TA042 | Lucidstatic: Symbiont Underground

TA042 | Lucidstatic: Symbiont UndergroundAs one of Tympanik’s most prolific artists, Lucidstatic consistently strives to develop and refine his sound. In 2008, Lucidstatic came to Tympanik Audio to present his official debut album ‘Gravedigger‘, demonstrating a powerful blend of breakcore and Industrial elements that made critics and listeners perk their ears to this noisy Alaskan newcomer.

Never one to remain dormant, Lucidstatic has created and released countless new tracks through various labels and outlets, as well as remixed and collaborated with a never-ending list of musicians from around the world. In the spirit of accord within our beloved underground music community, his passion to meld and share his ideas with like-minded artists is as clear as vodka.

Now, Lucidstatic offers a new collection of work spanning a multitude of genres and music styles, demonstrating his astonishing capability to craft diverse, unique, and memorable songs within a considerable scope.

Initially working from a vast collection of unfinished material, Lucidstatic approached and was approached by a talented cast of both up-and-coming and well-established artists. Piece by piece, track by track, each selection for ‘Symbiont Underground‘ was poured over, polished, and perfected until the collective results swelled beyond the expectations of its creators.

Lucidstatic‘s ‘Symbiont Underground‘ consists of 23 solid new tracks spanning a 2-CD collection featuring collaborations with such artists as Angel Of ViolenceMothboyIammynewtMono PenguinESAHuman Error, Mangadrive, Experiment HaywireServo HatredPig FatManufactura, and many more, with artwork by Kostas K. (Subheim) and mastering by Justin Brink (Pneumatic Detach).

With so many diverse minds and capable hands at work here, it’s almost unimaginable that such a strong, compelling, and astoundingly cohesive album such as ‘Symbiont Underground‘ could be achieved. Yet here it is…

“The album concept works out wonderfully, by inviting his friends to the musical party Lucidstatic has made an album that has personality and the tracks are engaging and above average.” – Auxilary Magazine


Disc One:

01: Burning Embers
02: Noiz3Rush [clip preview]
03: Viscera
04: Dissection [clip preview]
05: Untitled
06: The Awakening [clip preview]
07: Moments At A Cliff [clip preview]
08: Book Of The Dead
09: Perpetuate
10: N.E.P. [clip preview]
11: Desire To Be
12: Misplaced

Disc Two:

01: Boneyard [clip preview]
02: Re_volve
03: Invocation [clip preview]
04: According To Plan
05: A New Low [clip preview]
06: A.L.
07: Headhunter [clip preview]
08: Fractured
09: We Created The Epidemic [clip preview]
10: Little Human Puppets
11: Fakt


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