Flint Glass: Circumsounds
Flint Glass: Circumsounds
Digipak CD - limited to 777 copies
Available now from Tympanik Audio and Brume Records is the paramount remix collection by one of dark electronic music’s most talented and beloved acts. Inspired by revered electronic pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, Flint Glass creates a futuristic sonic vision of brilliant neo-tribal rhythmics and lush occult soundscapes bound by vast cinematic atmospheres. After two critically-acclaimed full-length albums for Brume Records and the abrasive collaboration with Telepherique last year on Montreal's Angle.Rec label, Flint Glass now offers up his very best remix creations for such acts as Thermidor, Suicide Inside, Empusae, Polygon, Eretsua, Zonk’t, Shizuka, Prospero, Sci Fi Industries, Displacer, HIV+, Disharmony, Tzolk'in, and OTX; all compiled into one stunning anthology of music. Beautifully packaged and designed by imaginative visual artist Eye.Lyft, 'Circumsounds' is not merely a collection of random remixes, but instead manages to flow like a fresh body of work, thoroughly demonstrating the extraordinary composition talents of this prolific and well-respected French artist. Limited to 777 copies worldwide and embalmed in a unique 6-panel digipak with blue foil stamping, this exclusive release is a must have for collectors and dark electronic music fans alike.


(All tracks remixed by Flint Glass)
Polygon: Gestern
Thermidor: Plenum Aquae
Eretsua: Travelling Light
Zonk't: Air Field
Shizuka: Les Esprits
Empusae: Beauty Of Decay
Suicide Inside: Angel
Prospero: Fury Of The Tempest
HIV+: Havoc 2027
Disharmony: Sacred Truth
HIV+: Doors of Perception
Displacer: Fueled
Sci Fi Industries: Questions And Answers
Tzolk'in: Sotz
OTX: Blood For Oil

Price: $14.00