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Pleq: Sound Of Rebirth
Pleq: Sound Of Rebirth
New album from Pleq on Impulsive Art feat. remixes by Tapage, Nebulo, and Spyweirdos.

Pleq: Sound Of RebirthMore Details

1. Black Dog
2. Hackneyed Words
3. The Ribbon
4. Raindrop
5. Integral
6. I Saw Some Pretty Flowers Today
7. On Your Way
8. Magnitophono
9. Oyasumi Nasai
10. A Very Gentle Death
11. Sound Of Rebirth
12. Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)
13. Sound Of Rebirth Remix - Tapage
14. The Ribbon Remix - Nebulo
15. Raindrop Remix - Spyweirdos

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IP Neva: Symbiosis of Contridictions
IP Neva: Symbiosis of Contridictions
Outstanding album by Russian project IP Neva on the newly-formed Impulsive Art label. Fans of Subheim are going to love this.

Highly recommended!
IP Neva: Symbiosis of ContridictionsMore Details
Track list:

2.U-boat Performance
3.The Process
4.Constallation of War
5.Full Moon
6.Radiation Field
7.Whether in numbers
8.Meteoric Rain
9.Calm after the storm
10.U-boat Performance (Mobthrow Remix)
11.Correction - Failed - (Abstractive Noise Remix)

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Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1
Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1
Excellent new compilation from the Greek label Impulsive Art featuring new tracks by Mad EP, Keef Baker, Tapage, Larvae, IP Neva, Atmogat, Mobthrow, and many more...
Various Artists: Thesis vol. 1More Details

1 IP Neva - Artificial Crisis
2 Moogulator - Iron Triangle

3 Atmogat - Distorg
4 Tapage - Last Inhale
5 Mobthrow - Xsozheim
6 Abstractive Noise - Charnel’s Insects
7 Keef Baker - Sapphire
8 Mad EP - Wahnbriefe
9 Larvae - Shogun
10 Nole Plastique - Bright Sight
11 Andrey Kiritchenko - A Vesper
12 Spyweirdos - The Oldest Door

Price: $15.00
Atmogat: Trigger Event
Atmogat: Trigger Event
The excellent new album from Germany's dark IDM gurus Atmogat featuring remixes by Access To Arasaka and NIKKA.

Atmogat: Trigger EventMore Details
Track list

01.Battery's Low
02.Berlin 4 AM
06.Eject 44
08.All the hope
09.Indian Summer
10.Next Riot
12.Berlin 4 AM (Access to Arasaka remix)
13.Melophase (NIKKA remix)

Price: $15.00
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