Comaduster ‘Winter Eyes’ digital single available now

Comaduster gives us an exciting preview of the highly anticipated new album ‘Hollow Worlds‘ with the first single ‘Winter Eyes, featuring remixes by iVardensphere, Access To Arasaka, and Aliceffekt, as well as a haunting new mix of the title track from Comaduster‘s self-released 2009 EP ‘Slip Through‘. Culminating a vast range of musical styles into one tight and cohesive package, ‘Winter Eyes‘ packs a powerful punch laying down an expertly-woven blanket of hard, glitchy beats, massive basslines, and addictive vocals.

ComadusterWinter Eyes‘ is available now as a “name your price” digital single via Bandcamp. Also available as a low-priced digital single through our shop and all discerning digital retailers. More info and sounds here.

Debut album by Atiq & EnK available now

Tympanik Audio’s 75th CD release is the debut album from Dutch producers Atiq & EnK. Led by heavy wobbly basslines and pulsing synth pads, ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ exhibits a dark yet airy approach to beat-driven electronic music, injecting each song with an unmistakable groove and flow. A steady and cohesive tapestry of expansive beatwork, contorted melodies, and enveloping atmospheres that all seem effortless and natural to these talented new Dutch sound designers. A remarkable and impressive debut, ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ burrows deep into the subconscious and ascends into an unknown inner universe. Do you fear the unknown, or will you embrace it?

Atiq & EnK‘s ‘Fear of the Unknown‘ is available now on CD and digital formats from Tympanik Audio. Order here.

New releases by Disharmony and Totakeke

Two new releases available now

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from Tympanik Audio. ‘Room 78‘ is the highly-anticipated new album by Slovakian Electro-Industrial duo Disharmony. Tight, crushing beatwork is laced with brooding synth pads, heavy basslines, hints of processed guitars, and echoing vocal samples, all punctuated by razor-sharp vocals. Underestimated and duly accomplished, ‘Room 78‘ shines with mindfulness and depth, aptly incorporating a multitude of electronic music styles with proficient cohesiveness and maturity rarely heard in this age of myopic genre monocultures. Featuring collaborations by ISH and Fractured and artwork by Salt.

Totakeke marks 10 years of noise-making with his fifth LP ‘Digital Exorcist‘. A gripping barrage of complex rhythmic noise punctuated by head-nodding, hard-nosed beats, stabbing glitch, and taut synthlines. An intricate torrent of richly-layered sounds that swell and retract, guiding the listener through an elaborate universe of twisted and unyielding futuristic clamor. Acute rhythmic noise for discerning aural palates. Mastered by Alexander Dietz (Erode, Heaven Shall Burn) and featuring artwork by shift.

Both of these new releases are available now on CD and digital formats. Own yours here.

New releases: Undermathic, Tineidae, and r.roo

Tympanik Audio presents our first CD releases of 2013:

Polish composer Undermathic returns with his 3rd studio album ‘Indistinct Face‘. Like a rush of blood to the head, Undermathic unleashes epic waves of lush strings and cordial atmospheres accentuated by seductive melodies and a carefully-balanced tapestry of beats. Emotionally-charged and undeniably captivating. Available on CD and digital formats here.

Also available for the first time on CD: Tineidae‘s celebrated debut ‘Lights‘ and r.roo‘s critically-acclaimed album ‘mgnovenie‘. Experience Tineidae‘s dreamy excursion of futuristic beats, brooding synthlines, stark melodies, and r.roo‘s soulful piano movements, twitchy violin, meticulous beats, and glitchy misfires. Both ‘Lights‘ and ‘mgnovenie‘ are available on CD and digital formats.

Order now via Tympanik Audio Bandcamp and mailorder.


Massive sale! We’re making room for our 2013 CD releases so, during the month of January, all Tympanik CDs are 50% off during the month of January! Now is the

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time to fill out your Tympanik Audio CD collection. Visit the shop here.

Accretion – Tympanik Audio 5-Year Anniversary Compilation released

Tympanik Audio celebrates its 5-year anniversary with this massive digital compilation featuring 42 new and unreleased songs from its beloved artist roster.

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New songs by: Stendeck, Fractional, Autoclav1.1, Displacer, Haujobb, Anklebiter, Candle Nine, r.roo, Dirk Geiger, Lucidstatic,

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Erode,, Aphorism, SE, Flint Glass, Endif, Flaque, Worms of the Earth, Tapage, Known Rebel, Normotone, Comaduster, Undermathic, Tineidae, Disharmony, ESA, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Unterm Rad, Integral, Totakeke, Meander, [Haven], C.H. District, Ex_Tension, Geomatic, Access To Arasaka, Famine, Black Lung, Opposite Exhale, Zeller, Ad·ver·sary, and Subheim.

Available now in digital formats. Info here. Order here.

New album from Worms of the Earth

Tympanik Audio welcomes Worms Of The Earth for the release of his new album ‘Anagami‘. Discordant, pounding rhythmic noise with tribal undertones, atmosphere-rich dark ambient pieces, and complex and contorted IDM, ‘Anagami‘ effectively demonstrates a fresh approach to the genres and the impressive range of this dynamic artist.

Worms of the EarthAnagami‘ is available now in digital formats from Bandcamp and all fine digital retailers.

New remix collection by

Tympanik Audio presents the companion remix collection to‘s 2011 debut album ‘… At The End Of It All‘ featuring renditions by Tineidae, Architect, Larvae, Sean Byrd, Worms Of The Earth, Displacer, Access To Arasaka, Consolectrl, Anklebiter, and Erode. More info here.

New releases from Tineidae and r.roo

Tympanik Audio is proud to present new albums from two fresh young talents from the Ukraine. Tineidae‘s debut album ‘Lights‘ utilizes a clean, airy approach to dark bedroom IDM by combining futuristic beats with brooding synthlines, lush melodies, and entrancing atmospheres. r.roo‘s new album ‘mgnovenie‘ is shadowed in soulful piano movements, twitches of

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violin, random static and strange radio voices, accented perfectly by crushing beats and a meticulous stitching of glitchy misfires. Both albums are available digitally via Bandcamp and major digital outlets.

New signings for 2012: Comaduster, Tineidae, Worms of the Earth, r.roo

Tympanik Audio welcomes 4 new talents to our family of artists: Comaduster, Tineidae, Worms of the Earth, and r.roo. Watch for new albums from these

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fantastic artists this year, only from Tympanik Audio.