TA039 | SE: L36

TA039 | SE: L36After SE‘s critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Epiphora‘, Sebastian Ehmke returns to Tympanik Audio with his latest collection titled ‘L36‘.

Melding Post-Rock and Electronica styles with glitchy beats and infectious synthwork, ‘L36‘ makes a very notable step forward for SE with undeniable maturity and grace. Warm and inviting, each track lends an airy resolve flowing gracefully throughout with genuine emotion and purposeful tenacity.

Smooth, dreamy, and unforgettable.

Featuring a stunning remix by Subheim.

“…extremely well-crafted and beautifully constructed compositions…” – Gridface

“‘L36′ is an immensely mature piece of work…” – Enochian Apocalypse

“…an interesting apotheosis for an album characterized by a noticeable evolution in sound.” – Side-Line

“…a recommended album for the lovers of spherical ambient-electro and IDM.” – Gothtronic

“It’s rainy day music, perfect to put on and stare out the window as the drops roll down the window pane and inspire contemplation.” – Auxiliary Magazine

“…authentic and close to the heart than similar electronic attempts at emulating the melancholy and grittiness of the genre… Recommended.” – Ad Noiseam

“…the album sounds spectacular and much of the songwriting is clear-sighted… …a step in the right direction for SE…” – The Silent Ballet

“A great album for fans of post-rock influenced IDM/electronica. Very mature sound. …would fit at home next to any act on n5MD.” – Wounds of the Earth

“An impressive and immersive collection from SE that sees Tympanik playing a slightly more accessible card this time around. – Cyclic Defrost

“A beautiful and quite emotional effort from SE on this one.” – Vital Weekly

“‘L36′  is one of the best CDs I’ve heard in this genre. It’s inventive, expertly made and simply demands to be heard over and over. Highly recommended.” – Hypnagogue

“SE is a class act, that’s for sure, and if you like your electronica with a chilly edge or if you admire the IDM artists on Warp Records then you should be make a beeline for this album.” – Whisperinandhollerin


01. Chrono
02. Stadium [full track preview]
03. Mimikry
04. Lily
05. 36 HERtZ [full track preview]
06. Weit [clip preview]
07. Beton [clip preview]
08. Strom
09. Dendrit [clip preview]
10. F-Sand-036 [clip preview]
11. Mimikry (remixed by Subheim)


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