TA038 | Fractional: Blood

TA038 | Fractional: BloodBelgium’s rising Breakcore star Fractional returns after his much-revered debut CD ‘Come Mierda‘ in 2008 on Brume Records. Now, Fractional turns to Tympanik Audio to release his most ambitious work yet simply stated as ‘Blood‘.

At once, a fierce brew of Breakcore, IDM, and Electronica all accented by an uncanny sense of melody and emotion, ‘Blood‘ captivates the mind and moves the body. A heavy and unique listening experience, ‘Blood‘ effortlessly melds infectious beatworks with undeniable accessibility to arrive at true innovation and solidity. A new gem in the Tympanik Audio catalog.

“‘Blood‘ tends to prove that Fractional is a band in constant progression… …a strong and already enthusiastically acclaimed new work.” – Side-Line

“Whoever dares to take up the challenge will be rewarded with a fascinating album that due to its inventiveness and infectious beats stands solid as a rock.” – Gothtronic

“…very beautiful and with great rhythms and complex structure to an amazing atmosphere, it’s hard not to like it.” – Blackvector Magazine

“An album that you have to check and don’t give up if it doesn’t unfold on first listen. It’s worth the effort and it’s giving a lot more than you might imagine.” – Reflections Of Darkness [9/10]

Available on digipak compact disc with mastering and art design by Justin Brink of Pneumatic Detach.


01. Water
02. Blood [full track preview]
03. Sie [clip preview]
04. Wo [clip preview]
05. Thear
06. Nupkt [clip preview]
07. Hu Wei
08. Elephant’s Dance
09. Niv
10. Lows
11. Mel [clip preview]
12. Ofue [full track preview]
13. Ne


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