Worms of the Earth: Anagami (digital)
Worms of the Earth: Anagami (digital)
Discordant, pounding rhythmic noise with tribal undertones, atmosphere-rich dark ambient pieces, and complex and contorted IDM.

Digital release only - you will receive a download code via email on the release date good to download the album in any digital format.

1. Wandering the Realm of Wind and Sand
2. Exhuming the Tome of the Worm
3. Enshrined in the Sacred Stones
4. 18 Hands of Cundi
5. Samma-Sati
6. Ceaseless Suffering (The Poisons of Being)
7. Kaivalya
8. Arupadhatu
9. 1st Jhana (Dimension of Space)
10. 2nd Jhana (Dimension of Consciousness)
11. Anagami

Price: $10.00