow Not Today
I'll Look For You
If You Hear Me Fall
Stack Is Bad
Should Have Stopped
Glue/Let Me Think
Say Ah
The Bits In The Numbers

Price: $11.00
Boc Scadet: Temporary Oceans
Boc Scadet: Temporary Oceans
Formerly only available as a CDr release on Lawrence Grover's (aka Boc Scadet) own microlabel clickclickdrone, "Temporary Oceans" has been completely re-mastered and features new packaging and artwork by Liam Frankland. This folks, is a hallmark IDM and electronica album.
Boc Scadet: Temporary OceansMore Details

X Rale
Six Hours

Price: $10.00
Northcape: Captured From Static
Northcape: Captured From Static
Every once-and-a-while an artist and/or album comes along that defines a genre and sets the standard others follow. Northcape's third full-length and his first on Sun Sea Sky Productions, "Captured From Static", effortlessly does both. Chilled, deep, and evocative yet upbeat melodic electronica.
Northcape: Captured From StaticMore Details

1 Doesn't Feel Like A Long Way
2 Approaching The Trig Point
3 Grove Park
4 Pastoral
5 Shinkansen To Kyoto
6 Clear Moment
7 Indigo Line
8 Moitessier
9 Into Sunlight
10 First Day In A New Town
11 Static Theme

Price: $10.00
Mike Allen: Mold
Mike Allen: Mold
Mike Allen's 2nd full-length is now available on CD and features all new artwork along with a completely new track lineup/listing. Mike's music was recently featured on German filmmaker Gregor Buchkremer's impressive mood piece "Kaltmiete" (Rent Without Utilities, 2007).
Mike Allen: MoldMore Details

1 Hell
2 Decomposition Requisition
3 Asparagus
4 Bedsores
5 Found And Lost
6 Displacement
7 Figures
8 Put Me Away
9 Lazy Demons2
10 Phagocyte
11 Piss Poor
12 Bible Cancer
13 Mold

Price: $10.00
Lights Out Asia: Garmonia
Lights Out Asia: Garmonia
Lights Out Asia's debut album.
Lights Out Asia: GarmoniaMore Details

1 Knock Knock
2 You're All On Display
3 Chapters Of A Red Sky
4 Promontory / Cemetary
5 Absence Of Oceans
6 Hail Russia - Live
7 Rармόния
8 Farewell, Humphrey Bogart
9 Sigil
10 God Help Us
11 Not Every Day's A Victory

Price: $10.00
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Lusine icl: Coalition 2000
Lusine icl: Coalition 2000
Excellent live performance by Lusine icl on U-Cover. Recommended.
Lusine icl: Coalition 2000More Details
Night 1
1 Night One 5:02
Night 2
2 Sem 3 7:30
3 Lazydayz 10:13
4 Out-Takes 4:34
5 Plastic 6:55
6 Deadend 7:41
7 B308 7:51
8 Feedme 10:27

Price: $11.00
V/A: Chaos Lovers compilation
V/A: Chaos Lovers compilation
Compilation release from Chaos For Lovers featuring tracks by Ab Ovo, Az-Rotator, Ch.District, Nikka, Strand, and more.
V/A: Chaos Lovers compilationMore Details

1 Strand: Nik J
2 Strange2: White Thought
3 Eedl vs. Rec_Overflow: Dada
4 3tronik: FluVermax
5 Nikka vs. Morbia: Inorganic Agent
6 Metropol: Chd3u
7 CH.District: M.A.N.
8 AZ-Rotator: Neogaritm
9 Signalform: Assembly
10 Ab Ovo: Abstract

Price: $12.00
Bong-Ra: Monster EP
Bong-Ra: Monster EP
After a couple of years of silence, Bong-Ra returns to the foreground with a conceptual EP which shows an surprising new side of this project. Marrying his pummelling beats and high speed breaks with lush instrumentations and acoustic strings, Bong-Ra's "Monster" sounds hard and human at the same time.
Bong-Ra: Monster EPMore Details

1. Behemoth
2. Cyclops
4. Yeti
3. Kraken

Price: $10.00
Zeller: Turbulences
Zeller: Turbulences
At once a whirlwind of tight Industrial rhythms precisely punctuated by shuddering basslines, crafty breakbeats, and chaotic soundscapes, accentuating unrelenting brutality and captivating aural serendipity.

Free Zeller button + sticker with order while supplies last.

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Zeller: TurbulencesMore Details

01. Supernova
02. Time Dilation
03. Le pain Maudit
04. Sub Galaxies Riot
05. Sonar Echoes
06. Sea Of Clouds
07. Dark Matter Observatory
08. Seneretatis Mare
09. Variable Gravity
10. Starship Weapons Kit
11. Child Robots Contine
12. The Beast
13. Comets Falls
14. Asperitatis Texture
15. Galactik Dust
16. Zion Asteroid

Price: $10.00
Anklebiter: I Will Wait
Anklebiter: I Will Wait
With a vast array of seemingly straightforward analog patterns converging together to generate deeply emotional, beat-driven dark IDM soundscapes, ‘I Will Wait‘ manages to embrace a refreshing simplicity with unique effectiveness that is rarely heard these days.

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Anklebiter: I Will WaitMore Details

01. Absolution Is A Plush Toy
02. Accessible
03. 132
04. O'Bannon
05. I Will Wait
06. Step Out
07. Thanks, Deepak
08. University
09. Hawk Is Tits
10. Happy Hollandaise
11. Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow
12. Frigid

Price: $10.00
Totakeke: On The First Of November
Totakeke: On The First Of November
Totakeke steps up the tautness with a resounding sense of ferocity pounding out 10 powerful new tracks of immense proportions. Gushes with caressing tension and head-nodding beats amidst a swirling torrent of sputtering glitch, ominous pads, punching beat drops, mind-bending breaks, and looming basslines.

Free button with order while supplies last.

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Totakeke: On The First Of NovemberMore Details

Untitled 01
Untitled 02
Untitled 03
Untitled 04
Untitled 05
Untitled 06
Untitled 07
Untitled 08
Untitled 09
Untitled 10

Price: $10.00
Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground 2CD
Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground 2CD
23 solid new tracks spanning a 2-CD collection featuring collaborations with such artists as Angel Of Violence, Mothboy, Iammynewt, Mono Penguin, ESA, Human Error, Mangadrive, Experiment Haywire, Servo Hatred, Pig Fat, Manufactura, and many more, with artwork by Kostas K. (Subheim) and mastering by Justin Brink (Pneumatic Detach).

Free button with order while supplies last.

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Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground 2CDMore Details

Disc One:

01: Burning Embers (vs. Manufactura)
02: Noiz3Rush (vs. Nereus)
03: Viscera (vs. Angel Of Violence)
04: Dissection (vs. Mono Penguin)
05: Untitled (feat. Jerry B.)
06: The Awakening (Mothboy remix)
07: Moments At A Cliff (vs. Skullduggery)
08: Book Of The Dead (vs. Recevier)
09: Perpetuate (vs. Pig Fat)
10: N.E.P. (vs. Human Error)
11: Desire To Be (vs. Iammynewt)
12: Misplaced (feat. Scalper)

Disc Two:

01: Boneyard (vs. Shad0w)
02: Re_volve (vs. Impurfekt)
03: Invocation (vs. Pig Fat)
04: According To Plan (feat. ESA)
05: A New Low (vs. Human Error)
06: A.L. (vs. Mono Penguin)
07: Headhunter (Filter Mix vs. Mono Penguin)
08: Fractured (Nick R61 Remix)
09: We Created The Epidemic (vs. Mangadrive)
10: Little Human Puppets (feat. Experiment Haywire)
11: Fakt (feat. Servo Hatred)

Price: $10.00
Niveau Zero: In Sect
Niveau Zero: In Sect
Featuring collaborations with such artists as Ben Sharpa, Broken Note, Hecq and The Unik, it is a new statement of Niveau Zero's talent and his take at concert hall-friendly heavy tracks. Heavy dubstep, hip-hop, metal and breaks collide here to form a massive and addictive collection.
Niveau Zero: In SectMore Details

1. In_Sect
2. First (feat. The Unik)
3. My Dog
4. Revolution HXC (feat. Real Fake Mc & Plan Nine)
5. Evil League (remix by Hecq)
6. Law Of The Universe (feat. Ben Sharpa & Ill Smith)
7. I Believe in...
8. Icon
9. Broken Note: War In The Making (remix by Niveau Zero)
10. Gracilicornis
11. Hyperlord (feat. Ill Smith)

Price: $13.00
Klangstabil: Vertraut
Klangstabil: Vertraut
Excellent EP of Klangstabil's classic track 'Vertraut' feat. remixes by Somatic Responses, Torben Wendt, Access To Arasaka, Keef Baker, Synapscape, Daniel Myer, Ksdj, and L'ombre.
Klangstabil: VertrautMore Details

01 vertraut - original version
02 vertraut - nostalgic remix by somatic responses
03 vertraut - for a friend remix by torben wendt
04 vertraut - neural chernobyl remix by access to arasaka
05 vertraut - wizballs out! remix by keef baker
06 vertraut - ostball remix by synapscape
07 vertraut - renegade of noise remix by daniel myer
08 vertraut - what do you want remix by ksdj
09 vertraut - rejected remix by l'ombre
10 zweiter schritt - pre-version of away
11 ein schritt weiter - pre-version of beziehungsohr

Price: $13.00
Enduser: 1/3
Enduser: 1/3
Enduser comes back with a blast in the form of the colossal "1/3" EP, in which he manages to top his past releases and shows that he is at the very top of his game. Melodious and intricate, pounding but powerful.
Enduser: 1/3More Details

1. 2/3
2. Death Vest 09
3. 1/3
4. Interruption 4 (remix by Cardopusher)

Price: $10.00
Squaremeter: Heliogabal
Squaremeter: Heliogabal
'Heliogabal' is an intermixture of hypnotic deep drones, haunting basses and disturbing soundscapes. Cinematic field recordings, intermittent hypnotic sequencer loops and urgent eruptions of sound merge into an incredible collection of atmospheric dark ambient tracks.
Squaremeter: HeliogabalMore Details

01 the priests
02 winds & ruins
03 heliogabal I
04 relics of the undefeated guard
05 the sacred shrine
06 reign
07 deus sol invictus
08 whores, smoke & shadows
09 square-dimensional space
10 heliogabal II

Price: $15.00
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Roel Funcken: Vade
Roel Funcken: Vade
The début solo album by one of the two Funckarma brothers, “Vade” is a deep and intense re-interpretation of many current electronic genres. Painstakingly detailed, deep and ever-morphing release, Roel Funcken expresses his takes at dubstep, IDM or club beats.
Roel Funcken: VadeMore Details

1. Gallice
2. Vertox Dreaming
3. Cobaned Banner
4. Ledge
5. Fiction Stub
6. Bluent
7. Daze Flextone
8. Skarm Sfias
9. Spi Trade
10. Martyrz
11. Koortshond
12. Vade
13. Lyra Stellum
14. Orc Darce
15. Halfkriel
16. Lajor Mazer

Price: $13.00
Mothboy: Bunny
Mothboy: Bunny
Third and final studio album by Mothboy. With "Bunny", one of the most varied and innovative act on Ad Noiseam brings a chapter to an end with an album that condensates everything Mothboy has been known for: a very rich sound, heavy basses, infectious rhythms, well chosen and even better used vocals, and of course a moving, lush jazz touch.
Mothboy: BunnyMore Details

01. Please be seated
02. Move (too close) (with Equivalant)
03. You / Me (with Suzi C)
04. Cala Nova (with Ted Parsons)
05. Motion Control (with Sezrah Sylvan)
06. Won’t
07. Johnny Nemo (with Akira The Don)
08. I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Night (with Nonnon)
09. My Love
10. Version 2 (Pontcanna Stone) (with Martin Carr)
11. Glow
12. Cala Martina (with Ted Parsons)
13. Subway Song (Archipelago) (with Robert Conroy)
14. Drive Home Safely

Price: $13.00
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Mika Goedrijk: Looking-Glass World
Mika Goedrijk: Looking-Glass World
2nd solo album from This Morn' Omina's Mika Goedrijk. Well-placed patterns enriched with mellow guitar slides, melancholic piano lines, a distinctive Aphex Twin synth, archaic trumpet calls, pounding breakbeats with pulsing sub bass, make this release a fascinating blend of contemporary electronic tones.
Mika Goedrijk: Looking-Glass WorldMore Details

01. vanilla flavoured thorazine
02. broken toys on a hill
03. dead air
04. at the 11th hour
05. white sand semantics
06. quiet plan
07. thistledown
08. lost decade
09. dangling from rooftops
10. draussen im grünen
11. rusty swiss army knife
12. le grand mal

Price: $15.00
Tympanik Audio: Dont Techno tshirt
Tympanik Audio: Dont Techno tshirt
Tympanik Audio 2-sided tshirt. Horizontal TA logo on the front - "Don't Techno For An Answer" on the back.

