Atiq & EnK: Fear of the Unknown CD
Atiq & EnK: Fear of the Unknown CD
Sometimes brooding, sometimes wondrous, Atiq & EnK's 'Fear of the Unknown' manages to hold the listener's attention throughout with a steady and cohesive tapestry of expansive beatwork, contorted melodies, and enveloping atmospheres that all seem effortless and natural to these talented new Dutch sound designers. 4-panel digipak CD featuring artwork by shift.

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1. Stay with the Familiar
2. Moonlit Tea Party
3. Slow Clouds
4. My Obligation
5. The Glass Kingdom
6. Like An Angel's Feather
7. Sim One
8. What Was That
9. Three Minutes
10. Shards of Brilliance
11. The Moment of Truth (feat. Mike Redman)

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