The Violinists of America’s Got Talent
With a broader selection of acts than it’s ABC rival, American Idol, America’s Got Talent showcases a variety of acts with the goal that the winner will
High Pitched InstrumentsReviews
Impressive High Pitched Instruments to Know
High Pitched Musical instruments come in all shapes and sizes, made of wood, metal, glass, or more exotic materials. The size of the instrument when considering
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Variations on the Theme of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
Beethoven’s symphonic work vividly reflects the human way of overcoming, where fate is in the hands of man. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is no exception.
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Best Tal Vocoder
For decades, we have tried to manipulate audio signals in the most sophisticated and innovative ways. Sound synthesis demonstrates the most extreme manipulation
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Best Cheap Turntables (Record Players) Under $100
It can be intimidating trying to find your first turntable, especially when you see the price tag of some of the premium units. The best record player
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What is the Most Difficult Violin Piece
When talking about the most difficult violin pieces ever written, a lot of ambiguity exists among the many repertoire lists that have been compiled over the years.
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Best Student Violin Concertos of All Time
The best violin concertos of all time including all different types of violin music and famous violin concertos songs that everyone knows and loves.
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What to do When a New Recording is Skipped on a Wockoder Record Player
It’s one of the worst feelings for a music fan — you just put a brand-new record on your turntable, and the music comes out distorted. We understand that feeling.
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Best Bluetooth Speakers Below $100
It’s now easier than ever to find top-level wireless audio at a bargain price, and our best cheap Bluetooth speakers deliver the promised performance
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Best Brands of Cello Rosin
If this is your first purchase of a cello and you do not want to spend a lot of money on it, this brand may be the right choice for you.
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Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups
Even though there’s lovely proximity about playing an acoustic guitar that is absurd to beat, if you want to perform with other musicians, you’re going
Best Trombone Cases: Guide for Beginners
If you just bought a trombone for yourself or your child, whether it is a student trombone or a more advanced instrument, you may be wondering about the
mandolin 768x576 1Reviews
What Exactly is a Mandolin: History, Styles of Music, Parts and Best Mandolins for Beginners
What exactly is a mandolin, you ask? Well, this instrument belongs to the family of stringed lutes. Its rounded shape resembles a country guitar, but the
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What are VST Plugins and How to Use Them
VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology. VSTs are synthesizer and effects unit plugins that integrate with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Pro
Best Binaural MicrophonesReviews
Best Binaural Microphone Revealed
We have to say straight off the bat that the purchase of a binaural microphone for 3D audio probably won’t be high on the agenda (or even on the agenda
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Reasons why Guitars are so Popular
The guitar is now the most popular instrument for adults to learn and the second four children. Why do so many people want to learn to play the guitar?
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Wooden vs Plastic Clarinet
When looking at clarinets, you may have noticed that there are many different options to choose from. Some are made out of wood, and some out of plastic.
Vox Cutting Edge Valve Energy Pedal Review
Today, the guitar pedal market is flooded with overloads, and there is no shortage of preamp devices that also claim to emulate certain amplifiers, but
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Where an Learn to Play the Violin Online: Advantages of Virtual Learning
Learning the violin is an exciting yet very daunting task. It requires commitment and constant practice in order for you to become a skilled player.
Best Lead-Guitar Tones of All Time
The list of songs with perfect guitar tones is endless, and singling out any single song as the best is, of course, subjective. The most memorable guitar
Online Resources for Beginning Violinists
Finding free violin sheet music online is not that hard nowadays, however there are still some hidden gems out there that you may not know about.
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Line 6 Spider V 30 Guitar Amplifier Review
Line 6 released their new lineup of Spider V series modeling amps at the end of September 2016. They replace the Spider IV amps and add a lot more effects
What your Middle School Band InstrumentReviews
Middle School Band Instruments: 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade
So far there are some instruments available for middle school band students. Providing a complete sound range with four or five variations, these instruments
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JBL Bar 9.1 vs Sonos Arc: Which Soundbar Better?
This comparison of the JBL Bar 9.1 vs the Sonos Arc will help pull you up from the depths of disappointment that comes with buying a great 4k TV only to
Best Irish Instruments you Should Learn to Play
The music has been around for quite a while, dating back to the ancient Celts 2,000 years ago. Music is a crucial part of Irish culture and will always remain so.