High quality black tshirt w/ white print. Only size Small left in stock. Free TA sticker w/ order.
Tympanik Audio: Dont Techno tshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with desired tshirt size.

Price: $10.00
Fractional: Blood
Fractional: Blood
A fierce brew of Breakcore, IDM, and Electronica, all accented by an uncanny sense of melody and emotion. A diamond in the Tympanik Audio catalog. Don't pass this one up!

Free button with order while supplies last...
Fractional: Blood More Details

01. Water
02. Blood
03. Sie
04. Wo
05. Thear
06. Nupkt
07. Hu Wei
08. Elephant's Dance
09. Niv
10. Lows
11. Mel
12. Ofue
13. Ne

Price: $10.00
SE: L36
SE: L36
Excellent new CD album by Germany's SE. An eclectic mix of Post-rock and Electronica styles with glitchy beats and infectious synthwork. For fans of Boards Of Canada, Millipede, and n5MD artists.

Includes a remix by Subheim.

Free button with order while supplies last...
SE: L36More Details

01. Chrono
02. Stadium
03. Mimikry
04. Lily
05. 36 HERtZ
06. Weit
07. Beton
08. Strom
09. Dendrit
10. F-Sand-036
11. Mimikry (remixed by Subheim)

Price: $10.00
Geomatic: 64 Light Years Away
Geomatic: 64 Light Years Away
A slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic complexity and epic sound architectures. Fans of Flint Glass, Totakeke, Ex-Tension, Mlada Fronta, and Zentriert ins Antlitz will enjoy this one.

Free button with order while supplies last...
Geomatic: 64 Light Years AwayMore Details

01. Nano Anu
02. Aftab E Siyah
03. Sacrifice
04. White Hole, Dark Soul
05. Shesqi
06. The Fourth Plane
07. Above Horizon
08. Serpent's Tooth
09. Drifting Away
10. Dead Forever
11. Final Dimensional Shift

Price: $10.00
Fractional: Blood tshirt
Fractional: Blood tshirt
New Fractional tshirt 'Blood' in line with the new same-titled CD on Tympanik Audio. Designed by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.

Limited run. Available in sizes Medium, Large, and XLarge.

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Fractional: Blood tshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with your desired size after ordering...

Price: $10.00
Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm: Along The Corridors
Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm: Along The Corridors
New collaboration release of Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S and Spectraliquid's Blackfilm!

Now shipping...
Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm: Along The CorridorsMore Details

01: Where We Stand
02: Broken Optimism
03: Lost
04: Roadblocker Dub
05: Dark Area Of The Night Sky
06: Invisible Corridor
07: Mistakes Pt. 1
08: Mistakes Pt. 2
09: 1996 Chronicles
10: Bethnal Green

Price: $15.00
Totakeke: Fractured tshirt
Totakeke: Fractured tshirt
Brand new Totakeke tshirt by popular demand. Designed by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.

Limited run and available in all sizes.

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Totakeke: Fractured tshirtMore Details
Email [email protected] with your desired size after ordering...

Price: $10.00
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag vol. 6
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag vol. 6
Brand new compilation from the 2010 Elektroanschlag Festival featuring new tracks by 16pad Noise Terrorist, Displacer, 13th Monkey, MS Gentur, Oil 10, Raoul Sinier, S:cage, Subheim, and more.

Now shipping...
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag vol. 6More Details

1 13th Monkey: Kinetik Thrills
2 16Pad Noise Terrorist: Utocorepia
3 Absolute Body Control: I Wasn't There (Live @ Bimfest)
4 Baxter Lilly: Every Night Is A Masquerade
5 Control: Premeditate
6 Displacer: Everyone Dies (Tragedy Mix)
7 Frl. Linientreu: Its Hard To Stay Mad When There Is So Much Beauty In The World
8 M.A.O.: Taliban
9 Militia: The Final Level (Remix)
10 MS Gentur: Druckwelle 8kHz
11 NoGo!: Act The Goat
12 Oil 10: X-Fleet (Remix)
13 Raoul Sinier: Ants War (Ants Mayhem Remix)
14 Roger Rotor: Heresy
15 S:cage: Seven Endings (L'Ombre Remix)
16 Spherical Disrupted: Accretion Disc (Altenburg Mix)
17 Subheim: The Cold-Hearted Sea

Price: $15.00
Ginormous: The Sound Of Love Impermanent
Ginormous: The Sound Of Love Impermanent
After 2 excellent albums on Hymen records, Ginormous is back with his latest opus.
Ginormous: The Sound Of Love ImpermanentMore Details

01 every tooth is bared
02 north, part 1
03 joy when you come
04 if the sky had stitch marks
05 fallen for nevers, part 1
06 so you'll know where i am
07 lycanized
08 north, part 2
09 the splendor of gretel
10 fallen for nevers, part 2
11 hollow ashes
12 a darkness by day
13 the sound of love impermanent
14 a feather is re-glued to the flight

Price: $15.00
The Prayer Tree: The Prayer Tree
The Prayer Tree: The Prayer Tree
New from Hymen Records! Collaboration between Nimp and Ab Ovo.
The Prayer Tree: The Prayer TreeMore Details

01 tokyo
02 ubik
03 new york
04 gone
05 all those who just couldn’t make it
06 silent stones
07 why aren’t we dancing?
08 the golden hour

Price: $15.00
Lowness: Undertow
Lowness: Undertow
New side-project from Scott Sturgis of Converter on Ant-Zen!
Lowness: UndertowMore Details

01. bridges
02. rains
03. big girl don't
04. transmissional
05. adrift
06. out of into
07. sliver of light
08. go to the water
09. it got cold
10. undertow
11. 100,000

Price: $15.50
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Asche: The Easter Island Phenomenon
Asche: The Easter Island Phenomenon
Finally! New album from Asche featuring remixes by Eva|3, Xsoz, Zeller, Saturmzlide, DJ Intoner, Sabes, and Oszillotom. 18 tracks total.
Asche: The Easter Island PhenomenonMore Details

01. doing bad things
02. another prig
03. something evil (version)
04. a streched crash
05. knee chopper (version)
06. destroying home
07. neither...nor (version)
08. wasted hedon
09. count suckers
10. dig it! (count suckers pt.2)
11. dogday sunrise
12. futurewaste (prig rmx)
13. something evil (rmx)
14. knee chopper (rmx)
15. neither...nor (rmx)
16. waste (wasted hedon rmx)
17. steamroom (guilty pleasure rmx)
18. darth sux (count suckers rmx)

Price: $15.00
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Candle Nine: The Muse In The Machine
Candle Nine: The Muse In The Machine
The debut album by Chicago's Candle Nine and Tympanik's first release for 2010.
Brutality meets beauty with expert precision to arrive with such perfect cohesiveness and purpose, your mind is sure to contradict your body.
CD includes remixes by Autoclav1.1 and Access To Arasaka.

Now shipping...

Candle Nine: The Muse In The MachineMore Details

Internally Threaded
Raison D’etre
Icarus Descending
Kerrianne’s Spine
Someone Anyone
Wintermute (Access To Arasaka rmx)
R5-D50-R8 (Autoclav1.1 rmx)

Price: $10.00
Pneumatic Detach: Grinderscaper Tshirt
Pneumatic Detach: Grinderscaper Tshirt

Price: $11.00
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Bitcrush: Of Embers
Bitcrush: Of Embers
'Of Embers' is an hour in length, yet boasts only six tracks; three tracks over 10 minutes and two that approach 15 minutes. Of Embers finds Cadoo looking even further back into his experiences and inner struggles than ever before to create what may be the most hopeful album of his musical career.
Bitcrush: Of EmbersMore Details

1 Of Embers 8:06
2 Dream Unto Fathoms 8:06
3 Fray The Middle To Meet The Ends 14:45
4 The Days We Spent Within 7:09
5 Ascension 15:41
6 Demons & Dandelions 2:29

Price: $11.00
Near The Parenthesis: Music For The Forest Concourse
Near The Parenthesis: Music For The Forest Concourse
Near the Parenthesis returns with "Music for the Forrest Concourse". Tim Arndt's fourth album for n5MD. It is music for staring upwards and listening attentively or casually.' However you choose to listen Music for the Forrest Concourse will provide many rewards.
Near The Parenthesis: Music For The Forest ConcourseMore Details

1 Good Evening
2 Lambent Traces Of The Day
3 Settle In
4 Pollarding Trees
5 Not Here, Not Tonight
6 Within An Orbit
7 Inertia (Stay Right Here)
8 Diffused
9 Low Horizon
10 Designing This Building
11 Pull Yourself Together
12 Good Night

Price: $11.00
Ruxpin: Where Do We Float From Here?
Ruxpin: Where Do We Float From Here?
Due to an overwhelming demand, Ruxpin's "Where Do We Float From Here?" (originally released in 2009 on n5MD's digital imprint Enpeg Digital) is being rereleased on CD. 'Where Do We Float From Here?' is 16 tracks of finely tuned, well crafted electronica from a highly underrated artist.
Ruxpin: Where Do We Float From Here?More Details
I Saw Her Standing There
Her Body Smells of Cinnamon
We All Carry Our Ghost
Chasing Dandelions
Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable
My Tricycle Can Float from Planet to Planet
She Danced the Waltz
Where the Wild Things Are
She Played This Song for Me When I Was Five
I Noticed You Hovering Above Me
The View Looks Good From Up Here
Underwater Playground (Starfishes are invited)
The Boy Who Gazed at the Eclipse
Who Did You See in the Mist?
A Sunrise (and They Turned into Stones)
Now I Turn To You

Price: $11.00
Snog: Last Of The Great Romantics
Snog: Last Of The Great Romantics
Excellent new album from the legendary Snog on Hymen Records.
Snog: Last Of The Great RomanticsMore Details

1 We’re All In This Together
2 The End Of The World
3 Wargasm
4 Sleepwalk
5 Big Black Hole
6 This World (Done Me Wrong)
7 Cosmic Caveman
8 A Man
9 The Fires
10 The Prisoner Song
11 Sing Your Troubles Away

Price: $15.00
SubtractivLAD: Life At The End Of The World
SubtractivLAD: Life At The End Of The World
On "Life At the End of the World," Hummel's 6th album, percussive elements, pretense of genre, and theoretical pollutants that could cloud the candid nature of this current ripple in Hummel's pond are a thing of the past. The result is one of subtractiveLad's most lush yet thread bare albums to date.
SubtractivLAD: Life At The End Of The WorldMore Details

1 Beginning Again
2 Those Who Lose Dreaming Are Lost
3 Summer In Your Mouth
4 Ne Plus Ultra
5 The Deep And Lovely Quiet
6 Nautilus
7 With Eternal Lids Apart
8 Once The Stars Have Been Washed From The Sky
9 Life At The End Of The World
10 Always Ending

Price: $11.00
Another Electronic Musician: States Of Space
Another Electronic Musician: States Of Space
Although this approach may seem more minimalist on paper, it has not at all affected the production, melodicism or density of the Another Electronic Musician sound.
Another Electronic Musician: States Of SpaceMore Details

1 Late Monday
2 Fields And Axioms
3 Inflationary
4 Treading
5 Fnctnl
6 Memetic
7 Atheos
8 She Said
9 Fourteen Waters
10 Venatici

Price: $11.00
Somatic Responses: Neon
Somatic Responses: Neon
New acidy breakcore from the Healy Brothers on Hymen Records.
Somatic Responses: NeonMore Details

1 Another Rainy Day
2 I Was Neon
3 Vulse
4 Survive (Live Mix)
5 Dark Days
6 Meta Material
7 Repeated Human Error
8 Tickling The Machines
9 Drilldown
10 Quantum Religion (Fuqedmix)
11 Wavetwister (Schizo Mix)
12 Super Conductor
13 Sick Puppy

Price: $15.00
Diaphane: Samdhya
Diaphane: Samdhya
Excellent debut CD from Diaphane on the Ant-Zen label. Highly recommended.
Diaphane: SamdhyaMore Details

1 Nebula
2 Les Hautes Terres
3 Platinium
4 Signa
5 Petals
6 The Icefield
7 Isthme
8 Undefined
9 Chandra's Breath

Price: $15.00
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Architect: Consume Adapt Create
Architect: Consume Adapt Create
Finally, new album from Architect!
Architect: Consume Adapt CreateMore Details

1 The Bitch Is Back
2 The Shadow Of Eve
3 Fast Lane (Freeze Frame)
4 Unhuman
5 For You
6 So I Went Out
7 Unhuman (Reprise Française)
8 Attack Ships On Fire
9 Pure
10 I Lost My 808 On A Rainy Day
11 Awake (Album Version)
12 The Beauty And The Beat (Rokka)
13 Wachsmuth

Price: $15.00
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Bipol: Fritter Away
Bipol: Fritter Away
2nd album from Bipol on Ant-Zen.
Bipol: Fritter AwayMore Details

1 Too Much
2 My Challenge
3 It Makes Me Sick
4 In The Name Of The Workers
5 The Menacing Kiss
6 Talk About My Scream
7 Contest Of Devotion
8 In My Hand
9 Confusion
10 Fatal Attack
11 Claustrophobic News
12 Manipulation Now

Price: $15.00
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EP
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EP
New re-release of Flint Glass' excellent album 'Nyarlathotep' + a bonus EP of 7 new tracks. Features remixes and collaborations with Ah-Cama Sotz, Disharmony, This 'Morn Omina, Empusae, and Xabec.

