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Skytree: Hyphae
Skytree: Hyphae
Debut album from Skytree. You might remember his track from 'Emerging Organisms vol. 3'. Scattered amongst these beat-based organic electronica tracks are a collection of beatless ambient pieces which seamlessly blend acoustic and synthetic textures into gorgeously evocative cinematic soundscapes,
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1. Lake Language
2. Blue Verve Vein
3. Indigo Valley
4. Ice Age Trail
5. Stomata Spirit
6. North Shore Cecropia
7. Morel
8. Rise Ohmic Colony
9. Hearth
10. Chequamegon
11. Clark Reservoir
12. Blue Verve Vein (Mrs Jynx remix)
13. Hearth (Coppice Halifax Milkwhite Rebuild)

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MINT: Cardboard Rocketships
MINT: Cardboard Rocketships
Good up-beat IDM album for fans of Kettle.
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I Don't Kvetch (4:45)
Grace (5:10)
System Cost (5:04)
Keiji's Dream (5:39)
Personal Spaces (4:25)
Aquarius (5:39)
Ulrich Schnauss Shine (Mint Remix) (5:29)
Musicbox Skit (1:23)
Tricycle Days (4:49)
Shoes Too Big For Her Feet (4:17)
Dorothy's Song (4:25)
Dead Pixel (5:09)
Whispering Gallery (4:52)

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Winter North Atlantic: A Memento For Dr. Mori
Winter North Atlantic: A Memento For Dr. Mori
Vintage analogue keyboards, electronic textures and treatments, understated glitchy edits and downbeat broken beats inspired by IDM and abstract hip hop.
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1. The Maid
2. Cuts and Tears
3. Occam's Razor
4. Fallen Fruit
5. Bokor
6. The Flute Player
7. Fall of Stone
8. Kinay 816
9. Guidonian Hand
10. Opportunity Mist
11. Barrel Organ

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Sabi: Glued On Thin Memories
Sabi: Glued On Thin Memories
Glued on Thin Memories is Sabi's first release on Boltfish Recordings and his debut solo full-length CD release. It ranges widely in style and pace, from electronica and IDM tracks to ambient pieces and processed piano interludes.
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1. Halfspine
2. Three Blind Queens in Cyan
3. Battle for The Gentle Ruins
4. Screaming Bulb
5. Mano (Sabi Remix)
6. Glued on Thin Memories
7. Signals Left
8. Steum
9. Uki 4_1
10. Burning on A Tiny Black Lake
11. Melting Antennas
12. Music for Stones + Dore Cigales
13. I L V III
14. Mote Diver
15. Suspended Monks, Blurred Bolt

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Various Artists: Region Zero
Various Artists: Region Zero
Boltfish Recordings sampler featuring great IDM tracks by J. Auer, Mint, Ochre, Zainetica, and more...
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1 (Bal-a-klah-va): Anamorph
2 Zainetica: Disorder
3 CHEjU: Camellia
4 Karmøy: Klem
5 Ochre: Sticklebrick Symphony
6 J. Auer: Silent Starlight
7 Sveto the Fool: Con Ot Nu
8 Richard Houghten: Untitled #3
9 Mint: Growing Older
10 Countripsyde: Thunder Theatre For Collapsing Nation
11 BBWax: Morning Glory

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