Lucidstatic: Gravedigger CD
Lucidstatic: Gravedigger CD
"Lucidstatic is really blowing my mind. ...frantic and interesting..." -Tommy T. / Cyberage Radio / DSBP

"Gravedigger is a bewildering array of breakcore, powernoise, industrial and experimental elements that is as original as it is challenging." - Igloomag

"Gravedigger is a shocking and lengthy display of amazingly fluid creativity." - Dark Twin Cities

1. Blackout
2. Aux8 (Revision)
3. Man Who Wasn’t There
4. Inner Struggle
5. Headhunter (Narcotix Edit)
6. Showdown (‘08 Re-edit Mix)
7. Mercy Of A Bullet
8. Warning
9. Unknown Test Subject
10. Militant
11. P4TR10T (Black Op Mix)
12. Knuckledust
13. Pathology
14. Night Vision (Die In Dreams Mix)
15. No Love
16. Sleep Experiment 13
17. Defiance

Price: $12.00