Highly recommended!
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep / From Beyond EPMore Details

1-01 R'lyeh La Morte
1-02 Nyarlathotep
1-03 Brain Speaking Machine
1-04 Azathoth
1-05 De Vermis Mysteriis
1-06 Ubbo-Sathla
1-07 Nephren-Ka
1-08 Hastur
1-09 Alhazred
1-10 Yuggoth
1-11 Angular Space
1-12 Shudde M'ell
1-13 Cthulhu Dawn
1-14 Yog-Sothot
1-15 Slither Chaos
1-16 Brain Death (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix)
1-17 Germ Code (Disharmony Remix)
1-18 Brain Speaking Machine (Xabec Remix)
1-19 R'lyeh La Morte (This Morn' Omina & Empusae Remix)

From Beyond EP

2-01 Al Takwi
2-02 Ghroth
2-03 Hypnos2
2-04 Yegg Ha
2-05 Al Azif
2-06 Xurhn
2-07 The Hound

Price: $17.00
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3
Tympanik Audio’s highly-anticipated third compilation release celebrating the entry of our 3rd year of existence. Meticulously selected, compiled, and refined, ‘Emerging Organisms 3‘ continues this critically-acclaimed compilation series featuring the very best in futuristic and forward-thinking electronic artists from around the world.
Various Artists: Emerging Organisms 3More Details

Disc One:

01 - SE: Chrono
02 - Access To Arasaka: Kill Recorder
03 - Klangstabil: Beziehungsohr (Subheim remix)
04 - Lucidstatic: Coal Cage (Access To Arasaka remix)
05 - Aphorism: Arc Towards
06 - Candle Nine: Penumbra
07 - S:cage: Seven Endings (Departure)
08 - Ab Ovo: Bees
09 - Displacer: Sun_Phase (Nightfall mix)
10 - Empusae: Hard Boiled Wonderland (Detritus remix)
11 - Loss: 071123
12 - Terminal Sound System: We Eat The Sun
13 - Opposite Exhale: Clear Green
14 - If: I Only Miss You When You’re Here (remix)

Disc Two:

01 - IP Neva: Calm Before The Storm
02 - Millipede: Cell Division
03 - Liar’s Rosebush: You Are Here
04 - Famine: Sig/Int
05 - Fractional: Blood
06 - Michael Fakesch: Rand VA
07 - Metaform: OCD
08 - Autoclav1.1: Let Me Sleep
09 - Raoul Sinier: Untitled10
10 - Undermathic: Bodhi
11 - Keef Baker: Trion
12 - Tapage & Meander: Jelly Battleship
13 - Skytree: Stomata Spirit
14 - Poordream: Immense Present
15 - OTX: Anna

Price: $10.00
Empusae: Mortusae 2CD
Empusae: Mortusae 2CD
New 2CD release from Empusae on Hands Productions!
Empusae: Mortusae 2CDMore Details

1-01 Agony (Misère I)
1-02 Out Of Question (Misère II)
1-03 God
1-04 Masterslave
1-05 Knowledge
1-06 Oorlog
1-07 Fantasm I
1-08 Fantasm II
1-09 The Binding Of Destruction
1-10 Beauty Of Decay
1-11 They're So Sweet
1-12 Ritual Evil
1-13 Game Of Confession
1-14 Assassination
2-01 Extra-Muros
2-02 Résurrection
2-03 Epiceas
2-04 Dark Alchemy0
2-05 Ceremony (Empusae Vs Converter)
2-06 Melkor
2-07 Tenebris For The Unborn (Live At Mfest 08 Feat. Thomas Hein And Xabec)
2-08 Niflheim (Godlike) (Live At Mfest 08 Feat. Synapscape)
2-09 Entering Oblivion (Live At Mfest 08 Feat. Roger Rotor And Salt)

Price: $18.00
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Markus Guentner: Doppelgaenger
Markus Guentner: Doppelgaenger
New from Sending Orbs!
Markus Guentner: DoppelgaengerMore Details

1 Angelpunkt
2 Das Haus Steht Leer
3 Doppelgaenger
4 Flimmerfrequenz
5 Dreiglanz
6 Asphaltwiese1
7 Meer Der Luegen
8 Niederwald
9 Toter Hafen

Price: $18.00
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Heimstatt Yipotash: Urban Night Motifs
Heimstatt Yipotash: Urban Night Motifs
Fucking bad-ass lo-fi high-tech rhythmic noise album from Heimstatt on Hands. Recommended!
Heimstatt Yipotash: Urban Night MotifsMore Details

1 In Statu Nascendi
2 Get Lost
3 Mindcartridge
4 Breathe In, Freak Out
5 Brain Amplifier
6 Augmented Reality
7 Metro Dwellers9
8 Urban Night Motifs
9 Seismic Shift
10 Well Oiled Crescent5
11 Pavement Chicks
12 Brick Boxed
13 Mis/Dis/Un/In/Anti
14 Taepodong-2
15 Vita Minima
16 Urban Night Motifs (Club 71)

Price: $16.00
Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1
Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1
Excellent new compilation from the Greek label Impulsive Art featuring new tracks by Mad EP, Keef Baker, Tapage, Larvae, IP Neva, Atmogat, Mobthrow, and many more...
Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1More Details

1 IP Neva - Artificial Crisis
2 Moogulator - Iron Triangle

3 Atmogat - Distorg
4 Tapage - Last Inhale
5 Mobthrow - Xsozheim
6 Abstractive Noise - Charnel’s Insects
7 Keef Baker - Sapphire
8 Mad EP - Wahnbriefe
9 Larvae - Shogun
10 Nole Plastique - Bright Sight
11 Andrey Kiritchenko - A Vesper
12 Spyweirdos - The Oldest Door

Price: $15.00
Mnemonic: Denkmodell
Mnemonic: Denkmodell
New Mnemonic album on Halbsicht!
Mnemonic: DenkmodellMore Details

stille tage
die kunst des schweigens
entdeckung der einsamkeit
ein hauch von poesie
im augenblick
ein ich aus glas

Price: $14.00
Defrag: Lament Element
Defrag: Lament Element
Newest release from the Hymen Records label.
Defrag: Lament ElementMore Details

1 Till It Disappeared 3:43
2 Long Horrible Shadows 3:06
3 The Stones 3:23
4 Madness Rides The Star Wind 4:13
5 The Old Growth 4:37
6 Infinitely Old 1:40
7 Infinitely Horrible 2:56
8 Tommy 2:48
9 Element L1 1:46
10 Color My Dreams 4:38
11 Pale Shotguns 2:31
12 Worrit Betrake 4:03
13 Carrion Signal 4:04

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2009 compilation
Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2009 compilation
2CD festival compilation featuring new tracks by DJ Hidden, This Morn' Omina, Hecq, Greyhound, The Teknoist, Tzolk'in, S.K.E.T., Heimstatt Yipotash, Nin Kuji, and many more. Kick ass...
Various Artists: Maschinenfest 2009 compilationMore Details

Nin Kuji - Traditions Keeper 4:38
1.2 Last Days Of S.E.X. - Amphisonic Hypers.e.x.ual Mayhem 4:51
1.3 Sudden Infant - Tandoori Chicken Scooter III 4:07
1.4 Broken Note - War In The Making (Remix By Niveau Zero) 4:49
Remix - Niveau Zero
1.5 Contaminant - Copykill 4:05
1.6 Gjöll w/ Cut-Throat Mind - Derívé 4:17
1.7 Heimstatt Ypotash* - Suburban Night Motif 4:19
1.8 Hecq - Steeltongued (Hecq Remix) 4:32
Remix - Hecq
1.9 This Morn Omina* - Harridan 4:15
1.10 Alarmen - Wenn Schon Dann Aber Richtig (Bitstream Version) 3:02
1.11 Mono-Amine - Taking The Control Away 4:45
1.12 Greyhound - Gendesign 5:19
2.1 Teknoist, The - This Skull Of Mine (Hurts Like Fuck) 6:07
2.2 Brighter Death Now vs. Grammal Seizure...* - Hunger For Love (Remixed) 6:33
2.3 Geneviéve Pasquier* - Touch It Like A Dick 4:47
2.4 Pow[d]er Pussy - Reactiv8theindustry 3:24
2.5 100blumen - There Is No Power Without Violence 5:11
2.6 Synapscape - Maldito Insomnio 3:32
2.7 Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim - I Am A Cannibal 4:53
2.8 Angina P - Clarity 5:20
2.9 Dazzling Malicious - Dancing Elephant 4:25
2.10 DJ Hidden - Threethreethree 2:52
2.11 Tzolk'in - Xipe-Totec (MF Edition) 6:03
2.12 S.K.E.T. - Move On! (Reform Future Mix) 4:41

Price: $17.00
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DJ Hidden: The Words Below
DJ Hidden: The Words Below
At long last, the new album by DJ Hidden from the Ad Noiseam label. You won't be disappointed - well worth the wait!
DJ Hidden: The Words BelowMore Details

01. Prologue 2:57
02. The Traveller 6:02
03. Drawn In 5:39
04. Poisoned Chocolate 3:03
05. A Different Yesterday 5:37
06. The Dreamer 6:52
07. The Narrators 6:41
08. It Feels Wrong 4:57
09. No Notice 4:40
10. Cover Up 3:33
11. Broken Seconds 7:04
12. The Words Below 5:55
13. The Devil's Instant 5:53
33. Epilogue 3:33

Price: $13.00
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The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Emsemble: Here Be Dragons
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Emsemble: Here Be Dragons
Excellent new album from KDJE on Ad Noiseam!
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Emsemble: Here Be DragonsMore Details

1 Lead Squid
2 Caravan!
3 Embers
4 Sirocco
5 Mists Of Krakatoa
6 Sharbat Gula
7 Samhain Labs
8 Seneca
9 The MacGuffin

Price: $13.00
The Last Gambit: Mafiaparty, Nice You Were There!
The Last Gambit: Mafiaparty, Nice You Were There!
Side-project of Mnemonic and Qasot on the Halbsicht label.
The Last Gambit: Mafiaparty, Nice You Were There!More Details

35 - minutes - meditation with a shaolin monk
a tattoo from amsterdam
attention! the colour is bleeding
i've killed a radio star
mafiaparty, nice you were there!
my little bird died on a rainy
sunny days got you down?
the corpulent cowboy
we are no very important persons
whisky is a good god
the last gambit

Price: $14.00
Gjoll: Sum Of Transformations
Gjoll: Sum Of Transformations
New album by Gjoll on Ant-Zen!
Gjoll: Sum Of TransformationsMore Details

