TA048 | C.H. District: Conclusion

C.H. District: Conclusion5 years after the release of C.H. District‘s previous album ‘Slides‘, the Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled ‘Conclusion‘ on Tympanik Audio.

Packed full of solid, dynamic beats, shining synth pads, steady rhythms, and echoing melodies, ‘Conclusion‘ reveals a stronger, slightly more dance-oriented sound than previous works. However do not expect a loopy 4×4 techno album here – C.H. District has taken once familiar dance music elements and commanded them into submission, twisting solid beat patterns into unconventional works of glitch-laden, head-nodding rhythmic anthems. The heavy, popping basslines and robotic creaks maneuver each track with thoughtful precision while crafty electro-styled overtones and moderately distorted synth pads create a perfect balance of energy, melody, and flow.

As playful as it is complex, ‘Conclusion‘ hits the mark right from the start and doesn’t falter in the slightest throughout, laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.

“Roping each of these outside influences into his strict-to-technique beat-core, Conclusion provides a galvanic incentive for genre-loiterers like myself to hop confidently over the fence” – Skeleton Crew Quarterly


01. Con-trust (edit) [clip preview]
02. Shrink [full track download]
03. 0#1
04. Burnout feat. Synta[xe]rror
05. Conclusion [clip preview]
06. Creep
07. Practical Tool
08. Like A Human feat. Tomtylor [clip preview]
09. 1#2
10. Go Out [clip preview]


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