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What Music Instruments Get the Most Scholarships?
It’s a big decision studying music in college, right? It’s a clue that you are interested in pursuing music as a career. We support your choice
Best Improve Guitar Picking Techniques
Working on improve guitar picking technique – not just for the hell fire speed wannabe’s. As your speed increases, it can actually help you develop
How to Improve Chord Changes on Guitar
Learning guitar chords might seem a little too challenging the first few times, but it’s worth the effort. Some fingerings are very difficult to
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Logitech G560 vs Kanto YU2: Which Computer Speakers Are Better?
Are you having difficulty deciding which will you buy Logitech G560 or Kanto YU2? Let’s talk about shopping. We have compared two popular products
How to Use a Cello Dampit
Do you travel with a cello often? If so, you should keep it in a dry place when not playing. The quality of the sound can suffer if it gets wet.
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What is an Effects Loop: How to Connect Pedals to an Effects Loop
Guitarists have been using effects since they first existed. It’s easy to get a great sound from amplifiers from the turn of the century when most
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How to Tighten a Record Player Belt
Pretty much any time you’re having problems with a record player that isn’t working well, it can be because of a loose or stretched belt.
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How to Set Tremolo Spring Tension
If you play an electric guitar with a tremolo bridge, you know when it can be hard to stay in tune. Something about having a whammy bar rather ruins the experience.
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How to Practice Guitar Quietly Without Disturbing Others
It takes practice to play any instrument well and the guitar is no different. For a young player or experienced guitarist, practice is crucial.
Buy a Violin Step 15Reviews
How to Get a Violin Appraisal
Playing music is a passion of yours and the only thing you think about. The skills that come from playing violin or any other instrument are priceless.
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How to Filter Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid
Ultrasonic record cleaners are a type of cleaning machine that can make your vinyl records sound almost as good, if not better than the day they were recorded.
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How to Build Minor Scale Chords
In the last homework assignment, you learned how to build chords from major scales and why it is important. Diatonic harmony is a main point of understanding
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How Tight a Turntable Belt Should Be
Because of this, we bumped into the question regarding how tight a turntable belt should be. When determining the tension of a turntable belt, it is important
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When and How Often Should Replacing Turntable Belt
If your turntable is your pride and joy, it can only work better and last longer if you give it some extra care. So far, we’ve gone through all you
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What Are the Heaviest Marching Band Instruments?
Marching bands can sometimes differentiate between different types of people. One of those is the type of instruments seen in the parades, some of them
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Head Voice vs Falsetto Voice
To most people, falsetto and head voice are just one and the same thing. Though this might be true for most rock music, it’s not true for other genres
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Hardest Band Instruments to Play
Many players who are eager to join a band wonder whether they can learn all the instruments with ease or not. The truth is that while some instruments
Best Acoustic and Electric Guitar Fox Kids
Most of the kids who pick up their first guitar aren’t thinking about the future. They’re just playing a favorite song or even getting an opportunity
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Applying the Guitar Number System to Chord Progressions
Sometimes you come across a concept on the guitar that takes your understanding of the guitar’s fretboard to new levels. Learning to apply the guitar
The Best Guitar Humidifiers On The Market Today 768x517 1Reviews
Best Guitar Humidifiers on the Market Today
Has there been a day where you were shocked at how much better your guitar sounds without any interference from human input? If you wake up yawning and
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How to Tune a Guitar: the Complete Guide
The guitalele might look like a lovechild of a guitar and ukulele, but it’s not intimidating at all. It’s easy to learn and much easier to carry than a
Greatest Czech Composers
There are plenty of outstanding composers worldwide, and the Czech Republic happens to have plenty of them. It might seem amazing but this is actually
Updated Gifts for Sax Players 1Reviews
Best Gifts Ideas for Saxophone Players
There are two kinds of gifts you can give: The useful and practical The fun! For many people, giving a “blanket-type” gift such as a housewarming
gradeschooler with musical instrumentReviews
How to Start Playing the Violin
If you’ve thought about starting to learn how to play the violin, then this guide will help you get started. We’ll cover the ways to get started
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How to Get Started Playing the Cello
If you’ve been thinking about learning to play the cello, this guide will help you get started. We’ll go through how to start playing the cello
How to Get Free Violin Sheet Music
With the rise of the Internet, accessing and finding free violin sheet music has become easier than ever. A lot of websites have free sheet music for violin.
friedman amp 720x720 1Reviews
Best Friedman Amps: Which Model is Right For You?