1 Natural Anarchy 7:52
2 Abandon All Hope 10:05
3 The Only True Philosophical Problem 9:30
4 Tucking In For The Collapse 9:02
5 Dérive W/Cut-Throat Mind 8:02
6 Unity With The Earthworms 7:56
7 At The Hanging Of The Last Of The Career Politicians 7:04

Price: $15.00
Aerosol: Airborne
Aerosol: Airborne
This is personal listening at its best. Every song is a landscape and every one of those hazy landscapes has a story. You'll just need to get Airborne for the anecdote.
Aerosol: AirborneMore Details

1 Midnight Ride Down The Mental Freeway
2 Airborne
3 Infinite Expanse
4 Psychedelic Coffee Buzz
5 Transition
6 Dreams Flow Wide
7 Let The Seasons Drift
8 Sleepy Sunset
9 Softly Slipping

Price: $11.00
Imminent: Cask Strength
Imminent: Cask Strength
Brand new album by Imminent (finally!) on Ant-Zen.
Imminent: Cask StrengthMore Details

1 Séracs 4:44
2 Gari 4:08
3 Bock 4:42
4 Garn 5:29
5 Lorsc 5:27
6 Teskede 6:05
7 Ila 8:44
8 Cling 2:33
9 Rubbs 6:11
10 Droak 7:35
11 Ebat 6:23
12 Thal 2:09

Price: $15.00
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Detritus: Things Gone Wrong
Detritus: Things Gone Wrong
Finally! New Detritus album on Ad Noiseam!
Detritus: Things Gone WrongMore Details

Left Behind
Things Gone Wrong
Breaking Eggshells
Fields Of Dead Leaves
Beautiful People Die (Remix By Mothboy)
Haunted (Remix By Niveau Zero)

Price: $13.00
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Raoul Sinier: Tremens Industry CD/DVD
Raoul Sinier: Tremens Industry CD/DVD
New CD/DVD album from the one-and-only Raoul Sinier on Ad Noiseam!
Raoul Sinier: Tremens Industry CD/DVDMore Details

CD.1 Overthoughts 4:54
CD.2 Sand Skull 4:19
CD.3 The Hole 3:46
CD.4 Alternative Rush 4:08
CD.5 Map For A Tactical Nonsense 4:39
CD.6 List Of Things 2:59
CD.7 Boxes 4:53
Vocals - Sylvie Frétet
CD.8 Confusion Room 3:54
CD.9 Overthoughts Reprise 2:59
CD.10 Elle A Raison 3:11
CD.11 Tremens Industry 3:56
CD.12 This Little Mouse 3:12
CD.13 Hard Summer 5:34
DVD.1 Intro 0:04
DVD.2 Tremens Industry 3:38
DVD.3 Alternative Rush 3:41
DVD.4 Babytrash 0:20
DVD.5 Brain Kitchen 3:59
DVD.6 The Hole Trailer 1:42
DVD.7 Breeders Club 3:50
DVD.8 Ev. Panic 4:20
DVD.9 Intermission 0:36
DVD.10 Let The Wxfds Hit'em 1:52
DVD.11 Listen Close 3:55
DVD.12 Tremens Industry Trailer 2:24
DVD.13 Wonderful Bastard 4:00
DVD.14 256 1:23
DVD.15 Transfixed Night 3:58
DVD.16 Huge Samurai Radish 4:45
DVD.17 Skinfest 5:31
DVD.18 La Peau Du Soldat 4:32
DVD.19 Let's Make A New Guitar 6:42
DVD.20 Speedpainting 1 6:07
DVD.21 Speedpainting 2 4:45
DVD.22 Speedpainting 3 9:26
DVD.23 Speedpainting 4 9:19
DVD.24 Speedpainting 5 7:20
DVD.25 Speedpainting 6 8:12
DVD.26 Credits 1:03
DVD.27 Tremens Industry Secret Remix (Hidden) 1:57

Price: $18.00
Broken Note: Terminal Static
Broken Note: Terminal Static
The much-talked about new album by Broken Note. Check out what we already know... Highly recommended.
Broken Note: Terminal StaticMore Details

Mortal Bass
Let' Em Hang
Mask Of Gas
War In The Making
Juno Reactor: Tokyo Dub (Remix By Broken Note)
The Fury
Dubversion (Remix By Hecq)
Crux (Remix By I Am The Sun)

Price: $13.00
Wilt: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 2CD
Wilt: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 2CD
New 2CD collection from Wilt on Ad Noiseam! Featuring collaborations by Larvae, Horchata, Sickness, Veil Of Secrecy, and more.
Wilt: Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks 2CDMore Details

Cemetery Road
1-01 Wilt - Red Bird, Black Sky 7:03
1-02 Wilt - The Weight Of Headstones 3:26
1-03 Wilt - A Small Release 7:07
1-04 Wilt - Escape 9:01
1-05 Wilt - A Deaf Cry 10:29
1-06 Wilt - The Realm Of Shattered Prisms 10:25
1-07 Wilt - The Grim 3:24
1-08 Wilt - Symptom Of The End 4:54
1-09 Wilt - Serpent Dream 8:24
1-10 Wilt - The Remainder 5:26
1-11 Wilt - To An End 4:47
Dead Electroniks
2-01 Wilt - Constellation 4:02
2-02 Climax Denial - A Case Of Castration Anxiety 5:57
2-03 Cornucopia - Megalith 6:49
2-04 Theologian - A Room With Neither Entrance, Nor Exit 7:19
2-05 Luasa Raelon - Entombed In Velvet 4:17
2-06 Veil Of Secrecy - Beyond The Valley Of The Dead 6:02
2-07 Mark Solotroff - Signe Correct Correspondant 5:01
2-08 Josh Lay - In The Shadow Of Dead Angels 5:51
2-09 Locrian - Void 7:42
2-10 Sickness - The Blood Runs Thinner With Each Breath 6:22
2-11 Horchata - Broken Diodes 6:19
2-12 Larvae - The Many Armed Beast 3:30
2-13 Wilt - Dusk 9:37

Price: $15.00
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Various Artists: Kod.Ex 2CD compilation
Various Artists: Kod.Ex 2CD compilation
Excellent 2CD compilation from Brume Records featuring 26 exclusive tracks by Iszoloscope, Asche, Mono No Aware, Roger Rotor, This Morn’ Omina, Mlada Fronta, Oil 10, Ex_Tension, Flint Glass, Empusae, Twinkle, Ab Ovo, Lith, Detritus and many more...
Various Artists: Kod.Ex 2CD compilationMore Details
Ab Ovo
Ch District
Element Abuse
Flint Glass
Le Diktat
Mlada Fronta
Mono No Aware
Oil 1O
Roger Rotor
Sonic Area
Sulphuric Saliva
Sylvgheist Maëlström
This Morn’Omina

Price: $18.00
Contaminant: Rotcast 2CD
Contaminant: Rotcast 2CD
2CD album from Contaminant featuring remixes by Hypnoskull, Iszoloscope, W.A.S.T.E., Config.sys, Nin Kuji, HIV+, The [Law-Rah] Collective, and more. Released on Pflichtkauf.
Contaminant: Rotcast 2CDMore Details

1-01 Intro 0:47
1-02 After The Flash 4:24
1-03 Drowning In Shallow Water 6:08
1-04 Rottenstill-Deadagain (Album) 5:47
1-05 Attack Of The Astro Zombie 5:04
1-06 Basshugger 4:31
1-07 Pitchblack 4:41
1-08 Bulletproof Me 4:56
1-09 The Way We Twitch (Album) 5:50
1-10 Tiefenrausch 4:36
1-11 Futureworld 4:30
1-12 Overdubbing In My Mind 4:43
1-13 Sea53 4:23
1-14 Impulse101 4:58
1-15 Bunker Toys (Album) 4:38
1-16 Dead Girls Won't Let Go (Outro) 3:58
2-01 The Way We Twitch 5:15
Remix - Law-Rah Collective, The*
2-02 Cannibal State (Stratosphere Mix) 9:08
Remix - Spherical Disrupted
2-03 Attack Of The Astro Zombie 4:42
Remix - Okk-Ulth
2-04 Tiefenrausch 4:50
Remix - Jordan Dare
2-05 Headshot 3:34
Remix - HIV+
2-06 Bulletproof Me 3:14
Remix - Nin Kuji , Trait (4)
2-07 Sea53 (Grindmix) 4:54
Remix - Config.sys
2-08 Drowning In Shallow Water 5:08
Remix - Triebwerk (2)
2-09 Sea53 4:38
Remix - Iszoloscope
2-10 Rottenstill-Deadagain 5:08
Remix - Hypnoskull
2-11 Impulse101 4:47
Remix - W.A.S.T.E.

Price: $17.00
Port-Royal: Dying In Time
Port-Royal: Dying In Time
Excellent new about from Italy's Port-Royal and when we say excellent, we mean excellent. New on n5MD.

Highly recommended.
Port-Royal: Dying In TimeMore Details

01 HVA (Failed Revolutions) 8:28
02 Nights In Kiev 7:02
03 Anna Ustinova 3:58
04 Exhausted Muse\Europe 9:37
05 I Used To Be Sad 4:41
06 Susy: Blue East Fading 8:34
07 The Photoshopped Prince 4:05
08 Balding Generation (Losing Hair As We Lose Hope) 8:49
09 Hermitage Pt. 1 5:21
10 Hermitage Pt. 2 5:24
11 Hermitage Pt. 3

Price: $11.00
100blumen: Down With The System, Long Live The System!
100blumen: Down With The System, Long Live The System!
New album by 100blumen on Ant-Zen!
100blumen: Down With The System, Long Live The System!More Details

1 Introduction 3:01
2 The Unrest 4:30
3 A Bullet 5:00
4 No Good 5:01
5 Silence In Times Of Rage And Suffer 4:09
6 Tired Green 4:18
7 Crash 4:34
8 The Anger 4:36
9 Unbreakable 4:32
10 Destroy Everything You Hate 4:37
11 Klimaveränderung 15:12

Price: $15.00
Genevieve Pasquier: Le Cabaret Moi
Genevieve Pasquier: Le Cabaret Moi
New album by Geneviéve Pasquier on Ant-Zen!
Genevieve Pasquier: Le Cabaret MoiMore Details

1 Changing 4:24
2 Bouge! 5:21
3 Mon Cabaret 4:05
4 10000 Miles 3:08
5 Fusion 5:37
6 Emotion I 1:42
7 Rubberpop 4:33
8 Trance 4:04
9 Nobodys Darling 5:30
10 Emotion II 2:14
11 All The Other Girls 4:34
12 Warm Leatherette 3:35
Written-By - Daniel Miller
13 Preception 3:33
14 Some Days Ago 6:50

Price: $15.00
Lusine: A Certain Distance
Lusine: A Certain Distance
Brand new album from Lusine! Limited supply so don't wait!
Lusine: A Certain DistanceMore Details

1 Operation Costs
2 Two Dots
Vocals, Lyrics By - Vilja Larjosto
3 Tin Hat
4 Thick Of It
5 Twilight
Vocals, Lyrics By - Vilja Larjosto
6 Baffle
7 Every Disguise
8 Double Vision
9 Gravity
Vocals, Lyrics By - Caitlin Sherman
10 Crowded Room
11 Cirrus

Price: $16.00
Millipede: All My Best Intentions
Millipede: All My Best Intentions
New on Hymen. A Tympanik Chicago home-town favourite. Recommended.
Millipede: All My Best IntentionsMore Details

1 Endless (4:18)
2 Gentle Devils (4:56)
3 Recesses (6:17)
4 Diplopoda Crawl (4:50)
5 Conceivor (4:11)
6 Coming Storm (4:21)
7 Reoccurring Themes In The Artist's Work (4:55)
8 Wonder & Spirals (5:37)
9 30,000 (4:16)
10 Waiting (5:01)
11 Snow Crystals (4:56)
12 Deepest Peace (4:41)
13 Deepest Peace (Disturbed As Hecq Remix) (3:08)
Remix - Hecq

Price: $15.00
Varous Artists: Schlagstrom vol. 4
Varous Artists: Schlagstrom vol. 4
New Schlagstrom compilation featuring Asche, Bad Sector, Le Moderniste, Mono No Aware, Last Days of S.E.X., Synapscape, Ahnst Anders, and many more. A lot of bang for your buck!
Varous Artists: Schlagstrom vol. 4More Details

