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Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In Colour
Clocking in at nearly 65 mins, "Broadcasts In Colour" delivers over an hour of music that explores new sonic territory for the artist, including but not limited to vocals on selected tracks.

Our favorite IDM release so far this year.
Boy Is Fiction: Broadcasts In ColourMore Details

1 In
2 As Far From Here As Possible
3 Feeling Lazy
4 Pinprick
5 Silo
6 Sand
7 Rat
8 I Close My Eyes
9 Either Way, I'm Dead
10 Your Name On My Skin
11 I Left You There
12 My Veins Are Blocked
13 Until Morning Comes
14 For My Friend

Price: $12.00
Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is Fiction
Boy Is Fiction: Boy Is Fiction
Originally released on Detritus' List Records in the U.K., Sun Sea Sky Productions had the smarts to license it for re-release. Stunning dark IDM and moody Electronica.
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Bif Vs 307
Why Did You Do That
Tomorrow Not Today
I'll Look For You
If You Hear Me Fall
Stack Is Bad
Should Have Stopped
Glue/Let Me Think
Say Ah
The Bits In The Numbers

Price: $11.00
Boc Scadet: Temporary Oceans
Boc Scadet: Temporary Oceans
Formerly only available as a CDr release on Lawrence Grover's (aka Boc Scadet) own microlabel clickclickdrone, "Temporary Oceans" has been completely re-mastered and features new packaging and artwork by Liam Frankland. This folks, is a hallmark IDM and electronica album.
Boc Scadet: Temporary OceansMore Details

X Rale
Six Hours

Price: $10.00
Northcape: Captured From Static
Northcape: Captured From Static
Every once-and-a-while an artist and/or album comes along that defines a genre and sets the standard others follow. Northcape's third full-length and his first on Sun Sea Sky Productions, "Captured From Static", effortlessly does both. Chilled, deep, and evocative yet upbeat melodic electronica.
Northcape: Captured From StaticMore Details

1 Doesn't Feel Like A Long Way
2 Approaching The Trig Point
3 Grove Park
4 Pastoral
5 Shinkansen To Kyoto
6 Clear Moment
7 Indigo Line
8 Moitessier
9 Into Sunlight
10 First Day In A New Town
11 Static Theme

Price: $10.00
Mike Allen: Mold
Mike Allen: Mold
Mike Allen's 2nd full-length is now available on CD and features all new artwork along with a completely new track lineup/listing. Mike's music was recently featured on German filmmaker Gregor Buchkremer's impressive mood piece "Kaltmiete" (Rent Without Utilities, 2007).
Mike Allen: MoldMore Details

1 Hell
2 Decomposition Requisition
3 Asparagus
4 Bedsores
5 Found And Lost
6 Displacement
7 Figures
8 Put Me Away
9 Lazy Demons2
10 Phagocyte
11 Piss Poor
12 Bible Cancer
13 Mold

Price: $10.00
Lights Out Asia: Garmonia
Lights Out Asia: Garmonia
Lights Out Asia's debut album.
Lights Out Asia: GarmoniaMore Details

1 Knock Knock
2 You're All On Display
3 Chapters Of A Red Sky
4 Promontory / Cemetary
5 Absence Of Oceans
6 Hail Russia - Live
7 Rармόния
8 Farewell, Humphrey Bogart
9 Sigil
10 God Help Us
11 Not Every Day's A Victory

Price: $10.00
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The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds might be described by some as indigenous, world, tribal, folk, neo folk, electroacoustic, or some amalgamation of the above. Imagine Sufjan Stevens meets Jesu. This self-titled debut offers an intimate portrait of Adam Casey and his native Australia and emotes something lost in much of today's music; no doubt having a tendency to put down roots wherever it is listened to.
The Boy Who Spoke CloudsMore Details

1. Where Have We Gone?
2. Hermit
3. Energy Rescue
4. Goodbye
5. Fill This Room
6. Happening
7. Passing
8. Fear At 3am
9. Separate
10. Falling, Slowly
11. Every Drop Of The Sea
12. Ending

Price: $10.00
Jai Alai: Drive Safe
Jai Alai: Drive Safe
Debut full-length from multi-talented New Orleans outfit/ensemble. For fans of The Sea and Cake, Tortoise, Aloha, and The Mercury Program. Over an hour of warm summery goodness that will transport you, however briefly, to a time and place where lemonade and lawn chairs rule the earth.
Jai Alai: Drive SafeMore Details

1 Radio
2 Real Job
3 To Liberate
4 With The Windows Down
5 Class Location
6 Window Down (Reprise)
7 Wicked Sweet
8 Older Cities
9 Detroit Repair Kit
10 Condor Man
11 Brut And Hairspray At A Summer Camp Dance
12 Let's Fight
13 Parking Lots
14 Accidents
15 Ocean Sized
16 (Hidden Track)

Price: $10.00
Athalia: Athalia
Athalia: Athalia
Athalia includes former members of Strictly Ballroom, Meow Meow, and Arca along with current members of Dntel, Frankel, and The Minor Canon. The result? Listen for yourself.
Athalia: AthaliaMore Details

1 The Flight To There
2 El Antagonisto
3 We're Wrecking Like Trains
4 The Great Tranquilizer
5 Vermouth2
6 Disconnected
7 This Could Go Bad In A Hurry
8 Stained Glass Mosaic
9 The Art Of Gunfighting
10 Cities Made Of Platinum
11 You Took Me For A Ride

Price: $10.00
The Invisible City: String and Return
The Invisible City: String and Return
Slowcore really doesn't get much better than this. Over and hour of somber and warm numbers sure to make you stay inside a little bit longer to dwell on things. Good things only, of course.
The Invisible City: String and ReturnMore Details

1. Lemon Slice
2. Every Penny
3. Locked In
4. Flyweight
5. The Rut
6. Picture Ends
7. No Good News
8. Roundworm

Price: $10.00
Aurore Rien: Telesthesia
Aurore Rien: Telesthesia
Former members went on to form Lights Out Asia. Aurore Rien managed to record a now out-of-print full-length titled "Sedative For The Celestial Blue" (Spritone Records) and later this, a lone [EP].
Aurore Rien: TelesthesiaMore Details

1 Hindsight 20/20 8:43
2 Hearts Murmur Under Halogen Lights 9:30
3 Breakaway, Sydney 8:30
4 Sunsets, I Have Seen Too Many Without You 7:18

Price: $8.00
Mike Allen: Cirrhotic
Mike Allen: Cirrhotic
After reading an article discussing the subject of Scientism, Mike embarked on a journey to write and record his debut album "Cirrhotic". The album represents a culmination of Mike's thoughts and rather strong reactions to the above subject matter, but too, marks a brief departure from his regular role of guitarist and vocalist in the band Sunday Flood to write and record solo material of his own.
Mike Allen: CirrhoticMore Details

1. Cirrhosis
2. Corridor
3. Professional Responder
4. Cells And Souls
5. The Mother Degenerative
6. Scientism
7. Dry
8. Audible Head Trauma%
9. Untouched
10. Child Like
11. The Noises
12. Dying Words
13. I Hate It Here

Price: $10.00
Melorman: After Noon
Melorman: After Noon
Melorman's follow-up to 2009's phenomenal full-length "Out In A Field" (Symbolic Interaction) and his first release on Sun Sea Sky Productions. Get ready for yet another completely sublime listening experience from Greece's Antonis Haniotakis.
Melorman: After NoonMore Details
1. Dorieus
2. Celia
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Forget
5. One
6. Saturday Morning
7. Under A Shelter
8. Two And A Nine
9. Inside Your Dream

Price: $10.00