TA046 | Dirk Geiger: Autumn Fields

TA046 | Dirk Geiger: Autumn FieldsWith an initial introduction from Klangstabil‘s Maurizio Blanco, German composer and label head of Raumklang Music Dirk Geiger, arrives on Tympanik’s doorstep with a serendipitous collection of experimental IDM works titled ‘Autumn Fields‘.

Utilizing field recordings and washes of warm ambiance, mixed with glitchy IDM elements and subtle experimentation, ‘Autumn Fields‘ is an album that burns slowly and grows stronger with each listen. A personal journey like no other, full of wonder and strangeness; set to infectious beats and quiet discord. A waking dream perfect for your favorite headphones or content late-night drives.

CD includes remixes by Svart1 and Access To Arasaka.

“The whole thing is well recorded and sounds quite mature. Not as dark as the cover art might lead you to think, and a very pleasant album all throughout.” – Ad Noiseam

“Geiger incorporates elements of industrial, ambient, IDM, and field recordings into restlessly mutating tracks packed with detail and incident.” – Textura

“The combination of field recordings with electronic sound creation, no matter if atmospheric or rhythmic, makes for a very special experience. …a beautiful journey…” – Reflections Of Darkness


01. Gewitterregen
02. Autumn Life [clip preview]
03. Noise Format [clip preview]
04. Night In Haskovo [clip preview]
05. Botanic Garden
06. Minus10
07. Winter Senses [clip preview]
08. Overhead Projection
09. Itch Glitch [clip preview]
10. Night In Haskovo (Svart1 mix) [full track download]
11. Overhead Projection (Access To Arasaka remix)



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