1 Kunst Als Strafe Eroding (3:51)
2 In Slaughter Natives Ich Habe (2009 Remix) (4:28)
3 Asche Prig (Version) (1:55)
4 Doc ./. Trodz From The Bunker (2:08)
5 Bad Sector A-Life (Preview) (2:46)
6 Cabaret Grotesque Schrittmuster (3:48)
7 Last Dominion Lost The Shell In The Chamber (4:21)
8 Le Moderniste Moist Vagaries (3:26)
9 Mono No Aware Kanden (3:40)
10 Kristus Kut Freedom Dances (3:41)
11 Noizemachine Tour Truckers* Re-Loading (3:15)
12 Insekt Dreamscape (Live Recording 1992) (4:27)
13 Synapscape Take A Seat And Die (4:10)
14 Last Days Of S.E.X. Solidarity To The Immigrants (4:01)
15 Spherical Disrupted Induction (4:16)
16 Traumasutra Sjamaan (Schlagstrom Edit) (2:49)
17 Siamgda Dhira (2:54)
18 Wertham Thinspiration Generation (3:47)
19 Ahnst Anders & Toninstitut Calling (3:52)
20 For Greater Good Usufruct (Live Session) (3:47)
21 Analog Suicide As Beta 3 (Short Version) (2:27)

Price: $16.00
Ahnst Anders: New Ways
Ahnst Anders: New Ways
Brand new on Ant-Zen. Focused atmospheric beddings and infectious minimal percussion movements with bubbling beat-work.
Ahnst Anders: New WaysMore Details

1 Something There (9:07)
2 Crushed (5:57)
3 Dust (6:26)
4 Silent Whisper (7:54)
5 Hybrid (11:05)
6 Phonique (8:53)
7 Forrest (9:40)
8 Still Here (6:40)
9 Night & Day (6:56)

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: 4 Years Of D.I.Y.
Various Artists: 4 Years Of D.I.Y.
Le Petit Machiniste label compilation featuring Marching Dynamics, Synapscape, Ah Cama-Sotz, Coreline, Detritus, The [Law-Rah] Collective, Imminent, and more.
Various Artists: 4 Years Of D.I.Y.More Details

1 Spherical Disrupted Cosmological Redshift (Stationary Reference) (1:59)
2 Marching Dynamics Diviner's Sage (4:39)
3 Matter (4) Tephra (3:26)
4 Synapscape Swine Cough (3:44)
5 Ah Cama-Sotz Alien Final Sequel (4:19)
6 16 Pad Noise Terrorist* Illuminated Fear (4:15)
7 Man, The (12) Beaver March (4:06)
8 Coreline Progress At Cost (5:26)
9 Frl.Linientreu* Unthinkable Love (4:01)
10 Warbaby & Detritus See-Saw (4:04)
11 Dazzling Malicious Malicious Dub (Ahnst Anders Remix) (4:00)
Remix - Ahnst Anders
12 Trait (4) Fake Records (Handjob Edit) (4:02)
13 Graph (3) Ebuc (3:57)
14 Saal5 Liebling, Reich Mir Mal Die Butter (3:30)
15 RotorBlumen The Mating Sounds Of North Switzerland Rotors (3:55)
16 [Law-Rah] Collective, The Death By Scythe (3:23)
17 Loss Unconscious Regret (4:01)
18 Imminent Bock (3:50)
19 Nin Kuji Sojobo Image (4:00)

Price: $16.00
Lingouf: Ange Et Gruikk
Lingouf: Ange Et Gruikk
New from Ant-Zen. The weirdest and coolest rhythmic noise act around. Recommended.
Lingouf: Ange Et GruikkMore Details

1 Le Carnaval Des Animaux (9:14)
2 Ange Et Gruikk (9:00)
3 Garage (11:55)
4 Vifoogy (8:53)
5 St-Geniez (8:09)
6 Dorpramepasu (7:31)

Price: $15.00
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End: The Dangerous Class
End: The Dangerous Class
New on Hymen! Crazy funk-electro-noise-breakbeat that is sure to have Ad Noiseam fans swooning.
End: The Dangerous ClassMore Details

1 Theme From The Sick Generation (3:18)
2 Jailbait Rock (3:38)
3 Living In A Monochromatic World (2:54)
4 LSD Made A Wreck Of Me (3:24)
5 The Sadist (2:51)
6 Misspent Youth (3:04)
7 Pills To Make You Fun (2:18)
8 A Fistful Of Matches (4:36)
9 The Wretched Of The Earth (1:39)
10 A Long Time Dying (2:50)
11 My Hippy Sex Cult (2:39)
12 A Rebel From The Waist Down (1:40)
13 Bad Girls Go To Hell (3:39)
14 A Side Of Dirty (6:13)
15 Everything In Excess (2:43)
16 Dance Of The Lumpenproles (2:29)
17 The Dangerous Class (5:21)

Price: $15.00
Poordream: Immaterial Monarch
Poordream: Immaterial Monarch
Brand new release from Spectraliquid!

Lovely down-tempo matched with sophisticated beats. Think early Mnemonic or Lassigue Bendthaus. Definitely worth a listen.
Poordream: Immaterial MonarchMore Details

1 Immaterial Monarch (5:16)
2 Immaterial Monarch (Grandma Version) (6:03)
3 Immaterial Monarch (Broken Tempo Remix) (4:09)
Remixer - Broken Tempo
4 Immaterial Monarch (Nadsat Remix) (3:05)
Remixer - Nadsat
5 Immaterial Monarch (Monotomus Remix) (4:16)
Remixer - Monotomus
6 Immaterial Monarch (Mr. F. Remix) (6:31)
Remixer - Mr. F.
7 Immaterial Monarch (Mahos Paterakis Riot Mix) (5:39)
Remixer - Mahos Paterakis
8 Immaterial Monarch (Dama Remix) (5:03)
Remixer - Dama
9 Immaterial Monarch (Tape86 Remix) (4:58)
Remixer - Tape86
10 Sounds Of Consciousness (7:00)

Price: $10.00
Heimstatt Yipotash vs. Takhthk: Prototypes
Heimstatt Yipotash vs. Takhthk: Prototypes
One of our favourite rhythmic noise acts goes head-to-head with Takhthk on this extremely-limited Cdr release from 9t9 Records.
Heimstatt Yipotash vs. Takhthk: PrototypesMore Details

1 TAKHTAHK Playground EA (1:55)
2 Heimstatt Yipotash Loboters (3:33)
3 TAKHTAHK Paw (4:09)
4 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK Luminous Dashboard (Meanwhile Mix By Takhtahk) (3:45)
5 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK Back To Red Mustard Cabbage (Heavy In Order Mix By Hyt) (4:28)
Mixed By - Hyt*
6 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK Down In The Streets Today (Fantastic) (3:31)
7 TAKHTAHK Give Me Sun (4:05)
8 TAKHTAHK Fornax (4:29)
9 Heimstatt Yipotash El Male Rachamin (3:13)
10 TAKHTAHK Waiting (4:39)
11 Heimstatt Yipotash Mirror X32 (Discofieber) (3:56)
12 Heimstatt Yipotash Pol Pot (4:31)
13 TAKHTAHK Resignation (4:43)
14 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK En Route (Takhtahk Mix) (4:15)
15 Heimstatt Yipotash Tooth Reset (2:43)
16 Heimstatt Yipotash Denken≠Handeln (3:02)
17 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK DRNA 2009 (Takhtahk Rmx) (5:20)
18 Heimstatt Yipotash versus TAKHTAHK Spoon Of Reassurance (Disturbing Time Mix By Hyt) (4:06)
Mixed By - Hyt*
19 Untitled (0:43)

Price: $16.00
Exocet: Grotesque Consumer
Exocet: Grotesque Consumer
Finally, the new album by Exocet on Ant-Zen!

Exocet: Grotesque ConsumerMore Details

1 Sleepless Walking (5:16)
2 Tug Of War (5:08)
3 Like Hot And Bad Dreams (5:07)
4 Narcoholica (6:08)
5 The Line Is Profit (5:00)
6 Conflict Of Memories (4:55)
7 Fall In And Get Out (5:30)
8 Too Late But Enough (4:44)
9 Shocking Fact (5:15)
10 Tankhunter Are Not Patriots (6:39)
11 Sensitive Size (4:30)
12 There And Back Again (3:02)

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: Miwak Twelve 2CD compilation
Various Artists: Miwak Twelve 2CD compilation
Hymen Record's 12-year anniversary compilation featuring new tracks by Somatic Responses, Tonikom, Black Lung, Access To Arasaka, Hecq, Ginormous, Keef Baker, Blackfilm, Orphx, Marching Dynamics, and many more...

Now shipping.
Various Artists: Miwak Twelve 2CD compilationMore Details
1-1 The_Empath* At The Heart Of It All (5:07)
1-2 Slam52 Frosd (5:18)
1-3 Somatic Responses Takayama (Another Rainy Day) (4:11)
1-4 Millipede (2) Concevoir (Gaztheque Remix By Aphorism) (4:27)
Remix - Aphorism
1-5 Defrag* The Old Growth (4:40)
1-6 Tonikom The Source (5:23)
1-7 Nebulo Sunurb (6:04)
1-8 Deru Between You And Me (5:17)
1-9 Black Lung The Hostmen Of Tyne (5:06)
1-10 Lowfish Wreckage (4:50)
1-11 HPC Phoenix (6:17)
1-12 Access To Arasaka Xt10.20zp9 (5:01)
1-13 Architect Awake (4:09)
1-14 Dryft Vector Step (Elimination) (6:33)
1-15 Hecq Sleep Through The Day (6:52)
2-1 Combustion Building The House Of Vanity (Feat. Caro Roth) (4:28)
Featuring - Caro Roth
2-2 Ginormous Arrive With Eyes Ablaze (4:05)
2-3 Snog The End Of The World (Intimate Mix) (4:02)
2-4 Crunch (2) Karot (Vent Remix) (5:23)
Remix - Vent (6)
2-5 Mad EP Vs. Bryce Beverlin II Breakstuff (4:01)
2-6 Keef Baker Sacrifice (5:16)
2-7 Blackfilm Se5 (4:06)
2-8 Karsten Pflum Capstone Switch (5:05)
2-9 Abs6 Premiers Traitements (3:13)
2-10 Wisp The Bard (Postlude) (4:28)
2-11 Jérôme Chassagnard Timeless Travelers (5:08)
2-12 Mika Goedrijk Sore Eyes (5:30)
2-13 Marching Dynamics Almighty Bomb (3:01)
2-14 Orphx Intercession (Edit) (4:42)
2-15 Bit Shifter Easy Prey (3:38)
2-16 Dead Hollywood Stars Back In Town (5:34)
2-17 End Jailbait Rock (3:36)
2-18 Twenty Knives* Royal Vomitorium (4:09)

Price: $16.00
Proem: Til Theres No Breath
Proem: Til Theres No Breath
Finally! New Proem album released on Nonresponse / n5MD.
Proem: Til Theres No BreathMore Details

1 These Are Demands (2:17)
2 A Skin That Crawls (3:00)
3 A Skin That Burns (4:31)
4 Till There's No Breath (4:25)
5 Faceeater (4:41)
6 Coil Is Small Field (4:28)
7 Deadplate III (4:26)
8 Deadplate IV (5:49)
9 Alt Enter The Basket (6:27)
10 Dull Throbbing (5:15)
11 Grain Filters Can Dream Too (2:45)
12 Hope Is Great But We Need Caffeine (5:12)

Price: $14.00
Loess: Burrows
Loess: Burrows
The long-awaited new album by Loess on Nonresponse / N5md!
Loess: BurrowsMore Details

1 Lull (6:24)
2 Schoen (6:06)
3 Troper (7:16)
4 Fascine (2:06)
5 Tranter (2:24)
6 Bud (6:33)
7 Selkuth (11:55)
8 Spetaelska (6:34)
9 Nyckel (4:30)
10 Thresh (3:03)
11 Nomon (6:00)
12 Cyanor (7:06)
13 Hohn (8:34)

Price: $14.00
Kettel: Myam James part 1
Kettel: Myam James part 1
The excellent melodic IDM with acid rhythms - will certainly stay with you.
Kettel: Myam James part 1More Details

1 The Wombat
2 Dolend
3 Kroost Kids
4 Shimamoto
5 Church
6 Ende
7 Palle's Popsong
8 Fishfred
9 Twinkle Twinkle
10 My Dogan (Tranceparents Remix By Phoenecia)
11 Church (Remix By Secede)

