TA030 | [Haven]: Plastic

TA030 | [Haven]: PlasticPoland’s hidden talent [Haven] signs to the Tympanik Audio family for his debut album titled ‘Plastic‘. A gradual scorching dirge that reveals itself amidst an impeccable quilt of tight beatwork, sleuthing throughout memorable soundscapes, and airy atmospheres.

With heavy basslines, delicate sampling, infectious, stabbing beats, and an uncanny sense of raw emotion woven into each piece of work, [Haven] separates himself from the pack with his debut album ‘Plastic‘ on Tympanik Audio. Bonus material will be supplemented by Aphorism and Tapage with secular results. Sloppy-wet and wanting you real bad…

Graphic design and mastering by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.

Available now on compact disc only from Tympanik Audio…

Tell me about madness…


01: Tell Me About Madness
02: Marrakech [clip preview]
03: Out Of The Vertical
04: Let’s Play Disco Now [clip preview]
05: Plastic Bag
06: Les Choses
07: Mental Courtesan
08: Kuhajrib [clip preview]
09: Tree Of Life [clip preview]
10: Home
11: Broken Childhood
12: Aurora Borealis
13: Everything Burns
14: Takrir Al-Masir [clip preview]
15: Aroura Borealis (Slow Power rmx by Aphorism)
16: Kuhajrib (rmx by Tapage)


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