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A Wake A Week: Little Black Cloud
A Wake A Week: Little Black Cloud
Dark Ambient / noise side-project from David Dando-Moore of Detritus. New on Spectraliquid.
A Wake A Week: Little Black CloudMore Details

1 Home (4:54)
2 Little Black Cloud (4:12)
3 I'm Always Writing Endings (3:38)
4 Your Rain Isn't My Rain (3:23)
5 Leaves (4:03)
6 One Take Away One (4:13)
7 Faerie Photo (3:05)
8 Beginnings And Endings (5:47)
9 Waking (2:41)
10 A Wake A Week (6:09)

Price: $14.00
Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3
Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3
New on Spectraliquid! Features remixes by The Future Sound Of London and Mad EP. The best Mutant Dubstep volume in the series so far!
Mobthrow: Mutant Dubstep vol. 3More Details

1 Jazz Monsta (6:43)
2 Breakstar (5:25)
3 Deathstep (6:43)
4 My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow Remixes FSOL) (5:48)
Original Track By - Future Sound Of London, The
5 Jazz Monsta (Mad EP Remix) (6:01)
Remix - Mad EP

Price: $10.00
Various Artists: Konkrete compilation
Special / Sale Price - Various Artists: Konkrete compilation
Outstanding first compilation release from Spectraliquid. Features tracks by Subheim, Flaque, Detritus, Xsoz, Ah Cama-Sotz, and many excellent newcomers...
Various Artists: Konkrete compilationMore Details

1 Subheim Howl
Vocals - Katjia
2 Fabrics All Rights Reversed
3 Flaque Black Shadows In The Fog
4 Psytech Finding Yeesha
Remix - Subheim
5 Mobthrow Deathstep
6 Ytrium Zeitlicht
7 Desperation & Fugue Half Of The Truth
8 Detritus Lead Ballons
Vocals - Katjia
9 DJ Throttler Against The Machines
With - Track Killer
10 Xsoz Please Wait
11 Ah Cama-Sotz Death Charge

Price: $14.00
Price: $10.00
Blackfilm: Blackfilm CD
Blackfilm: Blackfilm CD
For fans of Amon Tobin and Subheim. Highly recommended.
Blackfilm: Blackfilm CDMore Details

1 Come & See (7:04)
2 Interference (7:13)
3 Untitled (2:17)
4 Stalingrad (10:11)
5 Sonar (5:58)
6 Five Years (4:16)
7 Eastern (2:35)
8 Midnight To 4 AM (4:35)
9 Mahabharata (5:25)
10 Atlantikend (8:02)

Price: $15.00
Ebola: Mutant Dubstep vol. 1
Ebola: Mutant Dubstep vol. 1
Features remixes by Enduser and Shitmat.
Ebola: Mutant Dubstep vol. 1More Details
UK based Ben Hudson aka EBOLA delivers a powerful, complicated yet wisely minimal and absolutely danceable new CD-EP on Spectraliquid. Known for his unique sound engineering skills and his extreme live performances alongside the likes of Venetian Snares, The Bug, Scorn and many more, Ebola is back with another great album, which includes 2 remixes by SHITMAT and END.USER.


1 Painkillers (6:19)
2 Teledildonics (3:53)
3 Painkillers (End.user Remix) (4:48)
Remix - Enduser
4 Teledildonics (Shitmat's DMZ Lamb Chuffchuff Remix) (5:55)
Remix - Shitmat

Price: $10.00
Cardopusher: Mutant Dubstep vol. 2
Cardopusher: Mutant Dubstep vol. 2
Volume 2 in Spectraliquid's excellent 'Mutant Dubstep' series.
Cardopusher: Mutant Dubstep vol. 2More Details

1 Toothsmasher (5:08)
2 Collapsible Shelter (5:00)
3 Cockpit (4:45)
4 Toothsmasher (Innasekt Remix) (6:13)
Remix - Innasekt
5 Collapsible Shelter (Pacheko Remix (3:47)
Remix - Pacheko

Price: $10.00