Price: $15.00
Plastik Joy: 3:03
Plastik Joy: 3:03
It feels as sensual as it is lonely, as dreamy as it is conscious, and as bright as the dim glow of midnight streetlights, definitely music for after the after party. A perfect soundtrack to watch the sun return to its perch or to loose yourself in on a hazy day.
Plastik Joy: 3:03More Details

1 Sleepy Quest For Coffee (4:18)
2 Hands (4:22)
3 True Norwegian Black Metal (3:40)
4 Medispiace (6:35)
5 Problem With Humans (5:15)
6 Twenty-Ninth Of April (5:58)
7 Barcelona - Reykjavik [FHE276] (4:11)
8 No-Date Night (3:37)
9 63 (She Was Trying To Sleep, I Was Trying To Breathe) (7:29)
10 Asynchrony Of Lives (6:37)
11 Imperfect Diarchies (6:16)

Price: $11.00
Funckarma: Psar Dymog
Funckarma: Psar Dymog
Funckarma release on Symbolic Interaction.
Funckarma: Psar DymogMore Details

1 Amon Velvet (4:46)
2 Jenz Amd (3:28)
Synthesizer [Ps3300 Add] - Cor Bolten
3 Spine Ent (4:55)
Performer [Cowboy Drones] - Cor Bolten
4 Ymadyn Line (4:33)
5 Raud Bumb (4:38)
Performer [Phonetic Drones] - Cor Bolten
6 Bee Zaine (5:54)
7 Ambo Atin (5:04)
8 Dnr Ambin (3:14)
9 Stamp Dirn (5:04)
10 Tubed Infend (4:53)
11 Psar Dymog (4:58)
12 Pipe Screen (5:10)
13 Screed Reasched (2:44)
14 Noire Dane (5:13)
15 Kardane Syco (4:42)
16 Fanil Dredged (3:51)

Price: $14.00
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate Yourself
Recommended new album from Chicago's Telefon Tel Aviv. Gritty synth-pop electronica.
Telefon Tel Aviv: Immolate YourselfMore Details

01 The Birds (6:38)
02 Your Mouth (4:08)
03 M (3:42)
04 Helen Of Troy (3:11)
05 Mostly Translucent (4:15)
06 Stay Away From Being Maybe (4:23)
07 I Made A Tree On The Wold (4:39)
08 Your Every Idol (4:54)
09 You Are The Worst Thing In The World (4:43)
10 Immolate Yourself (5:38)

Price: $15.00
Hotels: Where Hearts Go Broke
Hotels: Where Hearts Go Broke
Indie-rock in the Morr Music vein.
Hotels: Where Hearts Go BrokeMore Details

Near The Desert, Near The City
Port Of Saints
Kite Fight
The Maudlin
On The Casino Floor
The Heart That Hears Like A Bat
Cafe Martinique
Flight Of The Navigator

Price: $12.00
MINT: Cardboard Rocketships
MINT: Cardboard Rocketships
Good up-beat IDM album for fans of Kettle.
MINT: Cardboard RocketshipsMore Details

I Don't Kvetch (4:45)
Grace (5:10)
System Cost (5:04)
Keiji's Dream (5:39)
Personal Spaces (4:25)
Aquarius (5:39)
Ulrich Schnauss Shine (Mint Remix) (5:29)
Musicbox Skit (1:23)
Tricycle Days (4:49)
Shoes Too Big For Her Feet (4:17)
Dorothy's Song (4:25)
Dead Pixel (5:09)
Whispering Gallery (4:52)

Price: $12.00
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Kettle: My Dogan
Kettle: My Dogan
Another excellent melodic IDM record from the one-and-only Kettle. On Sending Orbs.
Kettle: My DoganMore Details

1 My Dogan (4:47)
2 Dogan 9247 (1:02)
3 Mauerbrecher (6:07)
4 Billiton Beruh With Cleo&Wouter (2:09)
5 Little Tongues (4:16)
6 Meeuwuh (1:20)
7 Halt Him (5:34)
8 Mannschaft (2:32)
9 Follow Me! (4:57)
10 Peeksje 1994 (2:00)
11 Sekt I Sing (7:16)
12 Ok Norah (0:52)
13 Sylvia (3:02)
14 Afwezig (3:31)
15 The Second 2006 (5:06)
16 Escape From ETA Th2 (1:41)
17 Choo Choo India (7:26)
18 He's His Own Man (6:33)

Price: $15.00
Somatic Responses: Reformation
Somatic Responses: Reformation
New SR album on Ad Noiseam!
Somatic Responses: ReformationMore Details

1 Deadstep (5:23)
2 Reformation (4:41)
3 Murder Thought (5:44)
4 LFO Assassin (5:38)
5 Radiation Rhythm (4:51)
6 Panic Attack (3:11)
7 Dubscare (4:53)
8 Who's Stopping Ya! Killer (4:25)

Price: $13.00
Last Influence Of Brain: Two Faces
Last Influence Of Brain: Two Faces
New aggro-Industrial release from Aliens Production.
Last Influence Of Brain: Two FacesMore Details

01. Smile
02. Anabela
03. Judgement
04. Seven Reasons
05. Revolution
06. Three Holes
07. Your Destiny
08. Two Faces
09. Recently
10. Turn To Dust
11. You Make Me Sick
12. Influences

Price: $12.00
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 5
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 5
Brand new compilation celebrating the recent Elektroanschlag Festival featuring new tracks by Ab Ovo, Geistform, heimstatt Yipotash, Larvae, S.K.E.T., This Morn' Omina, Tonikom, Xabec, and many more...

Limited quantities so don't wait on this...
Various Artists: Elektroanschlag 5More Details

1 Ab Ovo Gathering (4:29)
2 Atrox Keep Control (4:00)
3 F.Y.D. Re-Act (2:49)
4 Geistform Hadrons (4:00)
5 Heimstatt Yipotash vs. TAKHTAHK Down In The Streets Today (4:28)
6 In Slaughter Natives Still Just Only Death (5:10)
7 Larvae Bubastis (Dharmatronix Broken Mix) (4:12)
8 Mandelbrot Wolkenfront (4:28)
9 Morbus M.* Voltan (4:41)
10 Sandblasting Warfare Remix (4:26)
11 S.K.E.T. Victor Hugo Daza EA_X (4:14)
12 Ten Data Keshin Cybernetic Pepper Spray (4:17)
13 This Morn' Omina Rumante (4:35)
14 Tonikom Glint (4:31)
15 Warbaby Lost Cookie (Bad Hair Day Mix) (4:33)
16 Xabec Tank Sonique (Live At Kuba, Münster 2003) (6:20)
17 Xsoz Alien Energized (3:04)

Price: $17.00
Cenotype: Origins Unfold
Cenotype: Origins Unfold
Remix collection featuring Tonikom, ESA, Synnack, ProBurn, Autoclav1.1, Iszoloscope, and many more. Includes sticker and bonus 3" CD in heavy gatefold cardboard packaging. Very limited copies available of this one-of-a-kind collector's item.
Cenotype: Origins UnfoldMore Details

1-1 Skip Trace (Remixed By Prometheus Burning) (5:25)
Remix - Prometheus Burning
1-2 Think And It Will Be VS Pieces VS Skip Trace (Correlated And Abused By Synnack) (6:01)
Remix - Synnack
1-3 Unearthed (Remix By Tonikom) (5:49)
Remix - Tonikom
1-4 The Mind Wanders (To The Point Of New Return By Booty Jazzhands) (3:55)
Remix - Booty Jazzhands
1-5 She's Dead...Requiem (Remixed By Autoclav1.1) (5:08)
Remix - Autoclav1.1
1-6 Pieces (Remix By ATEK) (5:14)
Remix - Atek*
1-7 Save Me (Remixed By Clive Reinhold) (5:26)
Remix - Clive Reinhold
1-8 The Mind Wanders (Torches From A Distance Remix By The Panic Lift) (4:00)
Remix - Panic Lift, The
1-9 Unearthed (Remixed By Silent_Command) (5:10)
Remix - Silent_Command
1-10 Save Me (Destroy Your Savers Remix By Last Days Of S.E.X. ) (4:27)
Remix - Last Days Of S.E.X.
1-11 Skip Trace (Remix By 100Blumen) (3:44)
Remix - 100Blumen
1-12 Pieces (Shrapnel Mix By Caustic) (5:08)
Remix - Caustic
1-13 Save Me (There Will No Saving Remix By ESA) (5:54)
Remix - ESA
1-14 Unearthed (Remix By C/A/T) (4:26)
Remix - C/A/T
1-15 Unearth Me (Save Me VS Unearthed Mash-up By Iszoloscope) (4:42)
Remix - Iszoloscope
2-1 Stagger (Skip Trace Remix By NTT) (15:09)
Remix - Navicon Torture Technologies

Price: $16.00
Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3
Special / Sale Price - Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3
New on Spectraliquid! Features remixes by The Future Sound Of London and Mad EP. The best Mutant Dubstep volume in the series so far!
Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3More Details

1 Jazz Monsta (6:43)
2 Breakstar (5:25)
3 Deathstep (6:43)
4 My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow Remixes FSOL) (5:48)
Original Track By - Future Sound Of London, The
5 Jazz Monsta (Mad EP Remix) (6:01)
Remix - Mad EP

Price: $10.00
Price: $8.00
Frontier Guards: Predestination
Frontier Guards: Predestination
Newest release from our friends at Aliens Production. Features remixes by Subheim, Oxyd, and Anhedonia!

Frontier Guards: PredestinationMore Details

1 Menace
2 Visitors
3 Screming
4 Betrayed By Light
5 Abandoned Mind
6 Predestination
7 Transcendental Experiment
8 Insider
9 Reconsiliation
10 Touch Of Divinity
11 Oxyd Remix
Remix - Oxyd
12 Subheim Remix
Remix - Subheim
13 Anhedonia Remix
Remix - Anhedonia

Price: $12.00
Lacus Somniorum: Tideshaper
Lacus Somniorum: Tideshaper
Dark ambient on Cyclic Law.
Lacus Somniorum: TideshaperMore Details

1 Tideshaper (6:54)
2 An Intangible World (6:29)
3 Hinterland (7:48)
4 Beyond All Things Is The Ocean (6:55)
5 Point Of No Ascent (8:50)
6 Phasis (7:07)
7 Sentient Abyss (6:54)
8 11°22'N 142°36'E (4:55)

Price: $12.00
Mimetic: Under Pressure
Mimetic: Under Pressure
Live performance CD recorded in Geneva 2006.
Mimetic: Under PressureMore Details

1 Ultra (66:03)

Price: $16.00
9 Elma: Coeur Liquide
9 Elma: Coeur Liquide
New on M-tronic with remixes by Architect, Displacer, Millimetric and Lyynk as well as a ghost remix...
9 Elma: Coeur LiquideMore Details
Tracklisting :

01- Slow Moon
02- Uranium 234
03- Voodoo
04- View Fron The Sky
05- Shaman
06- The Call Of Elara
07- Uranium 238
08- Squara Dance
09- Sphere
10- Venus Tears
11- View Fron the Sky (Lyynk remix)
12- Shaman (Displacer remix)
13- Square Dance (Architect remix)
14- Uranium (Millimetric remix)
+ ghost remix

Price: $15.00
Millimetric: Experiences Modernes
Millimetric: Experiences Modernes
New from the M-tronic label.
Millimetric: Experiences ModernesMore Details

1 1972 (3:02)
2 Die Angst (5:20)
3 Manic Depression (6:02)
Featuring - Beta Evers
4 Will Ever Fall Here Again (3:53) Featuring - Horrorist, The
5 Heroes Want To Die (5:30)
6 Dans Mes Yeux (5:02)
7 Smoking Kills (6:42)
8 Colargol (4:35)
9 Escape From Camp 81 (4:23) Featuring - Hacker, The
10 Words And Silence (4:24) Featuring - Martin Dupont
11 Prejudicial Silence (5:04)
12 AM (3:12)

Price: $15.00
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Action Nano: Select and Start
Action Nano: Select and Start
Techno side-project of OTX. M-tronic meets OTX - oh, yeah - you know what it means. Drive to it.
Action Nano: Select and StartMore Details

