TA040 | Geomatic: 64 Light Years Away

TA040 | Geomatic: 64 Light Years AwayThe second-coming of this Dutch project after their well-received CD ‘Blue Beam‘ on the French label M-tronic.

Here, Geomatic continues to evolve their sound into a slow-burn, beat-driven, and atmospheric display of futuristic complexity and epic sound architectures. ‘64 Light Years Away‘ presents a vast aural journey through a cerebral universe, melding Industrial-like rhythms with enormous atmospheres and tribal beatwork.

One for the headphones, ‘64 Light Years Away‘ is a truly awesome jaunt into the fantastic realm of post-Industrial soundscapes. A filthy, complex, and gripping listen all around to say the least.

For fans of Flint GlassZentriert ins AntlitzEmpusae, and  Mlada Fronta.

“Geomatic belongs to a very restricted number of genius projects, which are able to compose an album that (is) close to perfection! Simply brilliant!” – Side-Line [9/10]

“…something like FLINT GLASS or TZOLK’IN would be the closest to mention…the outcome is unique and distinguished. A collision of organic and synthetic worlds with a spacey and mystic attitude! It’s a ride you won’t soon forget.” – Reflections Of Darkness [9/10]

“If ever an album deserved to be called AWESOME, ’64 Light Years Away’ would fit that description. It’s a heavy trip that is bound to grab your psyche, blow your mind and take you to realms you’ve never been before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!” – Chain D.L.K. [5/5]

Available on digipak compact disc only from Tympanik Audio.


01. Nano Anu [clip preview]
02. Aftab E Siyah
03. Sacrifice [clip preview]
04. White Hole, Dark Soul
05. Shesqi [clip preview]
06. The Fourth Plane
07. Above Horizon [clip preview]
08. Serpent’s Tooth [full track preview]
09. Drifting Away [clip preview]
10. Dead Forever [clip preview]
11. Final Dimensional Shift


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