Zinovia: The Gift Of Affliction CD
Zinovia: The Gift Of Affliction CD
Beautiful and haunting melodies are underlined by subtle beats, lovely piano arrangements, and warm, entrancing atmospheres. Smooth, intelligible, and truly elegant songs that allow the listener to drift away in a wash of tranquil tones that ebb and flow with a rare maturity and grace. A memorable and poignant album that demonstrates the profound capacity and undeniable charm of this gifted and talented artist.

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1. The Blue Shade Of Dawn Covered Your Skin
2. Communicating Vessels
3. Chimera
4. Entangled
5. Emerge To Breathe
6. Attached, Our Eyes Wide Open
7. Sucking The Smoke From Your Lips
8. Beneath A Stellar Sky
9. A Time To Make Amends

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