1 Bad Arguments (4:25)
2 S.E.T.I. (4:23)
3 Trans-O-Ceanic (4:49)
4 Weather Channel (6:10)
5 Magic Circuits (4:01)
6 Vintage Games (4:07)
7 Another Beauty (4:04)
8 We Are Back (4:49)
9 Inside (5:49)
10 Flying Cars (2:19)
11 Telephone (3:50)
12 Love Mail (4:51)
13 Catch The Pills! (4:49)
14 Data Center (6:16)
15 Light Reflexions (4:35)
16 Another Beauty (4:31)
Remix - OIl 10
17 Bad Arguments (3:25)
Remix - Cosmicpocket

Price: $16.00
This product has sold out.
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto - French Tribute To Mute Records
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto - French Tribute To Mute Records
M-tronic's French serenade to Mute Records. Featuring Electro-Industrial covers of Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Liaisons Dangereuses, Yazoo, Nitzer Ebb, Diamanda Galás, and others covered by M-tronic artists. Interesting to say the least!
Various Artists: Electronic Manifesto - French Tribute To Mute RecordsMore Details

1 Lyynk Feat. Xav Jenx Waiting For The Night (5:09)
Featuring - Xav Jenx
Other [Originally Performed By] - Depeche Mode
2 Commuter Agent Orange (4:25)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Depeche Mode
3 LAAG Under The Flag (4:49)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Fad Gadget
4 Millimetric Coco Pino (4:18)
Featuring - HIV+
Other [Originally Performed By] - Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
5 Cruise [Ctrl] & HIV+ Los Niños Del Parque (5:46)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Liaisons Dangereuses
6 HIV+ Warm Leatherette (Club Amour Rmx) (4:49)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Normal, The
Remix - Club Amour
7 Bak XIII Don't Go (3:12)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Yazoo
8 Lambwool Feat. Sonia S Photographic (5:59)
Featuring - Sonia S
Other [Originally Performed By] - Depeche Mode
9 Neon Cage Experiment Feat. Manouela Blume (5:15)
Featuring - Manouela
Other [Originally Performed By] - Einstürzende Neubauten
10 9 Elma 9* Feat. Djee_Z Mystere Dans Le Brouillard (3:28)
Featuring - Djee_Z
Other [Originally Performed By] - Liaisons Dangereuses
11 Brain Leisure Love Parasite (4:46)
Featuring - Peter Rainman
Other [Originally Performed By] - Fad Gadget
12 Wäks (Miss Duckin' & Drop)* Tanz Mit Laibach (4:04)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Laibach
13 Skoyz Join In The Chant (4:26)
Featuring - Darkmen (2)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Nitzer Ebb
14 Normotone Double Barrel Prayer (5:20)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Diamanda Galás
15 Missing In Action (2) Never Never (People Theatre Rmx) (4:41)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Assembly, The
Remix - People Theatre
16 Trans Sex Club Lady Shave (3:57)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Fad Gadget
17 Skoyz Vs Void Kampf Sato Sato (4:49)
Other [Originally Performed By] - Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

Price: $15.00
Various Artists: 3 Years of D.I.Y.
Various Artists: 3 Years of D.I.Y.
Noise / Industrial compilation feat. tracks by 100Blumen, Salt, Nin Kuji, Zero Degree, PAL, Contaminant, Nullvektor, Mono No Aware, Asche, and more...
Various Artists: 3 Years of D.I.Y.More Details

Rasputeen: Der Kleine Maschinist
100blumen: Sitar Alien Flower
Salt: Gefrierbrand
Frl.Linientreu: Immortalize Me
Spherical Disrupted: Methone
Tendo: T.T.F.B. (Rottweiler Mix)
Saal5: NBFDE
Nin Kuji: Hitori (Part 4)
Zero Degree: Cell
P·A·L: Ewige Blumenkraft
Warbaby: The Fossil Record
Graph: Bengt Brtl
Contaminant: Slaughter At The Grooveyard
Alarmen: Maquinista Obscura
Nullvektor: Plakativ
Mono No Aware: AK (Nullvektor Mix)
Asche: The Marcy Cell (V.1)

Price: $16.00
Greyhound: Tactical Evolution 2CD
Greyhound: Tactical Evolution 2CD
New double-CD album from Greyhound.
Greyhound: Tactical Evolution 2CDMore Details

1-01 Quantum Mechanic Love
1-02 Gefühlskälte
1-03 Headcheck
1-04 I Am Back
1-05 Chromosommodifikation
1-06 Phönix
1-07 Frenzy Dream Sequence
1-08 Zyklonentanz
1-09 Ephapse
1-10 Phantom Of Deception
1-11 Pulse
1-12 Cube
1-13 Körperersatzstücke
2-01 My Mercy
2-02 Demons
2-03 Showtime
2-04 Scrapmetal
2-05 Incubation
2-06 Spark
2-07 Illusionist
2-08 Voodoo Child
2-09 Unauthorized Access Detected
2-10 Herzfresser5
2-11 Thundercracker
2-12 Tribe
2-13 Brainwash

Price: $18.00
13th Monkey: Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang
Special / Sale Price - 13th Monkey: Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang
New from Hands Productions.
13th Monkey: Redefining The Paradigm Of BangMore Details

1 Aktrus
2 Cedera
3 Oropax
4 Mister 29
5 Yakis
6 Anality
7 Monkey Bites
8 Axyt
9 Tremor (Live)
10 A500

Price: $16.00
Price: $12.00
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Scrap.edx: Merciless Protraction
Scrap.edx: Merciless Protraction
New release from Scrap.edx on Hands.
Scrap.edx: Merciless ProtractionMore Details

1 Do Not Listen To These Messages
2 Orbital Strike Weapon
3 The Gospel According To Cranium
4 Where Are You Hiding?
5 Hell Hath No Fury
6 Transplanted
7 Warheads Are Filled With A Biological Religion
8 Phalanx Contraflexure (Liar’s Rosebush Remix)
9 Flow Dropper
10 Merciless Protraction

Price: $16.00
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Angina P.: Sensitive Files
Special / Sale Price - Angina P.: Sensitive Files
New from Hands.
Angina P.: Sensitive FilesMore Details

1 I Break Your Beats
2 Remember That
3 Belladonna D30
4 Free Radical
5 Geisteskind
6 Meta Dialogue
7 Regime In My Head
8 Stand Alone Unit
9 Wander Away
10 School's Out
11 Tokyo 6PM (Rush Hour Mix)

Price: $16.00
Price: $12.00
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Incite: Mindpiercing
Special / Sale Price - Incite: Mindpiercing
New from Hands. Includes 2 videos.
Incite: MindpiercingMore Details

1 T.o.o.
2 Duocentric
3 Crystalline
4 Explicit
5 Burning
6 Reclaim
7 Headroom
8 New Procedure
9 Mindpiercing
10 Quantiverse
Video1 Mindpiercing
Video2 Quantiverse

Price: $16.00
Price: $12.00
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Autoclav1.1: Visitor Attractions
Special / Sale Price - Autoclav1.1: Visitor Attractions
Autoclav1.1's second album featuring remixes by Stendeck, Detritus, and Displacer.
Autoclav1.1: Visitor AttractionsMore Details

1 Small Days
2 Fault
3 By My Own Admission
4 This Is Untitled
5 Obligatory Interlude Pt1
6 All Unwired And Behind You
7 Nothing But Pillow Teeth
8 Miags (Featuring Pneumatic Detach & It-Clings)
9 Dead Sea Tears
10 We All Have A Window
11 By My Own Admission (Unter Null Ritual Mix)
12 Small Days (Stendeck Minute By Minute Mix)
13 Fault (Detritus Detrimental Mix)
14 Small Days (Displacer Big Nights Mix)

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
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Conure: 49 Minutes (Until Release)
Special / Sale Price - Conure: 49 Minutes (Until Release)
Conure presents some of his most recent and compelling work to date. 49 Minutes (Until Release) is a 49 minute composition in eleven parts and the first professionally produced CD to feature the Conure project.
Conure: 49 Minutes (Until Release)More Details
01. An Exercise In Reverberation
02. Manhattan State Of Mind
03. A Manhattan Mindless State
04. Patience
05. Reflections And Recapitulation
06. Dreaming In Stereo
07. A Quiet Interlude
08. Scraping The Cavity
09. Recycled Lives
10. An Exercise In Reversal / Final Release

Price: $12.00
Price: $7.00
[Syndika:Zero]: Blindness 2CD
Special / Sale Price - [Syndika:Zero]: Blindness 2CD
Featuring 12 tracks of brutal, punishing electronic beats and L1f3g1v3r's seething vocals, [s:z] is poised to become a major presence in the hard electronics scene. Also, the first run of 'Blindness' on CD comes with a second CD called 'Chaos Exemplified', featuring remixes from the likes of Uberbyte, Enduser, The Operative, Lapsed, HexRx and more.
[Syndika:Zero]: Blindness 2CDMore Details
Disc 1 - 'Blindness'
1. Disconnect
2. Lest
3. Metaphor
4. Dies Irae
5. Celluloid Dream (Fatal Memory)
6. Silence
7. Half-Light
8. Dead Loop
9. Ashen
10. Sister
11. Relic
12. Blindness

Disc 2 - 'Chaos Exempflied'
1. Enter.Syndika (Enduser Rmx)
2. Deceit (2bullet Rmx)
3. Deceit (Bassfucked by Phosgore)
4. 12 Gauge Incision (Rmx by Roger Jarvis of HexRx)
5. PSA (I'll Show You Dangerous mix by W.A.S.T.E.)
6. Celluloid Dream (Body Rejection mix by The Operative)
7. Femme Fatale (C/A/T Rmx)
8. Anatomy of a Sociopath (Dissocial Remix by Lapsed)
9. Blowtorch Lobotomy (Caustic Rmx)
10. Zodiac (Remixes Ain't Freemixes by Alter Der Ruine)
11. Zodiac (Spooky Shit mix by Uberbyte)
12. 0 (Ignorant mix by re-en-jin)

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Price: $10.00
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Winter North Atlantic: A Memento For Dr. Mori
Winter North Atlantic: A Memento For Dr. Mori
Vintage analogue keyboards, electronic textures and treatments, understated glitchy edits and downbeat broken beats inspired by IDM and abstract hip hop.
Winter North Atlantic: A Memento For Dr. MoriMore Details

1. The Maid
2. Cuts and Tears
3. Occam's Razor
4. Fallen Fruit
5. Bokor
6. The Flute Player
7. Fall of Stone
8. Kinay 816
9. Guidonian Hand
10. Opportunity Mist
11. Barrel Organ

Price: $12.00
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Prometheus Burning: A Plague Called huMANity
Special / Sale Price - Prometheus Burning: A Plague Called huMANity
Combining remarkably varied elements of industrial, breakcore, and IDM, Plague Called HuMANity has an artistic bloodlust that oozes from every fractured note.
Prometheus Burning: A Plague Called huMANityMore Details
01. The Box (whispers from within)
02. Mother of Abominations
03. Blackmagick Tongue
04. Ouroboros Deathride
05. False Prophets (Interlude)
06. Confronting Pandora
07. Plague called huMANity
08. Realm of the Divine
09. The Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
10. Genovese Syndrome
11. Overture Fusillade
12. Deluge
13. Elpis (Hope is not enough)
69. You Know What You Are

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
Cervello Elettronico: Negate The Instigator
Special / Sale Price - Cervello Elettronico: Negate The Instigator
a mix of Power Noise, EBM, and Techno. From start to finish, different layers of sound are tied together by heavy bass, driving rhythms, abrasive percussions, and meticulously placed samples.
Cervello Elettronico: Negate The InstigatorMore Details
01. Red Eyes
02. What You Want
03. Emotion Sickness
04. Provocateur
05. Negate The Instigator
06. Chaos In Control
07. Animal Right
08. Asphyxiate
09. Sex Crimes Industry
10. Drop The Bomb
11. Rock Your Cage

Price: $12.00
Price: $8.00
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Cervello Elettronico: Process Of Elimination
Special / Sale Price - Cervello Elettronico: Process Of Elimination
"PoE" is a melting pot of different inflences including EBM, techno, experimental and industrial making it an essential item to anyone's electronic music library. Also, CE adds some vocals into the mix with guest vocals appearances by Manufactura's Karloz M (on "Polarity") and Uberman from Uberbyte (on "Automation And Dissent").
Cervello Elettronico: Process Of EliminationMore Details
1. Process Of Elimination
2. Stimulant
3. Player
4. Violent Skin
5. Crystal Lines
6. Polarity (feat. Karloz.M / Manufactura)
7. Septic Shock
8. Demonize
9. Reanimate
10. Set On Fire
11. Automation And Dissent (feat. Uberman / Uberbyte)