When you’re looking for the perfect guitar amp, a lot of different elements come into account. The most important ones are your budget, genre, skill
Best Famous Baroque Composers
The Baroque era was amazing for music. Scores of the world’s greatest composers were in their heyday from around 1600 to 1750, creating heaps of
Best Famous Composers of the 20th Century
Many composers of the early 20th century experimented with rhythm and gained inspiration from folk music. They were willing to explore new forms of music
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Fender 10G Frontman: Best Guitar Combo Amplifier Under $100
The Frontman 10G, Fender’s smallest guitar amp offers all the hallmarks of a great amplifier: features this cool mobile DJ app has include a bunch
Fender Acoustasonic 90 Guitar Amplifier Review
Fender is most famous for their electric guitar amps, which date back to those made by Leo Fender himself in the 1940s. The company’
Fender ToneMasterDeluxe TwinReverb Hero 01@1400x1050 696x522 1Reviews
Guitar Amplifier Fender Tone Master Deluxe and Twin Reverb’s
The introduction of the “Blackface” in 1963 has represented a pinnacle of guitar amp design and it’s done so ever since.
Fiddle Chords Guide: Everything you Need to Know
As a fiddler or a violinist, you won’t always be playing chords while playing with a band. If you’re repeating the chords the music is playing you
How to Fix your Fluance RT81 Platter Wobble
Today I am talking about the awesome Fluance RT81 turntable which is one of the best turntables I have used in quite some time. I told a friend and also
Electric Violin vs Acoustic Violin: Key Differences
An electric violin usually refers to an instrument intentionally made to be electrified with built-in pickups, usually with a solid body.
Adam A7X Vs Focal CMS 65Reviews
Focal Alpha 65 vs Adam T5V: Which is a Studio Monitors Better?
You’ve decided to buy studio monitors but you don’t know where to start? Then you’re fortunate to be here. This is why we’
reaper daw music production softwareReviews
Best Beginner DAW Music Production Software
If you want to make changes to your vocal or audio recordings, Flex Pitch and Flex Time make this a lot more efficient. With these features, you no longer
Best Casio Piano KeyboardReviews
Best Keyboards Casio Digital Piano
In order to buy the best digital piano, you should go with Casio or Yamaha. Casio sells tons of different watches, so there’s a good chance they
best drum set kit for beginnersReviews
Best Beginner Drum Sets: A Roundup of Kits for New Drummers
Getting your first drum set is an amazing feeling. Creating music is the most fulfilling activity and it often leads to one’s best moments.
best cremona violinsReviews
Best Cremona Violin Review
Guangzhou Cremona Company is an award-winning company that has been in business since 1989 and is well-known for making high quality bows and violins.
best digital piano brands main6Reviews
Best Digital Piano Keyboard Brands
Most digital pianos come with the option to have them delivered and assembled by a professional artist in store or to have them delivered boxed so you
best headphones for digital piano keyboardReviews
Best Digital Piano Keyboard Headphones
Other potential issues: compatibility with your keyboard is a must, and you’ll need to invest in a Bluetooth transmitter. Lastly, there’
best speaker for electronic drums Roland pm10 minReviews
Best Electronic Drum Amps Monitor Speakers
Listening to music on a regular basis is completely fine, but don’t forget that your ears need some time to relax too. Some games require that your
essorize electronics ecommerce classic elementor woocommerce themeReviews
WooCommerce Template for WordPress Electronics Store Websites
This template is particularly well-suited for electronics stores, providing everything your business needs to upload for your website along with a lot
barabannaya ustanovka stagg tim120blReviews
Best Junior Drum Sets for 5, 8, 10 and 13 Year Old Beginner Kids
Music can be a lot of fun. There are many ways to play drums, or any instrument for that matter, and make noise. You don’t need to do it well to