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
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The Operative: An Adoring Circle Of Radical Calamity
Special / Sale Price - The Operative: An Adoring Circle Of Radical Calamity
After several highly regarded releases on his own label, Mechanismz, The Operative joins forces with Crunch Pod to bring forth 'An Adoring Circle Of Radical Calamity'. Side-project of Marching Dynamics.
The Operative: An Adoring Circle Of Radical CalamityMore Details
01. Everything Is Permitted
02. Revival (Apocalyptic Pulpit)
03. Dawns Turbulent Rise
04. Disembodied
05. World Distortion (Zoneing Time)
06. Photophobia
07. Freek Floor
08. Dead Beat
09. Fleeing Tribal Rule
10. People Like Her Are Poison
11. Finding The Funk
12. Suspects & Conspirators
13. A Man A Fuse A Bomb
14. Revivalist

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
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Manufactura: Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony for Depraved Dementia N2 2CD
Special / Sale Price - Manufactura: Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony for Depraved Dementia N2 2CD
Once again Karloz.M takes a myriad of musical genres, destroys all of them and makes a new, sometimes shocking, sometimes soothing, and always brooding yet powerful, distinctive and very difficult to describe style of his own. Implementing a more vocal experimentation with various styles that are both haunting and deep-felt, it certainly holds many surprises for the listener.
Manufactura: Psychogenic Fugue + A Damaged Symphony for Depraved Dementia N2 2CDMore Details
Disc 1 - Psychogenic Fugue
01. Aroused Conviction
02. Rape Upon Rape Upon Rape
03. Elysian Fire Enfolds The Lost
04. Some Where Made For Fucking
05. Indignant Imprints Of Time
06. Defile The Chastity Of Your Flesh
07. The Precession Concludes
08. Treacherous Passage Beyond The Ritual Door
09. Beneath My Hands Death Is Love
10. The Failure Of The Heart
11. The Cusp Of Magic Through The Realm Of Sin
12. Dream Killers Vow To Bathe In Morpheus Blood
13. The Absurdity Of Terms And Conditions
14. All Things Must Die

Disc 2 - A Damaged Symphony for Depraved Dementia N.2
01. 4:00am [Summoning Secret Earth Mix]
02. Dance Of Blood [Dubbed/Chopped/Screwed Mix]
03. Muerto De Miedo [Absolute Condemnation Mix]
04. Killing You [Unbound Mix]
05. Pain Provider [Self/Injected Mix]
06. I'll Tear Your Fucking Heart Out [Big Ol' Jack Rabbit Mix]
07. The Madness & The Whores [Delusion Mix]
08. Muerte, Sangre [Death Waltz Mix]
09. Stoned To Death [Dispersed Through Time Mix]
10. 24 Sleeping Pills + 11 Shots Of 151% Proof [Tambor Mix]
11. Sacred Sin [Fear Of Dreaming Mix]

Price: $14.00
Price: $10.00
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Endif: Meta
Special / Sale Price - Endif: Meta
Endif's first CD album on Crunchpod. Meta features a few established favorites merged with a thick stream of new and unreleased older material to form what promises to be one of the hardest hitting releases in years.
Endif: MetaMore Details
01. Rhomboid
02. Sleeper Cell
03. Memebomb
04. Bolter
05. Error
06. Syncrete
07. Crackpipe
08. Ashes
09. Antilife
10. Blotter
11. Gritscape
12. Totenplatz
13. Retina

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
Autoclav1.1: You Are My All And More
Special / Sale Price - Autoclav1.1: You Are My All And More
Featuring remixes and collaborations from DJ Squeakypete, Jeye, Pneumatic Detach, Slacknote, Iszoloscope, Eva/3 and Noisegirl.
Autoclav1.1: You Are My All And MoreMore Details
01. Headspatial
02. This Is The Hollow Point
03. White Cover
04. Letter From Miki City
05. Meet Me Halfway
06. Tell Me When To Care
07. Tomorrow It Rains
08. The Same Hole As Yesterday (feat. DJ Squeakypete)
09. August Sunday Afternoon
10. When To Care (feat. Jeye)
11. White Cover (Pneumautoclavic Poison Mix By Pneumatic Detach)
12. Meet Me Halfway (How Fast Can You Mix By Slacknote)
13. White Cover (Heaven Likes It Dirty Mix By Iszoloscope)
14. Tell Me When To Care (For What Its Worth Mix By Eva|3)
15. Meet Me Halfway (Meet Me Halfway To Hell Mix By Noise/Girl)

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
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v/a: A Mere Invention Of The Idle Mind
Special / Sale Price - v/a: A Mere Invention Of The Idle Mind
"A Mere Invention Of The Idle Mind" features new and previously unreleased tracks from C/A/T, Manufactura, Sonar, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic/Iszoloscope, The Operative, Rudra Vena, The Magus and more...
v/a: A Mere Invention Of The Idle MindMore Details
01. Timothy Something - ABC's
02. C/A/T - Liturgy Of The Free (ECC 1:18 Mix By Free Death)
03. Audiovoid - Rolling Telefunk
04. The Operative - The 36 Invisibles
05. Victo Ecret - Superfluous (II)
06. Sonar - Tone Loc (Manufactura Remix)
07. Hazing Ritual - Human Resources (Rekahoe Touch)
08. D'Coli - Interference
09. Mlada Fronta - Inside
10. Skitoma - The Void
11. Mimetic/Iszoloscope - Heard Voices
12. The Magus - Necessary Overdrive
13. Pyroclastic - Earth Bass IIM
14. Manufactura - Killing You (Vuxnut Job II)
15. Rudra Vena - No Way
16. W.A.S.T.E. - Murder This Man
17. The Advanced Book Of Flowers - Story Of Alien Girls (Retold By Wiretapper)

Price: $12.00
Price: $9.00
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Bitcrush: Enarc
Bitcrush: Enarc
Bitcrush's first album on Component (R.I.P.). A bit of Gridlock, a bit of Dryft, a musical progression full of hints of great things that came to be.
Bitcrush: EnarcMore Details
Two Go From There
Arjon Tenpher
Bereson File 2
Eye Koto
Enarc Ende Y?
Carbon Rewind
Saturdays Ghost

Price: $12.00
Various Artists: little darla has a treat for you v27
Special / Sale Price - Various Artists: little darla has a treat for you v27
The 27th version of Darla's compilation series featuring a unreleased track from Bitcrush, Manual, Robin Guthrie, Yagya plus many more on 2CDs.
Various Artists: little darla has a treat for you v27More Details
Almost Charlie “For the Both of Us”
Arborea “Shadow and the Wind”
Ariel Abshire & Japancakes “Cardboard”
Bernard Szajner “Welcome to Death Row”
Bitcrush “Fathoms”
Black Feather “Lethal Light”
Desario “Giant”
Detritus “Borderlines”
DJ Hidden “The Traveler”
Elias And The Whizzkids “Mr. Right Guy”
Elle Belga “My Rifle, My Pony and Me”
Harold Budd & Clive Wright “Candylion”
Keith Canisius “Diving Day”
Let’s Go Naked “So Many Mysteries”
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love “We Live In The Fog”
Lowlights “Under the Sun”
Manual “Miraparque”
Momus “Odd Man Out”
Montt Mardié "Sometimes"
Mothboy “Extended Movement”
New Radiant Storm King "Refused"
Photon Band “Everything Was Funny”
Project Pale “Snowed In”
Raoul Sinier “Alternative Rush”
Robin Guthrie “The Flight of the Painted Lady”
Rumskib “Secrets”
Spherical Objects “Walk Away”
Sweet Trip “Where the Sunrise Dies, So Does the Echo of Your Voi
Tiny Magnetic Pets “Girl in a White Dress”
Tujiko Noriko, Lawrence English, John Chantler “Heart Ga Kikeoru
Vlor “Watch Me Bleed”
Yagya “A Small Offering”

Price: $14.00
Price: $10.00
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The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds might be described by some as indigenous, world, tribal, folk, neo folk, electroacoustic, or some amalgamation of the above. Imagine Sufjan Stevens meets Jesu. This self-titled debut offers an intimate portrait of Adam Casey and his native Australia and emotes something lost in much of today's music; no doubt having a tendency to put down roots wherever it is listened to.
The Boy Who Spoke CloudsMore Details

1. Where Have We Gone?
2. Hermit
3. Energy Rescue
4. Goodbye
5. Fill This Room
6. Happening
7. Passing
8. Fear At 3am
9. Separate
10. Falling, Slowly
11. Every Drop Of The Sea
12. Ending

Price: $10.00
Jai Alai: Drive Safe
Jai Alai: Drive Safe
Debut full-length from multi-talented New Orleans outfit/ensemble. For fans of The Sea and Cake, Tortoise, Aloha, and The Mercury Program. Over an hour of warm summery goodness that will transport you, however briefly, to a time and place where lemonade and lawn chairs rule the earth.
Jai Alai: Drive SafeMore Details

1 Radio
2 Real Job
3 To Liberate
4 With The Windows Down
5 Class Location
6 Window Down (Reprise)
7 Wicked Sweet
8 Older Cities
9 Detroit Repair Kit
10 Condor Man
11 Brut And Hairspray At A Summer Camp Dance
12 Let's Fight
13 Parking Lots
14 Accidents
15 Ocean Sized
16 (Hidden Track)

Price: $10.00
Athalia: Athalia
Athalia: Athalia
Athalia includes former members of Strictly Ballroom, Meow Meow, and Arca along with current members of Dntel, Frankel, and The Minor Canon. The result? Listen for yourself.
Athalia: AthaliaMore Details

1 The Flight To There
2 El Antagonisto
3 We're Wrecking Like Trains
4 The Great Tranquilizer
5 Vermouth2
6 Disconnected
7 This Could Go Bad In A Hurry
8 Stained Glass Mosaic
9 The Art Of Gunfighting
10 Cities Made Of Platinum
11 You Took Me For A Ride

Price: $10.00
The Invisible City: String and Return
The Invisible City: String and Return
Slowcore really doesn't get much better than this. Over and hour of somber and warm numbers sure to make you stay inside a little bit longer to dwell on things. Good things only, of course.
The Invisible City: String and ReturnMore Details

1. Lemon Slice
2. Every Penny
3. Locked In
4. Flyweight
5. The Rut
6. Picture Ends
7. No Good News
8. Roundworm

Price: $10.00
Aurore Rien: Telesthesia
Aurore Rien: Telesthesia
Former members went on to form Lights Out Asia. Aurore Rien managed to record a now out-of-print full-length titled "Sedative For The Celestial Blue" (Spritone Records) and later this, a lone [EP].
Aurore Rien: TelesthesiaMore Details

1 Hindsight 20/20 8:43
2 Hearts Murmur Under Halogen Lights 9:30
3 Breakaway, Sydney 8:30
4 Sunsets, I Have Seen Too Many Without You 7:18

Price: $8.00
Mike Allen: Cirrhotic
Mike Allen: Cirrhotic
After reading an article discussing the subject of Scientism, Mike embarked on a journey to write and record his debut album "Cirrhotic". The album represents a culmination of Mike's thoughts and rather strong reactions to the above subject matter, but too, marks a brief departure from his regular role of guitarist and vocalist in the band Sunday Flood to write and record solo material of his own.
Mike Allen: CirrhoticMore Details

1. Cirrhosis
2. Corridor
3. Professional Responder
4. Cells And Souls
5. The Mother Degenerative
6. Scientism
7. Dry
8. Audible Head Trauma%
9. Untouched
10. Child Like
11. The Noises
12. Dying Words
13. I Hate It Here

Price: $10.00
Wild Shores: Illusion of Movement
Wild Shores: Illusion of Movement
Recommended if you like Final Cut or The Prayer Tree.
Wild Shores: Illusion of MovementMore Details

1 Barefeet
2 Illusion Of Movement
3 H.A.P.P.Y.
4 Coming Down
5 R.P.C.
6 Open Letter
7 Computer Words
8 Tom Horn Song

Price: $15.00